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1. Unchecked Iran could follow path of North Korea - Rex Tillerson   

2. ‘I want to lead France, not Europe’: Le Pen asks for EU flag to be removed from TV debate

3. Mother of All Marches’: At least 3 killed during anti-govt protest in Venezuela

4. ‘Migrants, welcome’: Anti-Le Pen protesters clash with police in Marseille

5. US spotlights human rights violations in N Korea & Syria, but ignores abuses by Saudi in Yemen - HRW

6. Horrific fate: Attackers lured children ahead of bus blast in Syria - Aleppo attack witnesses

7. Moment FSB detains brother of suspected organizer of St. Petersburg Metro bombing

8. FIFA Confederations Cup 2017: Spartak stadium (360 VIDEO)

9. Shootout Aftermath: FSB kills 2 terror suspects near city of Vladimir, Russia (GRAPHIC)

10. Tear gas & Stun grenades: Protesting police officers try to storm govt building in Brazil

11. Crosstalk: Victorious Erdogan

12. Head-spinning ride on an over-water zip line - probably longest in the world

13. ‘Everyday they write articles on nonsense’ – Kadyrov on media claims

14. ‘Hard to say no’: UK may conduct strikes in Syria if US asks for assistance – Johnson

15. Baltic Fleet drills: Russian navy launches missile to develop air defense system

16. Stop validating sexual harassment: Protesters outside Fox News demand Bill OReilly be fired

17. ‘Syrian children paying the highest price for the conflict that is not of their making’ – UNICEF

18. Snowden talks surveillance, privacy and civil rights at law school conference

19. #LeninTracker wrap-up: Lenins trip through Europe in 69 seconds

20. Trump policy is making geopolitical hotspot more destabilized – expert

21. US should have known there would be civilian casualties in Syria mosque strike – HRWl

22. Shooting Hoops 360: Khimki basketball team shows off skills

23. We should listen to Syrian people, this is democracy of the new world – advisor to Saudi king

24. RAW: Gas cylinders explode at filling station in China

25. It doesn’t live on a ship, nor is it a worm: Meet the legendary giant shipworm

26. British PM Theresa May calls for snap general election

27. Massacre or hiccup? MSM fails at covering rebel crimes in Syria

28. ‘Searching for water’: Elephants rescued from well in Sri Lanka

29. Keiser Report: High Rent Blight (E 1059)

30. Egg roll event rolls wrong: Bizarre moments from White House Easter celebration

31. ‘Yemen crisis is by no small measure made by US & its allies’

32. ‘No, we won!’: Protesters gather in Istanbul against Turkey referendum results

33. FEMEN attempt to disrupt Le Pen speech during rally at Zenith arena

34. Complicated election: Anti-Le Pen protests erupt in Paris ahead of French presidential vote

35. Tear gas & smoke grenades as police face off with protesters ahead of Le Pen rally

36. Moment suspect organizer of St. Petersburg Metro terrorist attack busted by FSB

37. War of Words: Assange fires back at new CIA chief over WikiLeaks ‘demon’ comment

38. ‘Prisoner Day’ Clashes: IDF disperse Palestinian protesters in Bethlehem

39. Comic Book World? Boris Johnson lumps Russia in as part of Super-villain league’

40. Private life ahead of politics: French pres candidates get media attention for all the wrong reasons

41. Syrian govt forces offensive against Al-Nusra front in Northern Hama

42. Civilians attacked: UN condemns bombing of evacuees, Western media acquit rebels

43. CrossTalk: Bullhorns go to war

44. Anti-Erdogan demonstrators detained in Izmir as president declares referendum victory

45. Closing the season in 360: Riders bid farewell to winter in Sochi

46. Yemenis protest Saudi bombing & ‘traitors supporting war of aggression’

47. RAW: SAA seize control of strategic town in counter-offensive against Tahrir al-Sham militants

48. RAW: Daredevils detained for climbing onto 128-meter Snake Rock yet their footage is spectacular

49. Erdogan-2029? Yes’ vote winning in Turkeys referendum to expand president’s powers

50. Tear gas, flares & smoke bombs as clashes break out at demo ahead of Le Pen rally in Paris

51. Easter 360: Orthodox & Catholic Christians celebrate resurrection of Christ on same day

52. ‘Rocket War’: Traditional spectacular Easter celebrations return to Greek village despite lawsuits

53. World War 3: Google searches on global military conflict at record high

54. ToxiCity: Story of graveyard for electronics... and people (RT Documentary)

55. Its us or them Review of Secretary Tillersons first official visit to Moscow

56. Love/Hate: Trump U-turns towards China despite previous hostile rhetoric

57. Independent Scotland would be ‘most welcome’ in EU – MEPs

58. Multiple injuries, 21 arrests as pro & anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley, California

59. NSA was allegedly hacked, loses financial hacking arsenal to the Dark Web

60. 39 killed as blast hits evacuation buses near Aleppo

61. Entry Denied: UK-based professor banned from visiting family in Palestine due to activism

62. HELP! French farmer mows message of despair in wheat field

63. Rally round the flag effect: Trump ratings up after Syria strike

64. US successfully tests new nuclear gravity bomb

65. Keiser Report: Horrible Advice for Generation X (E1058)

66. LIVE: North Korea celebrates the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung

67. John Pilger on nuclear war, Russia & The Last Poets (Going Underground)

68. Pyongyang Parade: North Korea displays new ICBMs & submarine-based missiles

69. US can create any story as a pre-text to start military campaign - Assad’s key advisor

70. Good Friday in Mexico: Volunteers join Engrillados ceremony w/ cacti thorns stuck into their limbs

71. To the East: SHERP off-road vehicles begin a 10,000 km transcontinental expedition

72. MOAB strike is a ‘demonstration to anyone who defies US dictates’ – Answer coalition director

73. N. Korea to strike US bases in Asian Pacific & S. Korean presidential palace if US attacks

74. LIVE: Snowden speaks at itnl conference in Rio de Janeiro via video link

75. Kim Jong-Un opens luxury skyscraper complex in Pyongyang

76. Flares & Fights: Football fans clash with police ahead of match in Lyonnais, France

77. Trump’s policy unstable, depends on who’s advising him at any moment - Ron Paul

78. Russia, Syria & Iran demand no further US strikes on Syria – foreign ministers

79. FIRST VIDEO: US mega-bomb strike against ISIS targets in Afghanistan

80. Assange & his followers are demons, WikiLeaks is non-state hostile intel service - CIA chief

81. From Russia to NATO: Trump shifts stance on key campaign positions

82. ‘We are sending an armada’ MSM getting heated over US, North Korea tensions

83. Holy roller, Batman!’: 24 people stranded on Joker roller coaster

84. CrossTalk on Russia-US relations: Shattered Relations

85. ‘US mega-bomb usability limited, but makes dramatic show of force’ - fmr CIA officer

86. CIA chief Pompeo now is distracting us by vilifying WikiLeaks & Assange – fmr FBI agent

87. Strict no grenade policy: 12yo Thai girl works in guns spa

88. California police officer beats and slams jaywalker to ground

89. RAW: US and Hungarian troops hold joint drills

90. ‘Mother of all bombs’: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb ever in Afghanistan

91. 100% fabrication: Assad on accusations of chemical attack in Idlib

92. US-led coalition airstrike mistakenly killed 18 SDF ally fighters in Syria – Pentagon

93. ‘Gibraltar is ours’: English football fans clash with riot police in Madrid

94. Beslan school siege: Moscow slams ECHR’s claim that more lives could be saved

95. Arson Attack: Marine Le Pen campaign HQ building hit by firebombs

96. Most beautiful piece of chocolate cake Trump orders and tells Xi of Syria strike over dessert

97. Russia vetoes West’s Syria resolution at UN Security Council

98. Keiser Report: #KushnerAtWar (E1057)

99. Who was giving you your manners? Lavrov schools NBC reporter for Tillerson event interruption

100. Dortmund bus bomb: German police detain suspected Islamist

101. White House claims on Syria chemical attack ‘obviously false’ - Prof. Theodor Postol of MIT

102. Moscow envoy chides UK counterpart at UNSC meeting

103. ‘I am a simple Soviet man’: Cosmonautics day marking 56 years since Gagarin’s historic flight

104. Lavrov, Tillerson press conference after talks in Moscow (FULL)

105. ‘I screwed up’ – Spicer on Holocaust remark

106. German police investigating ‘Islamist link’ in Borussia Dortmund bus blast

107. ‘There are no borders in space; I wish our president could see this from orbit’ – NASA astronaut

108. ‘Blame it all on…’: What’s on Tillerson’s mind as he comes to Moscow?

109. Space 360: Expedition 50 crew touches down on Earth

110. US fail to impress Putin with ‘beauty of their weapons’ in Syrian strike ahead of Tillersons visit

111. CrossTalk: War-a-lago

112. No worries about overbooked flights again: United Airlines in hot bed for passenger eviction

113. Russia & Syria false narrative: US release chem attack report, blame Moscow for ‘sowing doubt’

114. German police deploys heavy security after Borussia Dortmund bus blasts

115. ‘Serious explosives hit bus carrying Borussia Dortmund to Champions League match

116. ‘Spricer needs to focus on facts rather than ideology’ – fmr Pentagon official

117. Moment Spicer says ‘Hitler didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons’ talking on Idlib attack

118. US can’t get away with just one military op in Syria - Fmr Chief of Staff to Powell

119. Left on the rise: Melenchon surges ahead in French presidential polls

120. Putin: Idlib ‘chemical attack’ was false flag to set Assad up, more may come

121. RAW: Diyarbakir blast leaves 1 dead, many injured

122. Whatsapp helping terrorists or police?: App couldve been used to plan attacks in Sweden, UK

123. RAW: Airbase near ISIS stronghold captured by SDF

124. Keiser Report: What is Wrong with America? (E 1056)

125. Widely praised US attack in Syria, few countries not with us, Russia among those - WH spokesman

126. 1 child, 2 adults dead in San Bernardino elementary school murder-suicide

127. Venezuelan protests turn fatal: One dead, dozens wounded during anti-gov rally in Caracas

128. Syrian govt forces recapture northern Hama countryside

129. Anti-G7 protest turn violent before summit in Lucca, Italy

130. Blame Game: US claim Russia responsible by proxy for Syrian civilian deaths, no evidence presented

131. Prisoners younger & more violent: Biggest prison in Europe blocked by guards protest

132. ‘I believe nobody, I’d like to see impartial investigation’ - ex head of UNMOVIC on Idlib gas attack

133. Rehearsal in 360: Russian military prepares for May 9th, Victory Day Parade

134. Space Station expedition 50 crew touches down in Kazakhstan after 170 days in orbit

135. From true to pants on fire: Google launches fake news fact check

136. Germany starts probe over suspected Turkish spies amid growing tensions

137. ‘Well beyond boundaries’: 4 German policemen assault man for not putting out cigarette

138. ‘No rhyme or reason to Trump’s incoherent policy in Syria’ – historian to RT

139. CrossTalk Bullhorns: POTUS goes 180

140. ‘No words, only sorrow’: RT talks to widow of Syrian soldier killed by US strike

141. ‘Hands off universities!’: 70k rally against law targeting Soros-funded uni CEU in Budapest

142. Batons & Horses: Dutch police disperse Anti-Fascist demo at PEGIDA march in Groningen

143. ‘Tillerson takes priority among West envoys’ – int’l affairs writer on Johnson canceling Russia trip

144. If networks attacked, well fight back: German army launches new cyber command

145. Large sinkhole swallows bus & car in Indian Chennai

146. Stockholm truck attack: Thousands attend ‘Lovefest’ vigil

147. RAW: Crowds gather in front of Tanta Coptic church after deadly blast

148. Lavrov to Tillerson: Attack on Syrian airbase plays into extremists hands

149. ‘Between Earth & Sky’: 300-meter-high, 80-meter-long skywalk opens in China

150. RAW: Aftermath of trains’ head-on collision in Moscow, dozens hospitalized

151. Anything found at bazaar: Roasted dogs & rats, sliced snakes sold on Indonesian market (DISTURBING)

152. Stones & tear gas: Anti-govt protests turn violent after opposition leader ban in Venezuela

153. Violent clashes break out at Le Pen rally in Corsican city of Ajaccio

154. Syrian war turns into ‘international armed conflict’ after US strike on US base – ICRC

155. US launches probe into ‘possible Russia role in Syria chemical attack’ – report

156. Stockholm truck attack suspect confirmed 39yo Uzbek national

157. Drift & Rock n Roll in 360°: Join Festival of Extreme Sports Breakthrough 2017 in Moscow

158. Civilians killed in suspected US-led coalition strike near Raqqa, Syria

159. Washington prepared to do more in Syria – US ambassador to UN after strike on Syrian airbase

160. ‘Donald became President of US’: MSM and political foes praise Trump’s strike on Syria

161. ‘One more war based on a total lie’: Protesters across US speak out against Trump’s missile strikes

162. ‘Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield - Russian MoD

163. ‘Don’t know who used chemicals but it’s known’: DEBATE on US strike against Syria

164. Keiser Report: Powerful KeiserPepe (E1055)

165. Mowgli Girl: Feral child raised by monkeys rescued from Indian jungle

166. CrossTalk: Trumps War

167. Hands off Syria: Anti-war protesters clash with police in Jacksonville, USA

168. ISIS will exploit American airstrike in Syria to advance its position - frmr Iraqi FM

169. Stockholm truck attack: 4 dead, 15 injured, 1 person arrested - Swedish police

170. US became investigator & judge; this is violation of intl law – Bolivia UN envoy on Syria strike

171. US strike helping ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the enemy US supposed to fight against – Ron Paul

172. US said it had proof of WMDs, 1mn people died - Bolivia envoy at UNSC meeting on Syria strike

173. Emergency UNSC meeting on US missile strike on Syria

174. ‘Dog returns to its own vomit: We forgot lesson of Iraq’ - frmr UK ambassador to Syria on US strike

175. Emergency UNSC meeting on US missile strike on Syria

176. Turkey calls for no-fly zone over Syria – president’s spokesman

177. 2 killed & many injured after truck drives into pedestrians in central Stockholm

178. ISIS used US missile strike to launch new offensive near Palmyra - Homs governor

179. Missile strike on Syria: International community reacts to unilateral US military action

180. Removing Assad would empower ISIS militants - Catherine Shakdam

181. Russian MoD drone footage of aftermath from US missile strike on Syrian Army airbase

182. US missile strike killed people fighting terrorists – Assad’s top advisor

183. Aftermath Footage: Shayrat airbase in Syria after US missile strike

184. Syrian people cannot be hostage to Trump’s whims – ambassador to China

185. Putin believes US attack on Syria violates international law - Kremlin

186. LIVE: Special coverage of US hitting Syrian airfield in response to Assads chem attack

187. RAW: US fires Tomahawk missiles at Syrian military base from USS Ross and USS Porter ships

188. No dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons - Trump on US military strike against Syria

189. US fires missiles at Syrian military base near Homs in response to ’Assad’s chem attack’

190. ‘Traffic jam against coup’: Anti-Maduro protesters block roads in Caracas, police deploy tear gas

191. Moo-ving too fast? Cow falls from truck on city road in Belarus

192. Pentagon, White House discuss military options in Syria - US official

193. House intelligence chair Nunes to step down from Russia probe

194. ‘Petersburg, we are with you!’: Memorial event to honor victims of metro bombing (360 video)

195. ‘Why would Assad attack civilians not military? It’s simply irrational’ – U.S. Senator

196. Police fire tear gas at protest against transport price hikes in Bogota, Colombia

197. Shattered city: Western Mosul destruction in drone footage

198. Muscovites pay tribute to St. Petersburg bombing victims

199. ‘Biggest NATO deployment since Cold War’: Hundreds of British battle tanks arrive in Estonia

200. National question: Tensions rise as Macedonians protest new parliamentary coalition

201. ‘Stifling the messenger’: Israel denying human rights workers access to Gaza

202. Best of frenemies? Trump & Xi to tackle trade, military tensions in 1st meeting

203. ’No rocket will take off’: Main EU space centre under threat amid protests in French Guiana

204. We must do more to prevent radicalization - EU counter-terror coordinator

205. Keiser Report: Killing Web Privacy for Measly $1M (E1054)

206. #LeninTracker: Follow Lenins trip to revolutionary Russia with real-time radar (#1917LIVE PROMO)

207. And then there were none: Iversky Monastery near Donetsk devastated after 2 years of war

208. ‘When condom collapses, wine is ready’ – Havana winemaker’s method

209. To take revenge on terrorists: Special ISIS Hunters unit arrives at outskirts of Palmyra

210. ‘We are compelled to take own action’ if UN fails in Syria – US envoy

211. ‘These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated’ – Trump on alleged chemical gas attack

212. Latest attacks should lead to broader intl coalition to fight terrorism - UNODCs Executive Director

213. People escaped through blown-out windows: Reconstruction of fatal in St. Petersburg Metro blast

214. 1 dead, 4 injured after ‘cow vigilantes’ attack cattle transporters in India

215. 6 suspected ISIS & Al-Nusra Front recruiters arrested after St. Petersburg attack

216. ‘You are behaving like the mafia. You think we are a hostage’ – Farage blasts EU in Brexit debate

217. Neruda criticized political environment in poetry, nobody does that today – film director

218. Twisting of tragedy: Western media claims St. Petersburg Metro bombing was ‘false flag’ attack

219. UK officials ‘prostitute’ themselves to sell arms to Saudi Arabia - anti-war activist

220. St. Petersburg Metro bomber identified as Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen

221. ‘My call could’ve saved her’: Heart-broken husband on wife’s tragic death in St. Petersburg blast

222. This is genocide Father of disfigured 4yo Mosul girl shares horrors of alleged US air strike

223. Rebels, not Assad, benefit from Idlib chemical weapons attack

224. CrossTalk: Unhinged Intel

225. Designed to undermine democracy: US senator seeks to revive anti-Nazi bill to counter RT & Sputnik

226. Eiffel Tower dims its lights for St. Petersburg attack victims (Streamed live)

227. Trump uses outrageously massive chart to explain why he wants to tackle fed regulations

228. Thugs who tortured pensioners with boiling water arrested on arrival at Heathrow

229. ‘#GoingHome’: How St. Petersburg united in face of terrorism

230. Dozens reported killed in alleged gas attack in Syria, military denies involvement

231. ‘I saw torched doors, people torn to pieces’: Survivors recall deadly St.Petersburg Metro blast

232. US will no longer disclose data on its troops in Iraq & Syria to surprise ISIS

233. Lavrov: Cynical & vile for media to call St. Petersburg bombing revenge for actions in Syria

234. ‘Jump to speculation’ contest among MSM covering St. Petersburg blast

235. Keiser Report: Go Viral or Die Trying (E1053)

236. People bring candles & flowers at Leningrad Hero City monument in Moscow

237. Putin lays flowers at vigil site for St. Petersburg blast victims

238. Flowers & candles in St.Petersburg following deadly blast

239. Soccer fans pay tribute to victims of St. Petersburg Metro blast

240. Putin on St. Petersburg Metro blast: Terrorism among causes considered

241. Blast rocks St. Petersburg Metro, leaving at least 9 dead, dozens injured

242. St. Petersburg metro blast RAW: Emergency services at station where explosion occurred

243. LIVE Outside Petersburg Metro station where blast took place (RAW FEED)

244. BREAKING: St. Petersburg Metro blast - SPECIAL COVERAGE

245. Divorce dispute: Will Gibraltar stay with UK after Brexit?

246. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Eavesdropping

247. Show museums not rubble: Iraqi forces prevent journos from filming Mosul atrocities

248. It doesnt fit the narrative: MSM give minimum or no coverage to violent protests in Paris

249. Common Trump ancestry, pineapple on pizza, Arctic & more: Breaking the ice with Iceland President

250. Soldiers of Odin vs anti-racists: Protesters clash in Toronto

251. ‘Hyde Park Corner debating society’: Rally near Kremlin with unclear demands & organizers

252. RAW: Moment tear gas deployed during Paris protest against police brutality

253. Tower of fireworks: Seoul skyscraper opened with spectacular ceremony

254. Russian hackers can influence any election in the world! (or maybe not)

255. ‘I had no Russian salad dressing at my club this afternoon’: Trump’s EU envoy pick talks to RT

256. RAW: Fire breaks out near iconic Burj Khalifa & Dubai mall

257. Gentle clashes: Huge urban pillow fight played out in NYC

258. Moment of ‘accidental’ explosion in Paris suburb that injures 20 people

259. Devastating Colombia mudslide: At least 234 killed, 400+ injured in disaster

260. Community Service: Russian, SAA troops clean up debris, plant olive trees in Aleppo

261. Bikini-clad skiers hit Sochi slopes in farewell ride & Guinness record bid

262. Russian robot tank in action: Uran-9 performs fire drill

263. 500yo secret ‘spy room’ found below Moscow street, built by Ivan the Terrible’s mother

264. Putin grabs ice pick, carves out shards from glacier in Arctic Russia

265. Tense standoff, arrests as anti-Islamic terrorism demo & anti-fascist protest face off in London

266. Fukushima residents hold vigil paying tribute to victims of 2011 earthquake & tsunami

267. Keiser Report: Pension Crisis (E1052)

268. RT visits Aleppo school used by jihadists to manufacture & store explosives

269. Water cannons & rubber bullets: Clashes break over transport price hikes in Colombia

270. Protesters set Paraguay Congress ablaze, 30 injured in clashes over constitutional reform

271. West rubbishes any source crossing its interest - Analyst on German FM doubts of SOHR credibility

272. ‘Believe in Aleppo’: Syrians cheer as inspiring monument unveiled in recaptured city

273. ‘Americans don’t want to believe that CIA is capable of spying’ – former CIA analyst

274. ‘Not nanny of the year’: Man dragging pram alongside car on road

275. Demining history: Russian sappers use latest technology to clear explosives in Palmyra

276. Russian ‘Disneyland’: Workmen turn crane into theme park ride

277. Who will control this digital space merged with our brain? – Slavoj Zizek on Elon Musk’s AI venture

278. Special relationship: US, UK defence ministers discuss Russian threat, NATO spending

279. Texit? EU Prez Juncker threatens to promote Texas independence as Trump backs Brexit

280. Handyman turns banger into amphibious ‘boat-car’ in China

281. Vault 7: ‘Marble’ tool could mask CIA hacks as work of foreign cyber-attackers - WikiLeaks

282. Election 2017: Can RT choose for France? (Special Coverage Promo)

283. Smoke blankets capital of Dagestan in Russia, as fire breaks out at market complex

284. Disaster from above: Floods in Lismore leave 2 dead, 1,000s stranded (DRONE FOOTAGE)

285. Wrath of Euphrates Op: US troops spotted near Raqqa frontline (EXCLUSIVE)

286. Chief apologist for Yemen war crimes: Saudi General dodges citizen’s arrest in London

287. CrossTalk: Who Rules?

288. Russian propaganda on steroids: Senate holds first hearing into alleged Russian hacks, blames RT

289. ‘War criminal should be investigated not welcomed’ – Activist tries to arrest Saudi General

290. RAW: Blaze causes highway collapse in Atlanta

291. ‘Wherever we went, we got bombed’: Mosul refugees slam Iraqi & US anti-ISIS offensive (EXCLUSIVE)

292. RAW: Spooking Eye of Providence in the sky over Chelyabinsk, Russia

293. Saudi General gives finger to protesters attempting citizen’s arrest over Yemen atrocities (RUPTLY)

294. Clashes break out in Santiago on ‘Day of the young Combatant’

295. ‘Status of President Assad to be decided by Syrian people’ – Tillerson during his visit to Turkey

296. Trump better stop encouraging EU secession or kiss Texas goodbye - Juncker

297. Paris Protest in 360: Chinese community decries police brutality & racism in France

298. Read my lips - NO! Putin slams allegations of Russian meddling in US election

299. ‘Miscarriage of justice’: Jailed hacktivist & his wife share their plight (EXCLUSIVE)

300. Keiser Report: Lethal Economic Shocks (E1051)

301. LIVE: Putin talks at Intl Artic Forum in Russia

302. ‘Difficult to apply high standards although we’ll try’ – US military chief on situation in Mosul

303. Wall of police contain supporters of S. Korea’s ex-President Park before court session

304. Euphrates Shield complete: Turkey announces op in Syria over following recent row with US

305. Tear gas & pepper spray: Protests against Paris police turn violent 3rd day in row

306. ‘Police assassins!’: Paris cops clash with protesters over death of Chinese man

307. Elon Musk’s Neuralink aims to connect human brain with AI

308. RT & Sputnik blamed for interfering in Google search results

309. Tusk on Brexit: No reason to pretend this is a happy day

310. ‘If Trump uses Russian dressing, that’s Russian connection’ Spicer to veteran White House reporter

311. Werewolf: Ex-cop confesses to murdering 82 women making him Russias worst serial killer

312. #BrexitDay: Britain formally triggers Article 50 to leave the EU

313. I am over the moon, this is what we were campaigning for – UKIP leader on Brexit

314. Mosul civilians killed by airstrikes were told not to flee by authorities – Amnesty

315. CrossTalk: Russia & Leaks

316. Boeing 737 bursts into flames after landing in Peru

317. Police shoot tear gas at anti-brutality protesters in Paris during RTs live broadcast

318. Shanghai Shenhua football stadium hit by fire

319. Scottish Parliament backs bid to hold 2nd independence referendum

320. Rivers of hot lava flow onto slopes of Mount Etna after eruption

321. Advise & Assist: Pentagon confirms deploying more troops to Mosul

322. ‘We can’t walk away’: US commander wants more intl troops in Afghanistan

323. All guns blazing? Anti-Trump protesters tote rifles at demonstration in Arizona

324. Hundreds of Mosul civilians killed by airstrikes were told not to flee the city – Amnesty

325. Putin & Rouhani hold news conference

326. 20 top EU banks routed €25bn through tax havens – Oxfam

327. Syrian pro-govt forces regain territory in counter-offensive near Mhardeh - reports

328. Keiser Report: The New Detroit (E1050)

329. 25,000+ evacuated as Cyclone Debbie reaches Australian shoreline

330. Anti-brutality protest & vigil for man killed by Paris cops turns violent

331. Clashes erupt in Paris following protest over police killing of a 56-year-old man

332. Election 2017: Can RT choose for France? (Special coverage promo)

333. RAW: Women form human chain to pay tribute to victims of Westminster attack

334. RAW: Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS affiliates in the vicinity of Raqqa

335. ‘Alliance to last for decades?’ Even fighting ISIS doesn’t make US-Turkish relations better

336. Humanitarian crisis In Yemen is worst in the world – Oxfam report

337. Nightmare rollercoaster: At least 18 injured as Hong Kong escalator changes direction & speeds up

338. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Wiretapped

339. ‘Destruction, not liberation’: War atrocities become part of Mosul’s daily life

340. ‘My fear is Mosul will become Fallujah – where at the end of the day it was gone’ – Frmr CIA officer

341. That’s Bananas! Spanish police find 17 kilos of cocaine inside fake fruit

342. Earth Hour 360: Lights off for Moscow venues joining worldwide flash mob

343. RAW: 500 people detained as anti-corruption protest hits Moscow

344. Friendly match ends up with flames as fans burn flares at stadium in Serbia

345. Protesters detained during anti-corruption protest in Moscow (Streamed live)

346. Race to remember: US sailor wins Baikal Cup

347. Thousands rally in Sanaa, Yemen against Saudi-led airstrikes

348. US military budget requires an enemy: Sanctions imposed on 8 Russian defense & aviation firms

349. Over 30 injured in powerful ‘gas explosion’ in NW England

350. RAW: Metal barricades installed in central London following Westminster attack

351. Volcano spews huge ash clouds in Russian Kamchatka in surprise eruption after 250 years of silence

352. Belarus opposition protest: Several dozen detained at unauthorized ‘Freedom Day’ rally in Minsk

353. Palestinian anti-settlement protesters clash with IDF, at least 12 injured as military opens fire

354. Massive blaze sends plumes of smoke into sky in Durban, South Africa

355. From Brexit to migrants: EUs 60th anniversary marred by internal problems

356. Mainstream media largely ignores Mosul death toll in anti-ISIS ops

357. Keiser Report: Trail of ‘American carnage’ (E1049)

358. Meanwhile in Texas: Runaway cow evades police and is still at large

359. US General accuses Russia of supplying Taliban while presenting no facts, no numbers, no documents

360. RAW: SAA continues pushing back Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham militants in the vicinity of Hama

361. CCTV cam: Armed militants launch deadly attack on National Guard base in Chechnya

362. Aleppo boy / Mosul girl: Have you seen this image before?

363. IDF grab 8yo Palestinian boy, drag him away ‘to find stone-throwers’, human rights group video shows

364. ‘Don’t see a single good reason to have Cold War with Russia’ – Le Pen to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

365. Russia reserves right to meet any French politician it wants to – Putin to Le Pen

366. Train to your door! Chinese railway station inside an apartment building

367. ‘Aggressive Behavior’: Some British politicians still see Russia as bigger threat than ISIS

368. Moscow Visit: Le Pen surprise meeting with Putin

369. Twists & Turns: MSM focusing on allegations of Trump, Russia connection not snooping claims

370. Dangerous Trend: Similarities in different attacks in EU becomes ever more glaring

371. Rock & Snow: Extreme snowmobile race through Sheregesh, Russia (360 Video)

372. CrossTalk: Russiagate

373. ‘Reform Iraq!’: Protesters gather against political corruption in Baghdad

374. Scores feared dead in ruined Mosul building hit by coalition airstrike – witnesses

375. Franken-chick: Four-legged bird born in Brazil becomes farm mascot

376. RAW: SAA consolidates ground in northern Hama after heavy clashes

377. ‘Advanced Military Robotics for 2025’: Russian manufacturers unveil latest creations

378. Turkey refuses to join US-led offensive on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa if Kurds involved

379. Massive fire breaks out at Ukraines largest military depot

380. Russian FSB arrests arms smugglers who use postal service to deliver weapons from US

381. ‘The worst is yet to come in Mosul exodus’ – UNHCR representative in Iraq

382. Anything Ukraine sees negative, points at Moscow - Analyst on fmr Russian lawmaker murder in Kiev

383. Elephant rescued from 21-meter deep well in India

384. Belgian police prevents car-ramming attack in Antwerp

385. ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in London

386. Keiser Report: Heading for Global War (E1048)

387. Theresa May: London attacker was UK born, known to MI5

388. Munitions depot explodes overnight in Ukraine: Missiles fly, 20,000 evacuated

389. ‘Incidental surveillance’ on Trump team took place, was unrelated to Russia ‒ House Intel chair

390. ‘Defeating ISIS No.1 US goal’: Tillerson at coalition summit coinciding with London attack

391. Official buildings secure, little done for soft targets - Fmr UK counterterror intel officer

392. RAW: Iraqi airstrikes target ISIS positions in Mosul

393. We, as parliamentarians, dont want to live in a fortress: UK MPs call for defiance and calmness

394. SAA brings reinforcement to Hama to drive back Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham offensive

395. We won’t let Westminster attack stop us from engaging with public – MP

396. Scene of terror attack outside UK Parliament in Westminster (360 Video)

397. It took a moment to realize that it was actually gunfire - Westminster attack eyewitness

398. Westminster attack: 4 dead, incl one police officer, attacker, 20 injured - London police

399. Go! Go Away!: First moments of police locking down Westminster following attack

400. Key thing now to make sure no follow-up attacks planned – Machon on Westminster incident

401. Tear gas vs. stones: Israel police and Palestinian protesters clash in Bethlehem

402. Star city in 360: Exploring Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

403. London: Aftermath of terror attack near UK Parliament (Drone footage)

404. London terror attack: Special coverage

405. ‘Western media too careful while covering Mosul’ – Franco Frattini, fmr Italian FM

406. $50k to meet Putin: French media slam Fillon for allegedly receiving money from Lebanese tycoon

407. Coalition to investigate own airstrike that reportedly killed 30+ civilians in Syria

408. ‘See you in the Hague’: EU to UK if it fails to pay ‎€60bn divorce bill – leak

409. US vets accuse Saudi Arabia of tricking them into lobbying against justice for 9/11 families

410. Scots are sick to death of games: IndyRef2 faces opposition in parliament

411. Dont mess with Russians when theyre enjoying beer: Man fights off gunman to drink in peace

412. ‘Media biased while choosing stories’: Americans react to MSM silence about Mosul

413. ‘Bombing easy, negotiations not’ – Francois Leotard, fmr French defence minister

414. CrossTalk: Syria Escalation

415. Clickbait, more clickbait: UK paper warns of ‘violent’ Russian hooligans based on folk festival

416. Fleeing death: RT follows terrifying journey of Mosul refugees amid anti-ISIS op by US-led coalition

417. 2,500 soldiers, 600 pieces of equipment: Russian Airborne Forces kick off drills in Crimea

418. Russian and EU parliamentarians visit school in eastern Aleppo

419. Scuffles erupt during Newroz celebrations in Istanbul

420. 9/11 victims’ families file lawsuit against Saudi Arabia

421. New Olympic sport? Russians play curling with cars

422. Free fall in 360: Join parachuting World Champion in training

423. UK tabloid distorts traditional Russian pancake festival into ‘Ultra’ football thug fights

424. Bias & pessimistic: 70 MPs slam BBC for anti-Brexit coverage

425. MSM silent on civilian suffering during anti-ISIS op in Mosul

426. Shattered by war: 360° footage from devastated Mosul hospital abandoned by ISIS

427. Russian Su-30SM fighter jets show off skills at military air show in Malaysia

428. Will of Crimea people is not the issue as Russia should respect Ukrainian borders - Gerald Howarth

429. ‘Suspect of trade relations makes no sense’ – Ron Paul Institute director on alleged Trump collusion

430. Keiser Report: Health Care Hard Choices (E1047) (ft.Gerald Celente)

431. Civilian Crossfire: Iraqi army pushes further into Mosul in anti-ISIS op

432. ‘French parties use system to get rich’ – Analyst on election candidates corruption scandals

433. People carried away, houses destroyed: At least 80 dead as mudslides devastate Peru

434. UN expects 300,000+ people to leave Mosul in coming days - UN Secretary-Generals Deputy spokesman

435. Assad: White Helmets are Al-Qaeda and that’s proven – but they are treated as ‘humanitarian heroes’

436. FBI investigates Russian govts efforts to interfere in 2016 election – Bureau chief James Comey

437. Paris Protest in 360: March against police brutality hits French capital

438. Erdogan: EU would revive gas chambers & concentration camps, if not ashamed

439. Burn ‘world’s flaws’: Wall-building Trump effigy set ablaze on Spanish fire festival

440. Obama used NSA & FBI to spy on Trump – veteran CIA officer

441. US acting surprised - Frmr American diplomat on declassified scenarios of Syria regime change

442. No Trump-Russia collusion evidence - Head of US House Intelligence Committee

443. ‘Policy of strategic patience ended’: Tillerson first trip to Asia amid missile tests & drills

444. ‘Good’ Brexit is worse than EU’: Sturgeon to apply for EU membership if IndyRef2 successful

445. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Same Boss?

446. 2+2 Tokyo talks: Foreign & defense ministers of Russia, Japan hold news conference

447. Price of liberation: ISIS uses civilians as human shields to delay its demise in Mosul

448. Tear gas deployed at Paris rally against police brutality

449. Mosul op: Iraqi army clashes with ISIS in western districts, civilians flee combat zone

450. ‘No G20 summit, no closed borders’: Hundreds of leftist protesters take to the streets in Germany

451. RAW: Syrian army fighting ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

452. Thousands rally in support of leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon in Paris

453. Spring Storm 17: US-Romanian troops conduct joint military drills off the Black Sea

454. Lesbos refugees march against persecution, EU-Turkey refugee deal

455. Streamed live: Delta IV rocket launch from Cape Canaveral

456. ‘Blah Blah Channel’: Russian fans troll BBC documentary, welcome English fans despite hysteria

457. Clinton says she’s ‘ready to come out of the woods’

458. Orly airport attack: Terror investigation after man killed while trying to grab soldier’s gun

459. First civilian evacuation drills in Japan amid N. Korea missile tests

460. Keiser Report: Economic Populism (E1046)

461. Syrian mosque destroyed by US airstrike, according to experts labeled ‘credible’ by Pentagon

462. RAW: Outside Orly airport after evacuation due to attack

463. Empire State Building evacuated after fire breaks out in basement

464. Weird moment Trump ignores media prompts to shake hands with Merkel

465. RAW: BBC journo, camerawoman caught in middle of Etna eruption

466. ‘Radical groups exist in any society, prosperous or not’– Greek expert on IMF parcel attack

467. Rescue op underway in Peru after muddy flood leaves locals trapped

468. RAW: Drone flies over Aleppo thermal power plant recently retaken from ISIS

469. CrossTalk: Deep State

470. At least 50 killed in Aleppo mosque strike, US admit targeting building nearby

471. Spy probe? Japan launches rocket carrying info gathering satellite ??

472. Might not be her type: Merkel to meet with Trump for 1st time

473. We have nothing left but ourselves: Civilians fleeing war-torn Mosul

474. 5-alarm fire rages near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

475. Sensationalized headlines: Media scandal erupts over Flynns paid speech for RT in Dec 2015

476. Horrifying footage shows woman’s desperate struggle to cheat mudslide death

477. He overstepped the line – Ron Paul on McCain accusing Rand Paul of ‘working with Putin’

478. Etna eruption: Stunning scenes from Europe’s tallest volcano

479. RAW: Anti-ISIS military op underway in Western Mosul

480. #MosulSOS: Mainstream media’s one-sided coverage of military ops in Iraq (PROMO)

481. Keiser Report: Jon Corzine’s Big, Bad Bond Bet.(E 1045)

482. ‘All of us were ISIS human shields’: RT meets survivors of Mosul siege (EXCLUSIVE)

483. US admits having little data on civilian suffering in Mosul

484. Exit poll suggests Dutch PM Rutte wins parliamentary elections, Wilders concedes defeat

485. RAW: Violent clashes erupts as hundreds protest against hikes in energy prices in Bangladesh

486. Sex for secrets: Retired US admiral among those charged in ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal

487. US indicts Russian FSB officers over 2014 Yahoo hack

488. ‘Travel ban is last resort’: Germany threatens to stop Turkish politicians from entering country

489. ‘Not a silver bullet’: Mosul op is going to increase level of chaos – Stop the war coalition

490. Tsar Nicholas II abdicated on this day 100 years ago

491. Wilders: I’m no Trump but media equally tough on me

492. At least 31 people killed in two suicide blasts in Damascus, Syria

493. Mass exodus: Almost 100,000 displaced in West Mosul in 19 days

494. Most powerful man in the world: CNN blockbuster documentary on Putin

495. ‘Beyond worst nightmares’ Still no political solution after six years of war in Syria

496. CrossTalk: Whats Left?

497. RAW: Peruvians trapped in powerful flood, evacuated by helicopters

498. Iraq 360°: Qaraqosh turned into ghost town after military ops against ISIS

499. RAW: Libyan National Army forces recapture Ras Lanuf oil port

500. Enough for a small war or little coup: 10,000+ of firearms seized by Spanish police & Europol

501. ‘Defending society’ or ‘attack on freedom’: ECJ allows employers to ban headscarves (DEBATE)

502. ‘Surveillance should only be carried out where law provides appropriate safeguards’ – UN expert

503. Flames of protest in 360: Firefighters take to Paris streets for anti-austerity rally

504. ‘Ireland is better off as a united country’: Growing calls for N. Ireland referendum

505. Francois Fillon placed under formal investigation over fraud accusations

506. Mosul civilian death toll higher than in Aleppo, MSM silent - research

507. Meet Shweeb: Where monorail meets bike

508. West must come to terms that we funded Islamist fundamentalism - Ken Livingstone

509. Only man fighting for Netherlands & people, not for Brussels Wilders-backers explain their choice

510. 360° Mosul: Filming in destroyed museum interrupted by mortar shelling outside

511. US, S. Korea fighter jet drills kick off amid N. Korea ultra-precision strike threats

512. Winter not letting go! Snow storm Stella hits US East Coast

513. No to religious symbols: ECJ allows companies to dismiss workers in headscarves

514. Mosul situation is alarming, media and UN must be impartial - Lavrov

515. Keiser Report: Bloodletting Among Retailers (E1044)

516. We dont need to play by Westminster rules: Opinions on IndyRef2 collide (DEBATE)

517. Brexit Greenlight: UK Parliament passes trigger bill

518. Humanitarian needs in Syria so big, we cant cover all - Head of Syrian Red Cross delegation

519. Space 360: Fitness in zero gravity at Intl Space Station

520. Striking liberation: Washington says data over civilian casualties in Mosul should be investigated

521. Thousands of undocumented traders flood new border crossing in Ceuta

522. Teargas, barricades and fires in protest against squat evictions in Athens

523. Drone footage captures Kerch Strait Bridge construction in progress

524. Erdogan calls Merkel a ‘terrorist supporter,’ says Turkey will go to ECHR over Netherlands rally row

525. ‘Flirting with far-rights’: Netherlands refuses to say sorry as rift with Turkey intensifies

526. Mosul 360°: Rubble and ruins from Iraqi military op against ISIS

527. US-Russia thaw depends on whether Trump has guts to go against establishment - Reagans Adviser

528. Rendezvous on Millennium Tower in Dubai (360 Video)

529. Wrong flag!: Turkish protesters burn French tricolor in anti-Dutch govt demo

530. #IndyRef2: Sturgeon to seek second Scottish independence referendum over Brexit

531. No more need to conceal: WADA changes its rhetoric towards Russia from neutral to positive

532. ‘They’re bombing indiscriminately’: Mosul residents suffer from coalition airstrikes

533. ‘They should make excuses’: Rift between Turkey & Netherlands deepens

534. ‘We should stop saying we’re an open country’ – French mayor on racism accusations

535. Extreme stunts on high speed in 360: Motocross FMX in Russia

536. Russian T-90MS twin: Iran kicks off mass production of domestic main battle tank

537. CrossTalk Bullhorns: On The Case!

538. Just take my money: Russia manufacturer displays wooden toy firearms building kit

539. One click of a button away: Volkswagen unveils self-driving concept car

540. ‘Bloodbath for bulls’: Animal rights activists protest bullfighting in Valencia

541. Tear gas & sound bombs: Protesters clash with Palestinian police in Ramallah

542. Shocking mass brawl breaks out at MMA fight in Dagestan, Russia

543. Netherlands will pay the price for its shameless treatment of Turkey’s minister – Erdogan

544. Phallus Parade: Newlyweds ride giant wooden penis at Japanese fertility festival

545. No evidence Russia trying to disrupt UK democracy, but they can - FM Boris Johnson

546. Inhumane conditions in UK funded refugee camps in Libya - report

547. Protesters take down Dutch flag & put up Turkey’s at Istanbul consulate

548. Switched at Birth: Mistake at maternity hospital sends boys in wrong families (RT Documentary)

549. Driving ticket sparks mass protest in Batumi, Georgia

550. Police disperse crowds of Turkish protesters in Rotterdam

551. Protests in Rotterdam after Turkish FM blocked from entering the country

552. Police unleash water cannon on Turkish protesters in Netherlands

553. Pro-Turkish demonstrators rally outside Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam

554. Protesters march on Dutch consulate in Istanbul as diplomatic spat spirals

555. Conflicting positions between US, Russia & Turkey on the ground in Syria - Turkish MP Çonkar

556. Tear gas & water cannons as brutal clashes break out in Naples (Breaking live feed record)

557. ‘Second ISIS’ made up of defeated rebels is emerging in Syria – former Al-Nusra prisoner to RT

558. Assad: No one invited US to Manbij, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

559. Wiretapping at Trump Tower: ‘A scandal bigger than Watergate’ – former Trump adviser Stone

560. Keiser Report: Rise of the Machines (E1043)

561. Millions displaced by humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, more than 80% relying on aid– HRW to RT

562. I thought my life was over: 2 attacks in 24 hours, 10 injured in Dusseldorf, Germany

563. ‘Ill do my best to combat this evil’ - Elena Isinbayeva, RUSADA Chief, two-time Olympic champion

564. ‘Anti-fascists are fascists nowadays’: Dutch AFA threaten animal shelter workers for Wilders’ visit

565. CrossTalk: Vault 7

566. 5 killed in helicopter crash in Istanbul, Turkey

567. Park Impeachment Rallies: 2 dead in clashes in South Korea

568. ‘No such thing as absolute privacy in America’ – FBI Director

569. Propaganda virus: US lawmakers debate Russian misinformation

570. Dusseldorf train station ax attack: 7 injured, 1 arrested

571. 100 days to FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia: ‘Incredible drama’ at Sochi airport (Promo)

572. US confirms deployment of hundreds of Marines to Syria to fight ISIS

573. Double standards: CIA leaks dont stir MSM, Russia stays in spotlight

574. Poseidon Op: NATO Navy drill kicks off in the Black Sea

575. Humanitarian crisis looming in Mosul - fmr UN spokesperson for Iraq

576. ‘Germany must decide if Turkey is friend or not’ – Turkish FM

577. Booby Traps, Beheaded bodies: ISIS atrocities left behind after fleeing Palmyra (GRAPHIC)

578. Most insane firecrackers? Mexican explosive national fireworks day

579. Keiser Report: Neoliberalism is Junk (E1042)

580. They kill us and rape us and nobody does anything!- Womens Day protests in Chile

581. Vault 7 CIA leaks: Frankfurt hacking base, ‘Pocket Putin’, spying TVs and more from WikiLeaks

582. RAW: North Korea test launches 4 ballistic missiles

583. CrossTalk: Trump vs. Obama

584. ‘When the army started fighting ISIS, we were on receiving end of both sides’ - Mosul resident to RT

585. #MakeHerSmile: Ex-UFC fighter Jeff Monson congratulates women on Intl Womens Day

586. Family hostages? Iraqi army jails relatives of suspected ISIS members, destroys their homes – HRW

587. Cyber warfare is a new frontline: CIA created malware designed to penetrate software - WikiLeaks

588. #MakeHerSmile on 8th of March: Happy International Womens Day!

589. US deploys THAAD in S. Korea despite Russia, China opposition

590. Vault 7: WikiLeaks releases Year Zero largest ever publication on CIA hacking tools

591. Play hard, train harder: Russian children hone their hockey skills

592. US media suddenly concerned about ‘evidence’ as Trump claims wiretapping

593. UK sees steady surge in terrorist activity over past 2 decades – report (DEBATE)

594. Keiser Report: Big Money in Space Junk (E1041)

595. ‘I like George W. Bush now’: Liberals warm up to former president after his criticism of Trump

596. Figure Skating in 360: Stunning performance by European champ Evgenia Medvedeva

597. ‘We have no fear of anyone’: Turkish FM defiant on German rally despite cancellation

598. ‘Stand up against racist order!’ Canadian PM urged to denounce Trump’s travel ban

599. Urban warfare: 45,000 flee Mosul in wake of new anti-ISIS military op

600. Russian, Turkish, US military chiefs meet in Antalya to discuss Syria, Iraq

601. SAA force militants back in E. Ghouta, destroy tunnels connected to Damascus

602. Demonstrators gather outside White House to protest Trumps Muslim Ban 2.0

603. UNICEF running against time struggling to cope with numbers as Mosul exodus continues

604. ‘No cooperation agreement’ as number of civilians displaced from Mosul is increasing

605. Trump issues new travel ban for 6 Muslim-majority countries, excludes Iraq

606. MI6 doesn’t need ‘Daniel Craig on steroids’: Spy chiefs use cinema ad to recruit unlikely spies

607. ‘I’d go to Mars today without a shadow of a doubt: 1st woman in space Valentina Tereshkova turns 80

608. Erdogan compares German ban on rallies to Nazi actions

609. ‘No appetite’ for Cold War with Russia - Boris Johnson

610. ‘Ultimate duty’ is to ensure France won’t choose Le Pen – Francois Hollande

611. ‘Baby fascists’: Young Trump supporters attacked in Berkeley

612. See-Hear-Speak No Evil: Close contact with Russians can cost you your career if youre US official

613. Tapping Trump: White House asks US Congress to investigate power abuse by Obama

614. Collateral damage is a justification term MSM bias exposed in coverage of Mosul vs. Aleppo

615. White Ice Cube: Iconic 55,000 ton building demolished in Atlanta

616. ‘ISIS cuts heads, breaks legs & provokes airstrikes’: Refugees describe Mosul terror (EXCLUSIVE)

617. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Politocide?

618. Anti-corruption demo continues to draw thousands in Bucharest

619. Far-right march in Lviv to honor Ukrainian Insurgent Army General Shukhevych.

620. US armoured convoy enter Manbij, Syria

621. Terrifying moment woman jumps from burning 8th floor in Moscow

622. Macron’s team accuses RT, Sputnik of spreading false information ahead of French presidential poll

623. ‘DC insiders seek to defeat Donald Trump - even in aftermath of his victory’ – ex CIA agent

624. Strictly Russian Ballroom: In-Depth Look at Dance Tradition (RT Documentary)

625. ISIS traces in Palmyra: Munitions left, child fighters bodies found (EXCLUSIVE)

626. USA Out Of Everywhere Anti-Syrian-war protest disrupts White Helmets pop-up music tribute

627. Sex toys instead of textbooks: Harvard employees accused of stealing from disability fund

628. People regret they supported him - Opinions on Trump collide in RT debate

629. Scuffles, fistfights erupt as pro and anti-Trump rallies clash in Berkeley

630. Chinese patrol soldiers rescue wounded wild animals

631. ISIS defeated here, but still inflict huge damage: RTs Lizzie Phelan from Palmyra battleground

632. Hayyan Gas Fields ablaze near Palmyra, set on fire by retreating ISIS

633. ‘This is McCarthyism!’ Trump claims Obama wiretapped him before election

634. Start immediate investigation: Trump tries to reverse ‘Russia ties’ claims on ‘hypocrite’ Schumer

635. The Pearl of the Desert: First images from newly liberated ancient city of Palmyra (EXCLUSIVE)

636. ‘We’re scared of both ISIS & liberators’: About 4K refugees flee Mosul daily amid US-baked op

637. Keiser Report: Cognitive Dissonance in US Stock Markets (E1040)

638. Footage of ISIS tanks destroyed in a battle for Palmyra (EXCLUSIVE)

639. Kentucky cop shoots unarmed man immediately after demanding suspect to show his hands

640. ‘Serbia, Russia, we dont need EU’: Protesters booed Mogherini during speech to Serbian Parliament

641. Russian participation was game-changer - John Wright on Palmyra recapture

642. ‘Don’t feed the migrants’: Calais mayor bans aid groups to prevent new Jungle

643. Food & Footballs: Russian servicemen deliver humanitarian aid to Aleppo residents

644. Drone buzzes Palmyra as Syrian army fights to retake nearby mountains (EXCLUSIVE)

645. ‘Euro is dead man walking’: Marine Le Pen lashes out at EU, says Frexit is question of time

646. FavelaLive: Rios children caught between football, drugs & police brutality (RT Documentary PROMO)

647. CrossTalk: GOP-Which way?

648. No-go-zones’: Swedish EMTs fear to enter ‘high risk’ areas without police and armour

649. ‘Killing and maiming children’: Watchlist calls UN to blacklist IDF

650. Guilty by association: US attorney general addresses controversy over links to Russia

651. Palmyra recaptured by Syrian Army from ISIS (EXCLUSIVE)

652. Snap Drills: Russian military holds live-fire exercises in North Caucasus

653. Playing Dirty: Hashtags, nicknames and phrases the French presidential election heats up

654. Fighting fire with rockets? China unveils latest fire truck to tackle skyscraper blazes

655. ‘Political Ash Wednesday’: Beer rallies and insults ‘traditions’ for German elections

656. Stones & Bottles: Police clash with squatters on anniversary of ‘Youth House’ eviction in Denmark

657. SAA soldiers on outskirts of Palmyra (EXCLUSIVE)

658. Keiser Report: Financial Toxicity in the US (E1039)

659. Junkyard Blaze: Fire engulfs scrap metal yard in Australia

660. 3-week miners’ strike dispersed by tear gas and water cannons in Chile

661. Syrian Army retakes Palmyra citadel, advances against ISIS

662. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard calls for the US to stop aiding terrorists like Al-Qaeda and ISIS

663. No war crimes in Aleppo can be attributed to Russian Forces - UN report

664. FIRST VIDEO: Inside Palmyra citadel liberated from ISIS by Syrian army (Exclusive)

665. Obsession with ‘likes’ is real disease – Russia’s Patriarch Kirill

666. SAA units getting closer to Palmyra amid intense clashes with ISIS

667. ‘Political assassination’: French presidential candidate Fillon summonsed to face charges

668. Eruption fly-over: Mount Etna spewing lava & smoke, captured from drone

669. RAW: Gun battle after suicide car blast in Kabul

670. Large meteor flying through Texas sky caught on police dash cam

671. CrossTalk: Trumps Middle East

672. 450+ tons of essentials: Saudi king sets off for month-long Asian trip

673. Broad agenda, mixed reactions: All you need to know about Trump’s 1st major speech as president

674. EU lawmakers vote to strip Le Pen of immunity for tweeting pictures of ISIS violence

675. Moment police sniper fires shots during Hollande speech. Zero f... French baguettes were given

676. Mt Etna eruption LIVE: Lava spewing from Europe’s highest & most active volcano

677. ‘Inappropriate’ to introduce new sanctions against Syria govt - Putin

678. Looking for Boogeyman: Frmr German Social Democratic chairman criticized for RT interview

679. Hello Handle: Boston Dynamics unveils latest robot creation

680. ‘Marine Le Pen stance on immigration is what sets her apart’ – Political writer Michel Onfray

681. Missing Links: Washington divided over alleged ties of Trump Aides and Russia

682. 10% Boost: White House set to increase military spending to make army ‘more effective’

683. Kill Switch: Is EU parliament stopping Free Speech or protecting it?

684. Lava Flows: Mount Etna the highest volcano in Europe erupts

685. Court Order: Israeli forces evacuate Jewish settlement in West Bank

686. Keiser Report: Breakdown in Liberal Ideology (E1038)

687. ‘Everyone fleeing Mosul is treated like potential terror suspect’ – HRW Researcher

688. I put a spell on… Trump: US witches conjure up their best to drive president out of office

689. ‘Owners used us however they wanted’: Indian maids tortured in Saudi Arabia talk to RT

690. 4 killed, 2 injured as plane crashes into California residental area

691. #1917LIVE: Relive Russian Revolution as it happened with interactive website & Twitter project

692. Show Up. Speak Out Anti-Trump Town hall protests allegedly well-orchestrated

693. #IndyRef 2.0? Second Scottish referendum would derail May’s Brexit strategy

694. Actions of French PM against Le Pen wont be efficient - frmr Sarkozy adviser

695. ‘Velayat 95’: Iran test-fires new anti-ship missile during naval drills

696. Whos Fault? Internet trolls Best Picture Oscar blunder

697. West Mosul trap: Iraqi forces retake 2 districts, up to 800,000 civilians caught in battle zone

698. Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich leaves Crimea port for Mediterranean

699. Documentary about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties

700. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Media Wars

701. Those suffering the most are civilians: Militants shell Damascus & suburbs, 1 killed & 14 injured

702. Tear gas, clashes in 360: Anti-Le Pen protest in Nantes in dramatic panorama footage

703. No more ‘High Five Friday’: Initiative to build trust between US police & school children dropped

704. Negerball German charity event under fire after complaint of racict name

705. Peace in Syria up to Turkey & Russia, Wests involvement a joke - Erdogan adviser

706. Sochi 2017 Military World Winter Games: 360 video of opening ceremony

707. Spring Forever: Riots & Bloodshed Spreading in Arab World (RT Documentary)

708. Unofficial ambassador to Beijing Chinese companies rush to put Ivanka Trumps name on products

709. Estonia’s spy chief: NATO troops threatened by Russia provoking pub brawls

710. ‘It’s no paradise’: Switzerland funds Nigerian TV series to deter migration

711. Drone captures massive sculpture burning at Maslenitsa party

712. Dozens injured after truck plows into crowd in New Orleans

713. Searching toxic chemicals: Malaysia sweeps Kuala Lumpur airport after Kim Jong-Nam murder

714. Teargas, smoke & fire: Anti-Le Pen protesters clash with police in Nantes, France

715. NATO combat vehicles lead Estonian Independence Day parade

716. How Trump will plug White House leaks & UK by election results (Going Underground)

717. Almost half of Britains weapons exports go to Saudi Arabia - report

718. Yes we can? Petition launched for Obama 2017 French presidential campaign

719. German intel service spied on foreign media incl BBC, Reuters for years – reports

720. ‘Americans held hostage for too long, Trump right to bar MSM from White House gaggle’

721. Dozens of German tanks arrive in Lithuania for NATO deployment

722. Keiser Report: Greek Final Reckoning (E1037)

723. Violence erupts in S. Africa as police clash with anti-immigrant demonstrators

724. Drone captures endless lines of coal cars held up by blockade of rebel E. Ukraine

725. It puts Israel in group of Cuba, N. Korea and Sudan - HRW director on work permit refusal

726. Protester pulled from Trump’s CPAC speech

727. Iraq carries out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria – PM statement

728. Le Pen: Finish with bureaucratic monster, artificial construction called the EU

729. Retweet the Revolution: Make selfie - not war! (#1917LIVE PROMO)

730. CrossTalk: Liberal War Addiction

731. US troops ‘in combat’ in Mosul, some have been wounded – Pentagon

732. Rescue team helps moose babies to cross strong currents

733. Playing with fire: Dozens of nuclear alerts underreported by British MoD, study reveals

734. Not Russian hackers: Brit arrested for cyberattack on Germany blamed on Moscow

735. Netanyahu depicted as Hitler by Sydney protesters during historic Australia trip

736. Tigers vs drone: Felines go wild chasing flying prey

737. Full contact! SpaceX Dragon ship docks with Intl Space Station

738. War games 360: Your first-hand combat drills experience

739. JusticePourTheo: Teargas & firecrackers in Paris streets as students rally against police brutality

740. People trapped in Mosul aren’t receiving enough help; situation ‘desperate’ – UNHCR spokesman to RT

741. ‘Podesta ready to blame anyone for Clinton’s loss – be it Russian hackers or FBI’ – analyst

742. Keiser Report: China-US Trade War (E1036)

743. Rhetoric or resolution? New round of talks on Syria to kick off in Geneva

744. World closer to disaster than you think! Over 100 UK nuke workers have died from contamination

745. RAW: Iraqi army approaching Mosul airport

746. This is how we got into Vietnam: US commander says more troops may be sent to Syria

747. Massive fire sends smoke plume over Sydney

748. Future of garbage disposal: China tests flame-throwing drones

749. Fire ravages DAPL protest camp as police arresting, removing last protesters

750. Standing Rock LIVE: Anti-DAPL camp as enforced evacuation deadline reached

751. NASA discover record 7 Earth-sized exoplanets, 3 in stars habitable zone (FULL presser)

752. Pamela Anderson on Assange, Vivienne Westwoods Energy Revolution & US-Russian Rapprochement

753. RAW: Washington police rescue man from burning car

754. British ISIS suicide bomber was ex-Gitmo detainee who won £1mn compensation

755. #1917LIVE: The sun sets on the Russian Empire

756. ‘It’s quiet here, again’: Trump’s remarks on Swedish migrants ridiculed 2 days before Rinkeby riots

757. California Dreaming: Calls for state secession from USA grows

758. ‘We have evidence of [hacking] attacks from Ukraine & Russia - Macron

759. ‘Vitaly Churkin was a diplomatic star’ – UNODC executive director

760. CrossTalk: Revolt in the West

761. 43 years in space: Last launch for Russian Soyuz-U rocket retiring after 788 missions

762. Takeshima island day goes wrong: Japanese clash with S Koreans over territorial claims

763. Trump policy on Syria: More realism as opposed to Obamas fantasy tour

764. ‘I’ve lost a friend; UN, Russia lost one of their best diplomats’ - de Mistura on Churkins death

765. Keiser Report: Ingredients for a New Global Crisis (E 1035)

766. ‘Libya descended in total darkness, primarily because of illegal UN resolution’ – Gaddafi’s cousin

767. ‘No benefits for Uber!’: Italian taxi drivers rally over latest Parliament amendment

768. ‘Differing Courses’: Trump more interested in defeating ISIS, not changing regimes

769. Exploring the Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow (360 Video)

770. Rinkeby riots aftermath: Heavy police presence, burnt cars in Stockholm suburb

771. Sweden Rinkeby riots: Cars on fire as violence erupts in Stockholm suburb

772. Princess Leia is my President: Anti-Trump protesters take to streets in US

773. ‘I don’t care who likes me or who doesn’t, I’m doing my job’: Russian envoy to UN Churkin dies

774. ‘When we condemn Trump, we attack 61mn who voted for him’: UK MPs debate over POTUS state visit

775. Bolivian coca growers clash with police over plantation bill

776. Five people injured in Istanbul cafe shooting

777. ‘Catastrophic engine failure’ likely cause of Melbourne plane crash, 5 on board

778. Minute of silence for Vitaly Churkin at UNHQ after Russian ambassador dies

779. Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies (SPECIAL COVERAGE)

780. America’s 4-decade push for regime change in Iran a failure - Nuclear deal negotiator

781. Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps test missile systems

782. Moment of Kim Jong-nam ‘assassination’ captured on security camera

783. Musical Guns: Russian shooter performs Radetzky March accompanied by string quartet

784. RAW: Buddhist monks clash with police in Thailand

785. Migrants express their joy and optimism after storming Ceuta border fence

786. ‘Ukraine divided, failed, rogue state’ – political analyst as Maidan conflict marks 3 years

787. They think were terrorists, have no pity: Eastern Ukrainians to RT as conflict marks 3 years

788. ‘Russian coup plot claim is an attempt to jumpstart Montenegro’s stalled NATO bid’ – fmr US diplomat

789. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Swamp Draining

790. President’s Day coming: How far will protesters go to make Trump not-so-great again?

791. ‘We won but we lost anyway’: Kim Dotcom eligible for extradition to US - High Court of NZ

792. 3 days on thin ice: 205km freezing endurance Baikal race

793. ‘Today, I am a Muslim too’: Thousands of New Yorkers decry Trump’s travel ban

794. Bomb detonates ahead of bullfight in Colombia, dozens injured

795. Three years after Maidan: Protesters scuffle with police during anniversary rally in Kiev

796. Lift off! SpaceX launches Intl Space Station resupply mission

797. Raging inferno: 4,000 m² of market near Moscow engulfed in flames

798. Montenegro assassination claim part of psychological warfare op against Russia

799. MSM hate Trump because he is shaking up status quo

800. Growing up with War: Children of Syria (RT Documentary)

801. Soviet Files: USSR Leaders & Healers (RT Documentary)

802. Iron Crotch: Chinese Kung Fu master demonstrates ball-breaking stamina

803. Grill Flame CIA files reveal how telepaths worked for US intel

804. Use of tactical nukes would still spell full-blown nuclear war – ex-US Defense Sec

805. Putin signs decree legalizing some Donetsk, Lugansk documents in Russia

806. Moscow condemns blockade of Donbass, Normandy Four colleagues support us - Lavrov

807. Turbulent Month: 30 days of Trump presidency brings deep division over his policies

808. Blame Russia Trend: Russians hacked US election? Nope! They hacked the WORLD

809. What do we have here? A door? A wall? Lavrov looking for spies in conference room

810. Oscar Winning Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight, White House leaks & post-Brexit CETA (Going Underground)

811. ‘CIA leaks like a sieve, Obama’s holdovers should be probed - frmr Trump adviser Roger Stone

812. Keiser Report: Trump Implosion That Wasn’t (1034)

813. Dare, dare, dont be scared: Russian chant for British football fans

814. Car bomb kills child, injures 15 more in Turkey

815. ‘Freedom!’ 100s of migrants celebrate after breaking through EU border fence

816. Rise up against Brexit! Tony Blair urges Brits to remain in EU

817. Retweet the Revolution: Watch Lenins speech LIVE (#1917LIVE PROMO)

818. License to Shoot? New law gives French police greater powers to open fire on protesters

819. Cost of NATO: EU must not let US push it to increase military spending – Juncker

820. Bit propaganda, these are just some idiots - UK fans on BBC Russias Hooligan Army

821. They asked us to put on masks: Football fans dismantle BBC documentary

822. Cobra Gold Op: US, Asian allies amphibious assault drills in Thailand

823. Forget hoverboards! Worlds first fully-manned hoverbike tested in Moscow

824. America Divided: Berkeley students supporting Trump facing threats & attacks

825. CrossTalk on Flynn: Palace Coup?

826. Trump on Russia: Getting along is great, sinking their ship is not

827. Horrible fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia - Trump

828. Wikileaks releases CIA espionage orders for 2012 French presidential election

829. US intel agencies keep Trump in dark citing alleged ‘Russian contacts’ (DEBATE)

830. Lavrov meets new US Secretary of State Tillerson for 1st time

831. Acid fumes over Oberhausen, Germany after leak at chemical plant (drone footage)

832. ‘We didn’t discuss sanctions at all’ – Lavrov’s 1st meeting with Tillerson

833. Return to Camp: Migrants back in Calais months after ‘Jungle’ eviction

834. Have a good trip home Danish far-right party distributes ‘one-way tickets’ to immigrants (DEBATE)

835. Trump vs Spies: US president blasts intel over illegal leaks of classified data

836. N. Korea lights up night sky with fireworks in honor of late Supreme Leader Kim Jong II

837. Keiser Report: Trumps First Hundred Hours (E1033)

838. Tear him apart!: Kids bash Trump pinata at Chicago Uni anti-Lewandowski rally

839. North Korea marks 75th birthday of fmr leader Kim Jong-II

840. Hes just such a lovely man: Oldest person with Down syndrome celebrates 77th birthday

841. Hi, Im from FSB, lets be friends - fmr CIA and State Dept official on Gen. Flynn resignation

842. Military helicopter pilot asks for directions after landing on a road in Kazakhstan

843. LIVE: Trump and Netanyahu joint news conference in Washington DC

844. Starting revolution: German left-wing radicals plan to hijack G20

845. Trojan Horse CETA: Protests arise after agreement approval

846. Lucky Puppy: Turkish firemen rescue dog from 70-metre well after 10 days

847. Blasting Records: India launches single rocket with 104 satellites aboard

848. Fear of Influence: Post-Truth report claims Russia shaped world order

849. Sizzling Up: Australian policeman fries egg on car hood in 46°C weather

850. CrossTalk: Steve Bannon

851. French Celebration: Football fans go ballistic over PSG destruction of Barcelona

852. Ariane 5 ECA rocket blasts off from French Guiana

853. Toxic uranium admission: Pentagon confirms to RT use of depleted uranium in Syria

854. Long live peace, long live love: Yemeni activist hands out Valentines Day roses in Sanaa

855. ‘Now you can screw Donald back’: Trump sex doll on display in Berlin

856. Trump expects Moscow to ‘return’ Crimea to Ukraine, has been tough on Russia – WH spokesman

857. ‘7yo kid homework assignment’: Showing top secret CIA psychics’ drawings to New Yorkers

858. Pieces of Atlantis: 16th century Dominican church revealed in drought (Drone footage)

859. 20-meter sinkhole swallows road in Vladivostok

860. Keiser Report: Banks appeased, crocodiles feasting (E1032)

861. Oroville Dam: Aerial footage of spillway day before erosion discovered

862. Help us win! RT in running for 10 prizes at prestigious Shorty Awards, we need your vote

863. Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor over phone talks with Russian ambassador

864. ‘Russian hacking’ used to explain Clinton defeat - prof who predicted Brexit & Trumps victory

865. Merkel against Trump because she’s spearhead of Obama’s confrontation policy – OSCE Assembly ex-VP

866. Differences between them have been obvious: Trump, Trudeau hold their first joint news conference

867. Hundreds of Germans form human chain to halt far-right rallies on WWII Dresden bombing anniversary

868. Aerial footage captures severe erosion of Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway

869. Aftermath of Saudi-led coalitions helicopter strike on Yemeni troops in Aden Intl Airport

870. LIVE: Trump & Trudeau joint news conference as Canadian PM visits Washington

871. Water Cannons & Shoving: Turkish police disperse protesters outside Kocaeli University

872. Smart Husky: Dog breaks out, helps canine friends to try to escape from vet

873. Paris Clashes: Car set on fire, 11 arrested

874. NATO Mistruths: Alliance publishes list of myths spread by Russia

875. Growing up with war: Children of Syria (PROMO)

876. Russian MoD releases drone footage of Roman theater in Palmyra blown up by ISIS

877. North Koreas TV report praises missile test, shows happy Kim hugging a man

878. ‘Image of my drowned nephew going viral was a wake-up call for the world to stop war in Syria’

879. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Trump Watch

880. Tens of thousands evacuated over fears of spillway collapsing at tallest dam in California

881. At least 18 civilians, mostly women & children, killed by airstrikes in Afghanistan in a week – UN

882. Crowds gather near iconic St. Isaac’s Cathedral to protest its transition to Russian Orthodox Church

883. Heavy fighting between Syrian Arab Army and militants in Eastern Ghouta

884. Spanish police bust counterfeit Ferraris & Lambos kitcars factory

885. No evidence whatsoever of Russian cyber attacks against UK - former British intel officer

886. Protesters recreate massive Romanian flag as thousands rally at Victory Square

887. 1,000 drones glittering in sky for Chinese lantern festival set Guinness record

888. Drone flies over 10,000+ people racing at Russian Ski track 2017

889. Toxin alert at Hamburg airport: At least 50 suffer breathing problems, hub evacuated

890. More than 1,000 gather on San Francisco beach to spell ‘RESIST’ in anti-Trump protest

891. Big cyber-companies teaming up to resist hackers… or make money?

892. Mysterious fire engulfed car and bank door in a matter of minutes in east China city

893. ‘Lord Buddha Day’: Breathtaking lantern-lit ceremony in Thailand

894. Car set alight in Paris suburb during anti-police protest (PHOTOS)

895. Bombing Master Handan: People throw firecrackers at man representing god of wealth to warm him up

896. Arbiter of truth? Hunt for fake news rages as Wikipedia bans Daily Mail as ‘unreliable’ source

897. Stolen childhood: Syrian children growing up with war

898. Сivilians reportedly killed in Afghanistan airstrike, NATO-led mission investigates

899. He will not divide us? Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump exhibit shut down due to violence

900. Syria Special: Is Assad winning, Amnesty Intl Allegations & MSM myth-busting (Going Underground)

901. Strong wind sends truck toppling onto patrol car in US

902. ‘Firehose’ flow: Molten lava gushes from Kilauea volcano, Hawaii

903. Keiser Report: China’s Debt Trap Diplomacy (E1031)

904. Italian students clash with police in protest over library turnstiles at University of Bologna

905. A lot of gossip: White House looks into leaks of Trumps calls with global leaders

906. Saudi-led coalition strikes may trap civilians in Yemen port city – UN

907. ‘Tribute to victims’ or ‘voice to terror group’: Aleppo-inspired memorial sparks protests (DEBATE)

908. ‘Grave danger’: Boris Johnson urges to continue UK-Saudi arms sales despite Yemen funeral bombing

909. Space 360: Zero-gravity training onboard Il-76MDK flying laboratory

910. Blame ping pong: WikiLeaks accuses BBC of lying about leaks on French politicians

911. Austerity Grip: Violent protests break out in Brazil over water company privatization

912. UK worried about its place if US-Russia ties are repaired – Russia’s UK envoy

913. Wars not diminishing: Putins iconic 2007 Munich speech (FULL VIDEO)

914. TPP & US base on Okinawa: Conflict of interest looms over Japanese PM’s visit to America

915. Worst stranding in decades: Over 300 pilot whales die in New Zealand

916. Welcome Home: Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser returns from Syria

917. 1000s rally in Iran celebrating Islamic Revolution

918. Russian Bashfest: Checking facts from recent Washington rhetoric

919. ‘See you in court’: Trump vows to defend travel ban after court upholds block

920. CrossTalk: Presidential Trump?

921. Drone buzzes last Soviet-era nuclear missile base in Lativa

922. 3 Turkish soldiers accidentally killed in Russian airstrike in Syria, Moscow confirms

923. Parliament erupts in violence after interruption to Zumas speech

924. Anti-IDF protest turns violent as Jewish protesters clash with police

925. Acts of devotion: Thaipusam worshipers have body piercings & walk on hot coals (GRAPHIC)

926. Sweet but scandalous? Trump cake served up in German bakery

927. Turkish police seize 24 suicide belts hidden in the ground, detain 4 ISIS suspects

928. Fake News: Jeremy Corbyn calls out BBC

929. Explosion at Flamanville nuclear power plant in France, several injured

930. Russian Review Act: US senators seek veto power to block dropping sanctions

931. Gitmo Alive: Trump has no plans to close notorious prison

932. RAW: Aftermath of multiple tornadoes in New Orleans

933. Brexit bill greenlit as MPs vote for Article 50 to be triggered by 494 to 122 votes

934. Winter march: US troops conclude NATO drill in Latvia

935. Keiser Report: Trump/Abe Golf Diplomacy (E1030)

936. Riots in Paris continue as protests decry police rape and abuse of black man

937. ‘Emotion mustn’t override reason’: Churkin questions Trump’s tensions with Iran & China (EXCLUSIVE)

938. Sparks and flames: Chinese firework store explodes, drunken arsonist arrested

939. Huge blast rocks chemical plant in Valencia, Spain

940. Syria rejects Amnesty’s report of mass jail hanging

941. Most Europeans want to stop migration from Muslim-majority countries – poll

942. Arm in arm? UK covered up intelligence training for Bahrain police- human rights group

943. Russian naval battle group returns from Syria mission in the Mediterranean

944. Internal breach? Congress IT staffers fired for accessing data without permission

945. Suvorov Military School 360: Daily life of a Russian army cadet

946. Fake news firewall? Le Monde launches news filter app

947. US Congresswoman calls for Trump impeachment because Putin’s attacking... Korea?

948. Everobody hates the police! Protests against cop brutality heat up in central Paris

949. CrossTalk: Trumps Battles

950. Those provoking violence in Ukraine want Russia, US divide - Russias UN envoy

951. The EU is supporting the terrorists in Syria from the very beginning - Assad

952. Putin continuing to advance into… Korea??

953. Is Trump trying to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran?

954. NY University students defiant about Trump’s travel ban, unsure of details

955. Farewell to arms? Campaign to stop UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia moves to High Court

956. Antarctica 360°: Expedition to least visited part of Earth with panoramic camera

957. RAW Suicidal woman saved from death-plunge by her HAIR

958. Keiser Report: Topsy–Turvy World (E1029)

959. CCTV: 6yo Chinese boy struggles to steal car, fails, runs back to mommy

960. Trump’s smug face sums it up’: Australian senator unveils Trump doormat

961. Riots erupt in France after police sexually assaulted 22yo man with baton

962. Battle for Deir ez-Zor airport: Syrian army repels ISIS assault

963. Green meteor sighted across US upper Midwest

964. Romania protests: Crowds gather at Victory Square in Bucharest in biggest rallies since 1989

965. Caught in Battle: Animals in Mosul zoo left to starve amid ongoing fight

966. Worlds longest commercial flight: Qatar to New Zealand in almost 16 hours

967. 360 aerial video: Russian plane helps battle worst wildfires in Chile

968. ‘Like a ghetto’: Leipzig condo fences itself off from refugee center

969. Sapphire Jubilee: Queen Elizabeth II becomes first British monarch to reach 65 years on the throne

970. Wall St Power: Are financial elites a good fit for Trumps cabinet? (SophieCo with William D. Cohan)

971. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Trumping

972. To celebrate life and death: Cuban village stages mock funeral every year

973. Hijab is personal experience: Thousands march against ‘sexist & racist’ burqa ban plan in Austria

974. Harbinger of ‘the end of days?’: 700-year-old Trump gargoyle doppelganger found in England

975. French candidate campaigns as a hologram: Melenchon uses projection to attend two rallies at a time

976. ‘The people hold the power to get rid of main stream politicians’ – Patricia Chagnon

977. Nationwide Raids: 400+ arrests as Turkish security forces crack down on suspected ISIS members

978. ‘People are tired of urban-led globalism; they are saying we want our country back’

979. RAW: Syrian military fights ISIS militants in Deir el-Zour

980. ‘Stay Calm’: Media devises new rules on how to cover President Trump

981. 2 year Battle: London Mosque wins fight to have name removed from terror database

982. ‘Stay strong, Kurkbakistan!’: Asking New Yorkers about Russian aggression against fictional state

983. An extension of crowd and herd mentality - Lionel and Tim Young on Der Spiegel magazine cover

984. American burns his passport during anti-Trump rally in London

985. Protest against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ in DC (Streamed live)

986. Meanwhile on Intl Space Station: Astronaut ‘sends’ ball traveling 564k yards at 8,800 yd per second

987. ‘Davos man is dead’ – Ted Malloch, tipped to be Trump’s pick for EU ambassador

988. Iran tests missile & radar systems, vows to fire ‘roaring missiles’ if threatened

989. Lugansk militia commander killed in car bomb blast in eastern Ukraine

990. Keiser Report: Financial Sector Tapeworms (E1028)

991. ‘Everything is broken…’: Locals in Donetsk clear debris after days of shelling

992. ‘Beautiful sight’: Congresswoman hails Berkeley riot as media raises concern over free speech

993. Scapegoating? Despite terror danger to EU, some politicians find other ‘threats’

994. Love through Loathe: Trump tops new ‘Hater’ dating app

995. Golden Record: Russian teen crushes World Figure Skating Championship

996. Thousands march in Vienna against annual ‘far-right’ ball

997. US imposes new sanctions on Iran over missile test

998. Protesters vandalize & try to break into Russian banks in Kiev

999. 11 arrested at NYU during clashes protesting conservative speaker Gavin McInnes

1000. Supertanker game: Putin featured in Chile wildfire fighting app

1001. Good for blood circulation Palestinian barber creates hairdo using fire

1002. This elex proving how divided we are Trump supporters & opponents on ongoing protests in US

1003. Big corps are taking over: 16yo pipeline protester arrested after chaining self to bulldozer

1004. No eye contact: Erdogan, Merkel have heated exchange

1005. ‘Islam means ‘peace’, it can’t come with ‘terror’: Erdogan slams Merkel for Islamist terror phrase

1006. Louvre attack: Mass evacuation following suspected terrorist attack

1007. Donetsk shelling aftermath: Residential building, kindergarten bombed

1008. Machete-wielding man attacks soldier at Louvre, terror motives suspected

1009. CrossTalk: Trump Revolution

1010. Syrian Army makes advances in Deir Ez-Zor

1011. Trump gently ‘testing waters’ with sanctions relief amid anti-Russia sentiment – Ron Paul

1012. ‘Liquid death’: Clean-up operation after India Chennai oil spill (DRONE FOOTAGE)

1013. US eases some limits on dealing with Russian Intel but does not signal ‘shift of policy’

1014. Syrian Red Crescent HQ attacked, at least 4 injured

1015. Pentagon confirms civilian deaths during US military raid in Yemen

1016. People felt the need to pray a little longer Tillerson apologizes to State Dept for late arrival

1017. Groundhog day… for the 131th time: People listening to animal predicting 6 more weeks of winter

1018. Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU, cash by playing the victim

1019. Putin, Orban speak to media in Budapest

1020. Rare footage: Firehose spews lava into Pacific ocean off Hawaii Island

1021. ‘If there was a honeymoon, it was pretty short’: VP Pence on relations between Trump admin & media

1022. Massive blaze at Philippines factory: Dozens injured, several remain missing

1023. ‘US media create hysteria’: Protesters crash UC Berkeley to prevent Breitbart News editors speech

1024. Keiser Report: Post-Obama Era (E1027)

1025. Drone captures the extent of devastating wildfires in Chile

1026. Riot breaks out at UC Berkeley amid protest of Breitbart editors speech

1027. Clashes erupt in Bucharest following enormous anti-corruption rally

1028. We cant ignore the people: Parliament backs Brexit bill in landslide vote

1029. 100m pontoon built across frozen Oka river in unique Russian Engineer Troop op

1030. Germany begins tank deployment to Lithuania as part of NATO commitment to Baltics

1031. EU leaders should stand up & fight nationalists & populists who want to destroy us - Guy Verhofstadt

1032. Hes lying to you: Labour MEP trolls Farage during call for Trump to visit EU Parliament

1033. Farage: EU is showing its true nature now - genuine anti-Americanism

1034. RAW: Amona outpost settlers resist their eviction by Israeli police

1035. More Americans approve of Trump’s travel ban than disapprove – poll

1036. Our president is reckless Top US democrat blames Trump over crisis in Yemen

1037. Trump migrant policy is propaganda opportunity for ISIS – UK Home Secretary

1038. Worst fire in Chilean history’: Russian EMERCOM planes battle blaze in S. America

1039. First footage from inside Quebec mosque in Canada after shooting

1040. Inside Russian Pentagon: Glimpse into MoD management center

1041. Illegal Jewish settlers removed by huge Israeli security team

1042. Ship on Fire! Viking Up Helly Aa festival heats up in Scotland

1043. New twin-fuselage aircraft show-tested in Moscow wind tunnel

1044. CrossTalk: Trumpology

1045. Raging forest fires force mass evacuations in Chile

1046. Journalists caught under fire as Donetsk shelling continues

1047. #PenelopeGate: Presidential candidate Fillon and spouse questioned in ‘fake job’ probe

1048. US under Trump among external threats to EU – council president Tusk

1049. ‘No to ban on refugees’: Protester interrupts Committee Vote on Attorney General Nomination

1050. Center of gravity for US ops in Europe: US and Polish troops hold joint drills in Zagan

1051. Post-truth Age: Anger at Trumps Muslim ban, but not for Obamas similar moves

1052. Keiser Report: Trump’s Divide & Conquer Strategy (E1026)

1053. Football begins again in Aleppo after 5 years of fighting

1054. Stop Operation Soros Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe

1055. #Match the fine for Palestine: Celtic fans crowdfund £176K to pay UEFA fine

1056. Russian paralympians barred from 2018 Winter Games qualifiers

1057. Too many Yemen hospitals caught up in bombings - Doctors Without Borders ex-head of mission

1058. Elephants in China Shop: Giant wild animals stroll across expressway and villages

1059. Eiffel Tower goes dark to honor Quebec victims

1060. Checking out the 4th gen Russian fighter jet: MiG-35 in 360

1061. Insane Clown President Trump & the End of Corbyn (Going Underground)

1062. Life after ISIS in Mosul: Residents clean city from extremists’ murals and debris

1063. Soros-funded NGOs aiming to bring down our govt – Hungarian Foreign Minister

1064. Lavrov: Syria ‘safe zones’ possible if Damascus agrees

1065. Insane Clown President Fear and Loathing on Trumps Campaign Trail

1066. ‘This is not about religion’: Trumps slams MSM for distortion of ‘Muslim ban’

1067. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Russia-USA

1068. ‘Under Investigation’: Civilians reportedly killed in US raid against Al-Qaida in Yemen

1069. At least 6 killed, 8 wounded in Quebec City mosque shooting

1070. London Eye: UK universities admit monitoring students emails to prevent radicalism

1071. RAW: Police deploy teargas at Seattle airport during rally opposing Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

1072. ‘Russian army Hogwarts’: RT looks into daily routine at elite military boarding school

1073. ‘Let them in!’: Protesters rally at JFK against Trump’s refugee ban

1074. Putin & Trump discuss joint ISIS fight, Ukraine crisis, future meeting in first phone call

1075. Protest against handing over iconic Saint Isaacs Cathedral to the Orthodox Church in St Petersburg

1076. Foreign enemies may exploit Trumps impulvise character, provoke him into overreaction - Ralph Nader

1077. Iraqi forces discover stockpile of chemical warfare agent, missiles in Mosul

1078. They dont look too happy, do they? This is how North Korea celebrates Lunar New Year

1079. Cat that walks by himself: Bengal tiger strolling down street in Italy caught by police

1080. The American Empire with Allan Nairn (On Contact with Chris Hedges)

1081. Keiser Report: US Hgemony Facing New Challenges (E1025)

1082. ‘Largest humanitarian crisis in world:’ 18mn Yemeni civilians in need of assistance

1083. Back in USSR: Unique photos show Soviet life in the 50s through the eyes of US diplomat

1084. Violent mudslide in Peru sends car slamming into trailer, 3 left dead

1085. Trumps chief strategist: Media should be humiliated & keep its mouth shut

1086. In France, we respect election results – Marine Le Pen on anti-Trump protests & French vote

1087. Regime of tolerance: Radical left on the rise around world

1088. CrossTalk: Politically Incorrect?

1089. Opportunity to renew special relationship’: May & Trump to meet in USA

1090. Trump orders ‘safe zones’ in Syria for refugees fleeing war

1091. 11 detained in Islamist-linked raids in Austrian cities of Vienna & Graz

1092. Legitimising genocide: US congresswoman visits Syria, criticised for meeting Assad

1093. ‘Democracy a la francaise’: Marine Le Pen blocked from entering refugee camp in France

1094. Motorbike daredevil stunts at Republic Day parade in India

1095. Arctic power: Reindeers & huskies take part in Russian troop drills

1096. Plane crash in Perth kills 2 on Australia Day

1097. Dazzling molten iron firework show greets Chinese New Year

1098. Disappearing London with Dan Cruickshank (Going Underground)

1099. Make America silent? US lawmakers try to criminalize illegal protests

1100. Orwellian doublespeak? 1984 bestseller again in wake of ‘alternative facts’ frenzy

1101. Extremists arrested on suspicion of plotting attacks on Jews & refugees in Germany

1102. Till Brexit do us part: Quandary of EU nationals to be investigated by Brussels

1103. Battles between Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists & rebels escalate in northern Syria

1104. ‘US gets back control of its borders’: Trump signs order to ‘build that wall’ with Mexico

1105. Hide, find Zen: Ultimate survival guide for Trump era (according to some media)

1106. Keiser Report: ‘Healthcare’ Debate (E1024)

1107. Iraqi troops backed by US-led airstrikes fired at ISIS militants in a neighbourhood of Ramadi

1108. Syrians seen smiling and excited as train travels through Aleppo for first time in over four years

1109. Propaganda crusade? EU task force gets boost before big election season

1110. U-turn: Theresa May promises White Paper on Brexit plan

1111. British jets & warships monitor Russian aircraft carrier group returning from Syria

1112. Large sinkhole swallows pickup on Pennsylvania street (aerial footage)

1113. In hot water? Beijing warns Trump to stay out of South China sea dispute

1114. Money well spent? Royal Navy $1.7mn Russian fleet escort mission

1115. Putin sings Soviet cosmonaut anthem with Russian students

1116. Fears of terrorist chemical attack on drinking water supplies in Germany

1117. ‘We will rise up!’ US outlet compares anti-Trump protests to Arab Spring

1118. ‘Not like Gitmo’: Israeli interrogators explain torture methods to media

1119. Citadel of defence: Radar station that protects Moscow from ballistic missile attack

1120. Somalia attack: Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Mogadishu, at least 12 killed

1121. CrossTalk: Trumps Media War

1122. Late delivery: Train smashes into FedEx trailer

1123. Atlantic Museum: Europes first underwater museum opens in Spain

1124. Firefighters die battling largest blaze in Chile in decades

1125. EU & Italy ‘remain hostage’ to sanctions against Russia – FM Angelo Alfano

1126. High pressure? US allegedly forces UK to keep failed nuke Trident test secret

1127. US exit from TPP may open door to China ‘at expense of American workers’

1128. Helicopter crashes in Italian mountains, rescue crew retrieves bodies in heavy storm

1129. Russia, Iran, Turkey create mechanism to support Syria ceasefire

1130. President Trump open to joint US-Russian strikes against ISIS in Syria

1131. Losing Home: Arab family facing eviction after living for 60 years in East Jerusalem apartment

1132. Divided States of America: Citizens opposed each other after Trump took office

1133. Brexit cannot be triggered without Parliament – UK Supreme Court

1134. UFOs, telekinesis & spies: 12 million pages of CIA secrets online for 1st time

1135. Keiser Report: Crypto in the Age of Trump (E1023)

1136. Three puppies found alive under rubble 5 days after Italy avalanche

1137. Table etiquette: Polar bear mother set some ground rules for charming bear cub

1138. Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP

1139. Right-wing, Trumps US & Putins Russia: Former French PM Valls names ‘enemies of state’

1140. Milk protest: Farmers spray EU council build with dairy powder

1141. On thin ice? Soviet-era prison turned into epic skating rink

1142. Tories will use Brexit to turn Britain into tax haven – UK Shadow Justice Secretary

1143. Moldovan President: I don’t think we’ll ever join EU, Brussels understands this

1144. Missile mayhem: UK govt accused of Trident malfunction ‘cover up’

1145. Syrian armed opposition & Assad govt reps meet for peace talks in Astana

1146. Wildfires Raging: Agricultural emergency declared in Argentina

1147. Spectators are murderers: Protesters clash with Colombian police over bullfighting return

1148. ‘They aimed at my camera’: Journalists shot by police at DAPL protests

1149. ‘Among the most dishonest human beings’: Trump slams media for inauguration reporting

1150. CrossTalk Bullhorns: POTUS 45

1151. Ideal Demolition: 19 buildings blown up in China

1152. SSA troops use rocket weaponry, make advances in region southeast of Aleppo

1153. AERIAL FOOTAGE: Massive fire breaks out at Japanese petroleum plant

1154. From luxury skiing to ‘day in the life of a refugee’: Things to do at Davos forum

1155. Clinton Foundation shutting down one charity department as number of donors drops

1156. Accusations not backed up by proof: 22 out of 29 Russian biathletes suspected of doping acquitted

1157. Thousands of Arab Israelis protest against home demolitions, clash with police

1158. Car bomb rocks Tripoli near Italian embassy, 2 dead

1159. LIVE: Thousands attend womens march & anti-Trump protest in Washington, DC

1160. ‘People fed up with politically correct elites’: Anti-establishment parties summit in Koblenz

1161. Keiser Report: Trumphoria (E1022)

1162. Russian Tu-22M3 bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria - Defense Ministry

1163. ‘Trump is (not) my president’: Nation-wide protests overtake US on inauguration day

1164. Why Trump (& his administration) can’t be labeled Russian spies

1165. Safe & squealing: Russian firefighters save 150 piglets from burning barn

1166. Chinese drone operator investigated for filming airliners

1167. CrossTalk: Obamas Exit

1168. Riot police use pepper spray as anti-Trump Inauguration Day protests turn violent

1169. Deplorables!: Trump inauguration attendees heckled by protesters

1170. Protesters set limo on fire during Inauguration Day in Washington, DC

1171. Inauguration day protests take over Washington, DC

1172. Repeal and replace: Donald Trump signs order to ease burden of Obamacare

1173. Clashes in Washington DC as Trump becomes 45th President (Streamed live)

1174. Inaugural speech of the 45th President of the US Donald J. Trump (FULL)

1175. RAW: Anti-Trump protesters march in Washington

1176. Inauguration 2017 LIVE: Trump sworn into office, clashes break out in Washington DC

1177. Protests against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC (Streamed live)

1178. ISIS destroys part of Roman theater in Palmyra – Syrian antiquities chief

1179. 1.5 million children severely malnourished as humanitarian crisis grips Yemen (DISTURBING)

1180. Pepper spray and Bottles: Protesters clash with police at Trump Deploraball party

1181. Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars - Alibaba founder to US

1182. Retweet the Revolution: Unfollowing Tsar, following Lenin (#1917LIVE PROMO)

1183. United States of....Russia? Social media crazy over USR Trump pre-inaugural fireworks

1184. Freezing Waters: Russians take icy dip on Epiphany (360 Video)

1185. Wishful thinking: CNN dwells on possibility Obama official might take over if Trump is killed

1186. ‘No Donald Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!’: Protesters in NYC, Washington rally ahead of inauguration

1187. Rogue red car ‘driving erratically’ caught on cam before ramming into crowd in Australia

1188. RT banned from posting media, hyperlinks on Facebook for some 20 hours

1189. Boy, that escalated quickly! Facebook lifts RT page block after almost 24-hour blackout

1190. ‘Copyright used as pretext for censorship ’ – fmr MI5 agent on new Facebooks policy

1191. Italian avalanche: Footage from inside Abruzzo hotel buried under tons of snow

1192. Trump vs MSM: US journalists promise to ‘set higher standards’ after fake news frenzy

1193. Blame Putin: Obama scapegoats Russian president for decline in relations

1194. Keiser Report: Small Business Optimism Soaring (E 1021)

1195. Iconic Plasco building collapses in Tehran after massive fire

1196. EU Approach - Punishment beating for Brexit? (DEBATE)

1197. Space 360: Breakfast at the International space station

1198. Mini-Atlantis? Eerie underwater museum revealed off Canary Islands

1199. Machine guns, RPGs & kids: Yemen female fighters stage massive anti-Saudi peace rally

1200. Lights go out on Biden as he talks of US ‘leadership’ in Davos speech

1201. Assange stands by everything he said - lawyer on Wikileaks founder US extradition promise

1202. Too insignificant to outlaw: German top court blocks ban on nationalist NPD party

1203. Davos 2017: The rich striving to adjust to Brexit & Trump world after failing to predict both

1204. Spread discrimination & fear: Amnesty slams draconian’ EU anti-terrorism laws

1205. CCTV: Truck loses control & plows into roadside houses in China

1206. Fiercest ISIS offensive: Islamists cut off Syrian Deir ez-Zor airbase

1207. CrossTalk: Trump World Order

1208. Chelsea Manning commutation could set up Assange extradition to US

1209. Humanitarian move: Chelsea Mannings sentence commuted - ex-CIA officer Kiriakou

1210. Agreement ceremony as RT starts broadcasting on UN HQ network

1211. Putin mocks Trumps prostitute scandal allegations

1212. Fake-news makers are worse than prostitutes - Putin slams Trump leak publishers

1213. Lavrov: US has increased efforts to recruit Russian diplomats in recent years

1214. Kieser Report: Health Care Plan for Trump Voters (E1020)

1215. Trump: Kremlin Candidate?: BBC doc becomes MSM verified journalism manual

1216. Lavrov: It’s right to invite US to Syria talks in Astana

1217. Big Air! Breathtaking snowboard jump in 360

1218. Aleppo liberated, media disappears: Syrians neglected by MSM

1219. ‘Declaration of war’: EU leaders ‘astonished’ by Trump remarks

1220. No food, no water, no shelter: UN calls Yemen crisis the worst in the world

1221. Mount Sinabung spews hot clouds of ash in Indonesia

1222. Reina nightclub attacker arrested during special operation in Istanbul

1223. Pointless Peace Parley : Israel, Palestine dont take part in Middle East summit

1224. Europeans debate over rise of radical Islam control

1225. US sanctions revision depends on people who run show behind scenes – Austrian MP

1226. Trump ‘plays’ accordion while discussing Russian hacking & Mexico wall

1227. Meet Mr Russian: We didnt hack Trumps Twitter; we hacked him!

1228. ‘Huge wave of fire passing by’: Turkish cargo plane crashes near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

1229. Pilger: Ultimate ambition of hawks in Washington was regime change in Russia

1230. Turkish cargo plane crashes into village in Kyrgyzstan, at least 37 killed

1231. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Real News

1232. Military parade celebrates 69th Army Day in New Delhi

1233. Spanish police seize €10mn worth of vintage black-market arms, including anti-aircraft weapons

1234. Has Israel Been Influencing the British Government

1235. Putin, Propaganda and Hacking - CIA proof that RT changed the US election result

1236. Duterte: I will declare martial law to preserve my nation

1237. Sharing the Motherland: Amsterdam as Modern Babylon (RT Documentary)

1238. Flying in space shuttle is like being in middle of violent storm – Chris Hadfield

1239. Breaking the Silence: Anti-occupation campaign group faces ban from Israeli schools

1240. Famine Threat: 2mn people face risk of mortality, emergency in Yemen - report

1241. Fake News Reality: NYT, Washington Post implicated in publishing false facts on Russia

1242. Brexit Flip-Flop: Bank of England head says exit will hit EU harder than UK

1243. Japan’s launch of world’s smallest space rocket ends in failure

1244. Belgium Polices special units launch anti-terror raid in Molenbeek district, Brussels

1245. Hungry for peace: Inside Yemeni village dying from starvation (Disturbing footage)

1246. SpaceX launch: Falcon9 successfully lands on drone ship in the Pacific (Streamed live)

1247. Russia boosts anti-missile shield over Crimea with S-400 system

1248. Keiser Report: Trumptopia (E1019)

1249. ‘In case of war, I’d be enemy of state’ – journo labeled propagandist for criticizing migrant policy

1250. ‘Cyberwar’? Internet goes hysterical after C-SPAN livestream interrupted by RT feed

1251. Moment fighter jet crashes at Children’s Day airshow in Thailand

1252. Clashes erupt in south Tunisia over border trade with Libya

1253. Breakup of EU could be chance to save Europe – former Czech President Vaclav Klaus

1254. RTs Lizzie Phelan eyewitnesses immediate aftermath of powerful suicide attack in Damascus

1255. Despite clear unconstitutionality: Assange ready for extradition if Obama pardons Manning

1256. ‘Preparation for war, not defense against Russia’ – German peace activist on NATO op in Europe

1257. Investigating Investigators: DOJ to probe FBI’s handling of Clinton email inquiry

1258. Dramatic: Panicked migrants storm already packed rescue boat off Italy

1259. ‘Electricity cuts mean death!’: Thousands rally in Gaza over worst power shortage in years

1260. Whats next, Mr. Putin? Invade the Disney channel? - Galloway on RT C-SPAN interruption

1261. Moment RT broadcast interrupts C-SPAN live stream

1262. Mass murderer Breivik trying to spread radical ideology in Norwegian prison - govt lawyers

1263. Intense fighting ongoing northwest of Damascus

1264. CrossTalk: Trumpism

1265. RAW: Fire after reported explosion at DDOT bus terminal in Detroit, Michigan

1266. Israel strikes Syrian military airport near Damascus - army

1267. From fur hat to house pet: Lynx lives in Moscow apt after being saved from slaughterhouse

1268. Viva San Escobar! Polish FM mocked for ‘meeting’ with minister of non-existent country

1269. DISTURBING: Russian woman in plaster cast forced to crawl stairs for X-ray

1270. Golden State Rains: Storm slams into California causing massive floods

1271. Keiser Report: Bull Market in Corruption (E 1018)

1272. Turkish Brawl: Lawmakers fist fight on parliament floor over constitutional amendments

1273. Retweet the Revolution: What if Twitter existed 100 years ago? (#1917LIVE PROMO)

1274. Several anti-Gitmo protesters arrested in Washington as notorious prison turns 15

1275. RAW: Heavy fighting on outskirts of Damascus despite ceasefire

1276. American MSM continue down the downward slope of irrelevancy – Max Keiser on Trump-Russia scandal

1277. Trump: Do you honestly believe Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Give me a break!

1278. You are fake news! - Trump blackballs CNNs Acosta

1279. Trump holds first press conference since winning US Presidential election (FULL)

1280. S-400 missile defense regiment take up combat duty near Moscow

1281. RAW: Rescue op as dog stuck on steep cliff

1282. Way too unsophisticated - cybersecurity legend McAfee on Russian hack evidence

1283. ‘Completely wrong’ – intl sports lawyer on NADO suggestion of blanket ban for Russian athletes

1284. Stranded: Greek Navy conducts rescue ops as snow blankets Evia island

1285. CrossTalk: Let Trump Be Trump?

1286. I think theres an RT ch here: US intel chiefs testify on Russian interference in 2016 election

1287. Barack Obama delivers farewell address as US president (Streamed Live)

1288. Terrible candidate: Hacking has nothing to do with Clinton losing election - ex-CIA officer

1289. New Year holidays at Intl Space Station in 360 video

1290. ‘Tolerance is killing people’: Terror threat is biggest public safety concern among Belgians

1291. I appreciate Peshmerga & Iraqi govt efforts to ensure safety of Mosul civilians – ICRC president

1292. US B-52 bombed Idlib, Syria, killing over 20 civilians – Russian MoD

1293. Water as weapon of war: Weeks of fighting to control supply in Damascus

1294. Decolonizing philosophy? London students demand ‘white thinkers’ be dropped from syllabus

1295. Obama exit polls: Beloved by minorities, less so by military, criticized for broken promises

1296. Dashcam Accident: Fatal high-speed street race crash on snowy Siberian road

1297. Keiser Report: Trump Tweetstorm (E1017)

1298. ‘Insider leaks, not Russian hacking’: CIA & MI5 veterans discuss ODNI report (DEBATE)

1299. Revealing evidence of Russias hacking would be irresponsible – US State Department

1300. US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels in Strait of Hormuz – report

1301. Keep American empire alive’: NATO builds up forces along Russian border

1302. ODNI report speculative, serves to push certain political theories – ex-Trump aide Carter Page

1303. Stirring up trouble: US intelligence has no proof of anything - Ron Paul on Russian hacking

1304. Debate: ODNI report on alleged ‘Russian hacking’ (Streamed Live)

1305. Not an intelligence report: WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange slams ODNI

1306. ‘They are the most scared of real reporting’: Abby Martin blasts US intel hacking report

1307. Demining Aleppo: Barrel bombs & shells found in militant HQ

1308. Bring it on, 2017! A look back at 2016 viral vids

1309. Israeli diplomat caught on camera discussing ‘taking down’ UK MPs

1310. Major French paper refuses to publish polls after failures on Brexit & Trump victory

1311. ‘Caged by war’: Captives held for years by Syrian militants reunite with families

1312. Force for good? Dubious legacy of Nobel-winning Obama

1313. It’s time to stop hugging Russian bear – former NATO commander

1314. Witch hunt? Frenzy over potential ‘Russian hacking’ seizes Europe

1315. 2017 Quadrantids: Large meteor lights up northwestern Russian skies

1316. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Blaming RT

1317. US tanks arrive in Europe to keep ‘peace & freedom’ at Russian borders

1318. US fighting ISIS alone, Russia doing virtually zero in Syria - Pentagon

1319. Chinese fighter jets hone combat maneuvers in drills over South China Sea

1320. Truck rams into crowd in Jerusalem, at least 4 dead & 15 injured

1321. Scene of truck attack on crowd in Jerusalem (streamed live)

1322. Orthodox Christmas in 360: Midnight service at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow

1323. Seeking Immortality: Russian Scientists Hunt for Elixir of Life (RT Documentary)

1324. New word in political vocabulary? ‘Alt-right’ used for right-wingers now refers to Trump supporters

1325. Fake or Hoax: Hunt to identify false news stories masquerading as genuine

1326. 21 injured as protesting monks clash with Sri Lankan police

1327. 5 injured after wild brawl in America’s largest jail

1328. Christmas Miracle: ‘Ded Moroz’ surprise children with gifts at Moscow hospital

1329. Hundreds of bonfires light up Bavarian village for Eucharistic adoration

1330. ‘Signs were here last year, nothing was done’: Austria sees repeat of Cologne’s NYE sexual attacks

1331. Up to 60 killed in car bomb blast in city near Aleppo

1332. Satire or poor taste? BBC’s ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ sparks debate

1333. Clinton email leak done by insider, not Russia - frmr UK diplomat & whistleblower

1334. Keiser Report: Unhappy Outlook for Chinese New Year (E1016)

1335. Putin ordered hack during elections - US intelligence report

1336. LIVE: Orthodox Christmas service in Moscow Putin attends service in Veliky Novgorod (Mixed feed)

1337. Russia scales down military presence in Syria following ceasefire deal

1338. Shooting erupts at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida (streamed live)

1339. UK fat cats already made more money in 3 days than Britons will make all year

1340. RAW: Duterte visits Russian warship in Manilla, Philippines

1341. LIVE from outer space: First spacewalk of the year

1342. CrossTalk: Targeting Russia

1343. ‘Innsbruck sex attacks could have been prevented’ - Austrian politician to police

1344. Protesters clash with police, arrests reported as toll booths introduced in Peru

1345. ‘Surreal echo chamber’: Watch ‘Russia hacked US’ narrative challenged in RT debate

1346. Turkey questions US coalition presence at Incirlik Air Base amid ‘confidence crisis’

1347. Back to Calais? RT revisits camp 2 months after demolition, amid reports of refugees returning

1348. RAW: Mob loots supermarket in Veracruz as protests against fuel price hike erupt across Mexico

1349. It’s a Pandaful Life! (RT Documentary)

1350. Moment of Izmir blast caught on CCTV cam

1351. Turkey blast: Immediate aftermath following explosion in Izmir

1352. FBI never requested access to DNC’s computer servers – National Committee official

1353. At least 18 women reported sex attacks amid New Years festivities in Innsbruck, Austria

1354. Keiser Report: Consumer Confidence (E1015)

1355. ‘Brennan’s crocodile tears over scorched Syria give hypocrisy a bad name

1356. ‘Men are still boys’: Belarussian handyman builds DIY replica of Soviet T-60 tank

1357. WikiLeaks ‘source is not Russian government and it is not a state party’ – Assange

1358. Roofers sneak on top of Chinese skyscrapers with 360-degree camera

1359. IDF soldier convicted of killing wounded Palestinian attacker

1360. RAW: Clashes erupt between police & supporters of IDF soldier charged with killing Palestinian

1361. ‘Adventures like UK referendum pose direct threat to EU’ – Slovakian PM to other leaders

1362. #FakeNews level up: CNN caught using screengrabs from Fallout 4 in Russian Hack story

1363. Heavy fog shrouds north and east China cities, red alert issued

1364. Terrorist suspect with ‘links to Osama Bin Laden’ wins 21-year legal battle to stay in Britain

1365. German interior minister wants federal ‘departure centers’ to ease deportations

1366. Burning issue: 650 cars torched in French NYE ‘tradition’

1367. Will Merkel manage to recover as her approval ratings drop to a 5-year low?

1368. ‘We will not yield! For the sake of our future’: Peace march held in Istanbul after deadly attack

1369. Keiser Report: Predatory Promises (E1014)

1370. ‘Video selfie’ of alleged Istanbul attacker emerges on Turkish media

1371. US-led coalition admits killing almost 200 civilians in Syria & Iraq

1372. Large Valparaiso blaze forces residents to evacuate

1373. SAAs offensive in western Damascus continues, reportedly reaching the gates of militant-held area

1374. Winter wonderland in 360! Super speedy snow ride in Siberian nature park

1375. ISIS claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub attack

1376. Elk clashes: Xenophobic riots erupt in Polish town after local man killed at kebab diner

1377. Children of War: Stories of young Syrians living through cruel conflict

1378. ‘Save our Souls, Mama!’ Creating loving homes for abandoned children (RT Documentary)

1379. Nationalists hold torchlit march in Ukraine to mark anniversary of Nazi collaborator Bandera

1380. Washington Post latest blunder proves fake news is fine... if it involves Russia

1381. Booze or News? Brexit & Trump’s victory among biggest shockers of 2016

1382. Worse than ISIS & nuclear bomb? Mosul dam at risk from ongoing military offensive

1383. ‘Extremely violent, organized:’ 1,000 migrants storm Spanish enclave bordering Morocco (VIDEO)

1384. Firework battle: NYE revelers launch firecrackers in Malmo, Sweden

1385. Istanbul nightclub gunman shooting at people caught on CCTV (GRAPHIC)

1386. Fireworks over Copacabana beach during NYE party

1387. Knockout Girls: First female boxing club in Pakistan (RT Documentary)

1388. Welfare Jihad: Dozens of Danish ISIS fighters received state unemployment benefits

1389. Heck of a year: Refugees, terror acts, media bias, anti-establishment gains shaped 2016

1390. Mass shooting in Istanbul: Manhunt underway after terrorist kills at least 39 in nightclub

1391. Istanbul nightclub terrorist attack: Bosporus’ west bank shut down following deadly shooting

1392. Moscow kicks off 2017 with New Year celebrations

1393. Putins New Year Address 2017: Challenging year brought us closer together

1394. Sydney celebrates New Year with fireworks display

1395. Сar plows into crowd in Finland, several injured

1396. We hope to involve Trump administration in Syria peace talks - Russian UN envoy Churkin

1397. The Guardian faces claims it distorted Assange interview

1398. Spy Nests: Russian diplomats asked to vacate holiday homes in US

1399. Keiser Report: Outlook for 2017 (E1013) (ft.Gerald Celente)

1400. Berlin attacker considered low threat by anti-terror agencies - reports

1401. ‘Public places too dangerous’ Cologne citizens afraid to go out on New Year’s Eve

1402. Frozen in zero gravity: Mannequin Challenge level ‘Space’

1403. Earth & Beyond: RT’s best 360 videos of 2016

1404. Sand magic: 1,000 Santa sculptures created in India to bring happiness to the world’

1405. Feel the spirit of New Year (in 360°): One night in Moscow

1406. German govt says it has no proof of alleged Russian cyber threat – Bundestag member

1407. ‘Ambassadors of music’: NYPD mourns Alexandrov Ensemble deaths in fatal TU-154 crash

1408. Firefighters rescue 14yo Labrador from frozen lake in US

1409. CIA, White House owe US people proof of Russian role in US election – whistleblower John Kiriakou

1410. US imposes new sanctions on Russia to distract attention from Syrian ceasefire

1411. Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions

1412. Coal mine collapses in India: at least 10 killed, dozens feared trapped

1413. View of Aleppo as Syrian ceasefire gets underway (streamed live)

1414. ...humiliated by their own president: US imposed new set of anti-Russian sanctions

1415. Mexico: Soggy Santa makes a splash in Guadalajara Zoo

1416. Ice fortress: Kremlin gets recreated in ice at Moscow festival

1417. Excluded?: Washingtons role in Syrian peace process under question

1418. Syrian nationwide ceasefire comes to effect

1419. From Nazi POW camp to 4-star hotel? Sounds like a £600,000 business plan in UK!

1420. ‘Surreal, cinematic in a bad way’: Aleppo streets 360

1421. Almost six years of Syrian conflict, through eyes of children

1422. Putin: Syria ceasefire agreement reached, readiness to start peace talks

1423. FSB bust ISIS-linked group planning terrorist attacks in Moscow

1424. Keiser Report: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! (E1012)

1425. Elves vs trolls: Digital swords & bows out in Lithuania in hunt for ‘pro-Russian propaganda’

1426. Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab released on bail, immediately rearrested

1427. Massive blaze engulfs planned mosque in Netherlands

1428. ‘Any further hostile actions from US will trigger Moscow reaction’ – Foreign Ministry

1429. Most significant step: fmr Turkish ambassador to the US on Syrian nationwide ceasefire plan

1430. Error 404: Chinese secret nuclear city lies abandoned like a ghost town

1431. US leaves Turkey alone in its fight against ISIS, supports terrorists - Turkish MP

1432. Kerry: 2-state solution only way for peace between Israelis & Palestinians, now in jeopardy (Live)

1433. Aid from ‘Russian Mother Theresa’ who died in Tu-154 crash reaches hospital in Syria

1434. Obama brags he’d trounce Trump in head-to-head race, pres-elect tweets ‘No way!’

1435. RAW: Dozens injured after train derailment in India

1436. Robbery goes wrong: Teen snatches burglar’s gun instead of handing over money

1437. Russian sappers sweep Aleppo for mines, discovering shells made in US, Germany

1438. Iranian military vs vase: Epic fail

1439. ‘Open borders lead to borderless crime’: Why Europe is not as safe as it used to be

1440. Diesel and Poison: Rebels accused of contaminating Damascus water supply

1441. RAW: Divers search seabed at Tu-154 crash site

1442. CrossTalk Bullhorns: 2016 Big bang

1443. US law to arm Syrian rebels a hostile decision, directly threatens Russians in Syria – FM spox

1444. Erdogan: Confirmed evidence US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria

1445. Putin launches gas pipeline connecting mainland Russia & Crimea

1446. Jet Airways flight skids off runway during take-off in Goa, India

1447. Israel claims it has clear proof Obama pushed UN settlement vote

1448. Suspects leaving scene after setting homeless man on fire in Berlin (CCTV footage)

1449. RAW: Opening the main black box of crashed Tu-154

1450. Keiser Report: Risk & Reward (E1011)

1451. Heart-melting: Dog spends 2 days protecting injured pal lying on frozen rail-tracks

1452. Three main scenarios behind Tu-154 plane crash in Black Sea

1453. Black box from crashed Tu-154 retrieved from sea, taken to Moscow Region for deciphering

1454. People lay down flowers at Sochi port to mourn victims of Tu-154 crash (Streamed live)

1455. Crush him!: Truckers laugh while running over bear in Yakutia (DISTURBING)

1456. ‘Russian spy’ & other labels used in Western media coverage of ‘uncomfortable’ news

1457. Mass graves of tortured civilians found in Aleppo

1458. Syrian Arab Army continues advancing in western Damascus

1459. Record-breaking desert rains send waterfalls down Australia’s Ayers Rock

1460. Archive footage of Russian Alexandrov Ensemble performing in Moscow

1461. Bashar & Asma Assad visit orphans at ancient Saidnaya monastery at Christmas

1462. ‘Revealing such a secret takes your life away’ – UBS whistleblower

1463. Russian Tu-154 crash: Search & recovery teams work in Black sea (RAW)

1464. DISTURBING: Inside Aleppo school used as rebel control center

1465. Deep sense of loss as Russia mourns Tu-154 crash victims

1466. Netanyahu: We cannot & will not accept Security Council resolution on settlement building

1467. ‘Alexandrov choir’s concerts were magical’: Artists worldwide mourn lost colleagues & friends

1468. ‘Saving lives was her mission’: Humanitarian activist Dr. Liza listed on fatal flight

1469. I stayed home with child, shocked now: Singer from Alexandrov choir didnt board crashed plane

1470. Smoke & flames: Huge fire breaks out at Haifa oil refinery in Israel

1471. Holy Wood: Exploring Ancient Russian Churches (RT Documentary)

1472. Redrawing maps: Israeli navigator app flags ‘dangerous’ Palestinian areas, but not vice versa

1473. Fake news crusade? Facebook fact checkers have financial ties to Clinton donors

1474. People mourn Tu-154 crash victims at Alexandrov Ensemble building in Moscow

1475. Russian Tu-154 plane crash: First VIDEO from rescue operation in Black Sea

1476. Russian military plane with 92 on board crashes en route to Syria

1477. ‘Santa stands with Palestinians!’ Protesters clash w/ Israeli police demanding access to Jerusalem

1478. Christmas shooting tradition: Bavarians blast evil spirits out of sky

1479. Ministry of truth? Berlin reportedly plans ‘center of defense against fake news’

1480. Frexit: Le Pen promises to take France out of EU & NATO

1481. Money to burn? US wasted almost $1.5bn on ridiculous projects in 2016, report claims

1482. Texas mom arrested after calling for help while her 7yo son was attacked

1483. We had 4 years of pain, of war & blood Aleppo celebrates Christmas, shares stories of joy & loss

1484. Seasons Greetings: Political correctness worries raised over Christmas, New Year

1485. Keiser Report: We are all in Trump world now (E1010)

1486. Stunning drone footage captures damaged St Elias Cathedral in Aleppo

1487. Militants bombs, gas masks, black jackets: SAA carry out clean up operation in eastern Aleppo

1488. UNSC passes resolution demanding end to Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land

1489. Beginning of the end of Syria’s war: Aleppo locals celebrate complete liberation of city

1490. Protester flour-bombs French ex-PM and presidential hopeful Manuel Valls

1491. Triple ISIS car bomb attack kills 23 in Eastern Mosul

1492. Democrats losing on all fronts, looking for scapegoats – Putin on US elections

1493. Malta hostage situation: First passengers evacuated from hijacked Afriqiyah Airways flight

1494. Passengers evacuate from hijacked Afriqiyah Airways flight in Malta (Streamed live)

1495. Snowden in contact with Russian intelligence – US House report

1496. Berlin market attack suspect killed in Milan shootout

1497. Space 360: Morning routine in zero gravity

1498. Scene of police shootout with Berlin attack suspect in Milan

1499. They see me rollin’: Drug fueled driver leads police on chase in Russian airport

1500. CrossTalk: Sabotaging Trump?

1501. Putin holds annual Q&A marathon (FULL VIDEO)

1502. Drugged driver rams into Russian airport, races through terminal as police take chase

1503. Moment Boeing-727 crashes in Colombia

1504. Russia is stronger than any potential aggressor – Putin to Defense Ministry

1505. MSM wants you to trust ‘journalist’ filming militant with explosive belt & Nusra spokesman

1506. US congressman calls for scrutiny of Le Pen’s Russian financial links

1507. Underage jihad: Terrorists brainwash children to carry out bombings in Europe

1508. Aleppo International Airport readies for reopening after months conflict

1509. Strong Winds: Fire engulfs 140 buildings in Japan (aerial footage)

1510. Berlin attack suspect Anis Amri was under surveillance for months

1511. Russian ‘drone tanks’ take part in military drills in Moscow region

1512. Keiser Report: ‘Foreigners Dumping US Treasurys’ (E1009)

1513. Lavrov speaks at farewell ceremony for slain Russian Ambassador to Turkey

1514. Good Morning Station! Waking up in Space (360 Video)

1515. MSM just couldn’t resist trying to justify killer of envoy who helped negotiate Aleppo evacuation

1516. ‘Obama administration lost its game in Syria’ – Russian senator Pushkov

1517. Anti-refugee rally in Berlin met with protest from pro-refugee groups (Streamed live)

1518. Conflicting reports emerge over which terrorist group killed Russian ambassador

1519. Merkel under pressure after deadly Berlin truck attack

1520. Fake Aleppo: Egyptian filmmaker charged with spreading false news on Syrian war

1521. ‘Listening to the voices’: UK priest goes to Aleppo to ‘see what’s really going on’

1522. First snow in Aleppo: Bird’s-eye view of conflict-torn city

1523. Mosul combat footage: ISIS clashing with Iraqi government troops

1524. Dresden police install barriers at Christmas market after deadly Berlin truck attack

1525. Christmas celebrations in Aleppo disrupted by explosion

1526. CrossTalk: Assassinating Hope

1527. DRONE FOOTAGE: Massive explosion rocks fireworks market in Mexico

1528. Dozens killed in massive explosion at pyrotechnics market in Mexico

1529. Keiser Report: Putin, Hacking & Conspiracy (E1008)

1530. Slain ambassador’s body arrives in Moscow, met by Russian & Turkish FMs

1531. Berlin attack & Merkel policies: LIVE debate (Mo Ansar vs Maximilian Krah)

1532. Mourning ceremony as Russian ambassador’s body taken to Moscow (Streamed live)

1533. Russian, Turkish, Iranian FMs speak after Moscow meeting on Syria (Streamed live)

1534. Debate on migration, security will now be more aggressive, polarize German society - AfD MP

1535. FM Lavrov speaks on assassinated ambassador to Turkey

1536. CrossTalk promo: Behind the scenes and bloopers 2016

1537. 12 dead, many injured: Mobile phone captures aftermath of Berlin Christmas market incident

1538. Turkish riot police officer who killed Russian ambassador in immediate aftermath of the attack

1539. Truck plows into Christmas market in Berlin in likely terrorist attack - aftermath

1540. ‘We need to know who gave the orders’: Putin comments on ambassador assassination in Ankara

1541. SPECIAL COVERAGE: Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara terrorist attack

1542. Footage from in front of the building in Ankara where Russian ambassador was shot

1543. ‘The people of Aleppo are alive’: Breathing life back into ruined city

1544. World better not pry into how we decide to pull trigger on someone – ex-chief of Mossad

1545. ‘We have nothing left’: Humanitarian crisis grows in Mosul

1546. Not Burning Bridges: Iran ‘ready’ for counter measures against possible violations to nuke deal

1547. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Blaming Putin

1548. 4 gunmen killed, tourists held hostage during Jordan’s Crusader castle siege

1549. Avatar 1.5 (still not sequel): METHOD-1 manned robot tested in South Korea

1550. Drone captures the destruction of Aleppo

1551. Special op to find militants who attacked police in Chechnya, rep. head Kadyrov takes part

1552. RAW: Evacuation buses enter last militant-held district of east Aleppo

1553. BREAKING: UN Security Council approves Aleppo resolution

1554. The Sworn Virgins of Albania (RT Documentary)

1555. US plans to put state-sponsored media under full federal control

1556. ‘You can change the course of history’: US Electoral College members facing immense pressure

1557. ‘Syrian conflict is war of interventions, not civil war, as mainstream media put it’

1558. Rocky Rudolf: Deer breaks into US home, knocks down Christmas tree

1559. Syria hands over evidence of mustard gas attack by rebels on civilians to OPCW

1560. Turkish bus bomb explosion caught on video (GRAPHIC)

1561. Demining Aleppo: Russian sappers remove mines and IEDs in Syrian school

1562. Inside job? DNC docs were leaked, not hacked – US Intel vets

1563. Bus carrying soldiers explodes in Turkey, at least 13 killed, dozens injured

1564. EU parliament roasts Poland over rule of law in country

1565. Democrats make final push against Trump at Electoral College vote

1566. Obama: US took best course to resolve deadly war in Syria

1567. People should have right to monitor what goes up - Ron Paul on Facebooks war on fake news

1568. Keiser Report: Comedy in Age of Trump (E1007)

1569. ‘Aleppo deal violated as terrorists take hostages, heavy arms, attack crossing’ – Syrian envoy to UN

1570. Close to the sky: Drone footage of skating rink atop Moscow skyscraper at 354m

1571. Clinton: Putin launched hacking attack on me out of ‘personal beef’

1572. Kuril Islands may become unifying element, help Tokyo & Moscow finally sign peace treaty – Putin

1573. ‘Radicalized’ 12yo boy tried to blow up German Christmas market

1574. Journalists face off over Syria news sources in RT debate

1575. Either Europe changes the rules, or we lose the EU – Norbert Hofer

1576. ‘Ministry of Truth’? Facebook to use 3rd party fact-checkers to mark fake news

1577. Old Song, New Tune: Russia is not first country to be branded main adversary in cyber space by US

1578. Kamchatka stunning 360 aerial footage of one of the most beautiful corners of Russia

1579. Obama vows ‘action’ in response to Russias alleged US election hack

1580. CrossTalk: Russia Card’

1581. Putin & Abe holding joint news conference in Tokyo

1582. Hundreds of militants evacuated from eastern Aleppo via humanitarian corridor

1583. Militants evacuated from eastern Aleppo by night after Syria govt & rebels reach deal

1584. Buses arrive to evacuate eastern Aleppo militants as freed civilians celebrate

1585. Humanitarian action in Aleppo conflict highly politicized - Red Cross regional director

1586. Britain continues to back Saudi bombing of Yemen, despite US stopping arms sales

1587. Images of children in war misused to create empathy with viewers

1588. FSB detains four ISIS-linked terror suspects in Moscow

1589. We had very strong anti-Russian agenda over last few years - frmr London mayor Livingstone

1590. Evacuation of east Aleppo : 20 buses to transport 5K rebels with families (drone footage)

1591. Keiser Report: Healthcare Monster (E1006)

1592. ‘You haven’t succeeded once’: Reporter grills US State Dept over failures in Syria

1593. Urban fighting continues in Aleppo as mediators attempt to secure ceasefire

1594. Eiffel Tower lights switch off in solidarity with Aleppo residents

1595. No 2nd opinion, no alternative: Experts discuss Aleppo liberation and its media coverage

1596. Assad: West is telling Russia that Syrian Army went too far in defeating terrorists (FULL INTERVIEW)

1597. ‘It is militants who kill people’: Aleppo residents contradict MSM reports

1598. Heading East: Japanese talk about Russia & Putin ahead of visit

1599. NATO conducts military drills, Berlin prepares to lead Lithuania op

1600. Kremlin Interference? German media flooded by hysteria on claims that Rusia may hack vote

1601. CrossTalk: Mainstreams Revenge

1602. Trumps team under scrutiny over alleged connections to Russia

1603. Assad: West doesnt worry when terrorists attack Palmyra & destroy human heritage (EXCLUSIVE)

1604. Meltdown of humanity: Two sides of Aleppo story as MSM paints grim picture

1605. Drone footage captures devastation of east Aleppo

1606. Putins spokesman Peskov talks to RT on Aleppo, US-Russia relations, Russophobia and Donald Trump

1607. Up into the dizzy heights of Chinese skyscraper (360 video)

1608. UN Security Council emergency meeting on Aleppo (Streamed live)

1609. Aleppo: Scars of War (360 report)

1610. Keiser Report: Fake News (E1005, ft. Alex Jones from Infowars)

1611. Moment of deadly attack on Christian cathedral in Cairo caught on CCTV

1612. RT’s Marina Portnaya interviews Rex Tillerson in 2012

1613. RAW: Intense fighting near Palmyra, Syria

1614. ISIS used as tool by Saudis, US & Turkey when it suits their interests – US senator to RT

1615. She is being a guard dog - Putin jokes as his pet barks at Japanese journalists

1616. Street celebrations in Aleppo as Syrian Army liberates citys east

1617. On the brink of liberating Aleppo: Syrian Army retake Sheikh Saeed neighbourhood

1618. ‘They slaughtered my brothers & sisters, but let me go’: Stories of Aleppo orphans

1619. White House attacks Trump over connections to Russia and RT

1620. The expressions on their faces! Moscow strip club holds hackathon

1621. LED-skiing in the night: Mesmerizing footage

1622. Former Trump adviser Page speaking about fake news, security threats & economy in Moscow (live rec)

1623. Counter-Strike goes 360: Airsoft game on real-life replica of legendary ‘cs_mansion map

1624. West can’t treat Russia as equal, it’s strategic competitor – UK defense minister Fallon

1625. Pegasus XL rocket launch attempt as part of NASAs CYGNSS mission (Streamed live)

1626. RAW: Battle continues in ancient Palmyra as Syrian govt forces fight ISIS troops

1627. US is a great country, correct me if Im wrong - Putin on claims Russia influenced US elections

1628. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Coup Attempt?

1629. Death to the enemies!: Ultra-nationalist Azov battalion stages torch-lit march in Kharkov, Ukraine

1630. Istanbul illuminated in memory of 38 killed in Besiktas twin blasts

1631. DRONE FOOTAGE: Old City of Aleppo after army liberate Citadel area

1632. Moment of explosion at Istanbul Bestikas stadium & Maçka Park caught on camera

1633. ‘It’s clear Assad has won this war’ - former US ambassador

1634. Palmyra attack: 4,000 ISIS fighters regroup, make new attempt to capture key Syrian city

1635. Fake news alert! Always trust US officials and never your own eyes

1636. Blast hits near Christian cathedral in Cairo, leaving 25 killed & 49 wounded

1637. Caged, bloody & naked, animal rights activists decry fur industry in Barcelona (Explicit)

1638. Palmyra RAW: Syrian Army clashes with ISIS in surprise jihadist onslaught

1639. At least 160 killed in horrifying church collapse in Nigeria

1640. Italian Coast Guard rescues beaked whales who came dangerously close to shore

1641. Al-Shabaab terrorist group claims responsibility as blast kills almost 30 in Somalia

1642. RAW: Civilians flee from militant-held E. Aleppo

1643. Explosions at Istanbul Bestikas stadium & Maçka Park kill at least 15, dozens injured

1644. At least 15 dead, dozens injured as twin blasts hit central Istanbul

1645. Suspected car bomb blast near Besiktas stadium in Istanbul

1646. RAW: Explosion near Istanbul Besiktas stadium - immediate aftermath footage

1647. BREAKING: 2 Explosions rock central Istanbul, at least 15 dead, dozens injured

1648. Historic deal: Non-OPEC countries agree to cut oil production by 558,000 barrels per day

1649. ‘US to hand out arms like Christmas cookies to preserve terrorist assets in Syria’ - ex-US diplomat

1650. Kerry: Rebels threatened civilians who wanted to leave, blocked humanitarian aid

1651. Trapped in Aleppo: ‘When you have kids they don’t allow you to leave’

1652. Meanwhile in Russia: Driver ejected from car during high-speed crash

1653. ‘Total apocalypse’: 5 killed as cargo train derails, explodes in Bulgaria

1654. DRONE FOOTAGE: Hundreds of civilians fleeing southeastern Aleppo

1655. Grand Theft Apple: Daring robberies caught on cam in San Francisco store

1656. Keiser Report: Trump & the Politics of Jobs (E 1004)

1657. Japan launches much-needed supplies to Intl Space Station

1658. Thug kicks woman down subway stairs in Germany

1659. McLaren report claims 1,000 Russian athletes benefited from ‘doping conspiracy,’ gives no names

1660. Cyber cosmonaut or rescue robot? Russian android Fedor passes various tests

1661. Fuel to the fire: Obama grants waiver for arms supply to US-backed fighters in Syria

1662. Far-right Wilders convicted in hate speech case, says half of Netherlands convicted with him

1663. Big brother is watching? UK intelligence spied on Israel – Snowden leak

1664. CrossTalk: Liberating Aleppo

1665. Washington Post admits article on ‘Russian propaganda’ & ‘fake news’ based on sham research

1666. TIME names its person of year but it took time to get there

1667. Syrian Army suspends active military operation in Aleppo – Russian FM

1668. ‘More money on outside’: NSAs best leave due to ‘low morale’ – former NSA director

1669. Islamic terrorists funded by British benefits cash – former watchdog

1670. ‘Focus on diversity’: BBC under fire for ISIS sympathizer’s role on show about British Muslims

1671. ‘Puppeteer in proxy wars’: Boris Johnson accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘abusing Islam’

1672. Trump’s call with Taiwan could undermine progress with China – White House

1673. Impossible to solve Syrian question without Russia - French ex-PM to RT

1674. Who won? Putin, Iranians & Assad Western diplomacy not happy at Syrian army advance in Aleppo

1675. Drone buzzes over two east Aleppo districts taken by Syrian Army from rebels

1676. Swastika-looking snowflakes pop up at Latvian Xmas market

1677. Keiser Report: Obamacare Helped Trump? (E1003)

1678. 1st images of Aleppo frontline: RT crew reports from war-torn Old City (EXCLUSIVE)

1679. ‘Sex was consensual’: Assange reveals ‘denial of rape’ claims given to Swedish prosecutor

1680. Plane with up to 47 aboard crashes in Pakistan

1681. Anti-terrorism sweep: 12 suspected extremists detained in Moscow region

1682. Irish court rules to release $105mn in frozen Khodorkovsky funds case

1683. ‘Nuclear war is no longer unthinkable’: John Pilger’s film reveals US provocations against China

1684. Drones better option than airstrikes & invasions in terms of casualties - Obama

1685. No repeat of 2015 refugee influx: Merkel makes U-turn on migration to remain ‘last leader standing’

1686. ‘Greed & privilege’: Pentagon reportedly buried evidence of $125bn waste

1687. US withdrawal of Aleppo proposals shows chaotic nature of Obama presidency – former CIA officer

1688. Syrian forces evacuate civilians from parts of Aleppo’s Old City

1689. Snowden exposed mass surveillance to show its for control, not counterterrorism – Oliver Stone

1690. CrossTalk: Trump vs the Media

1691. Putin on goals and dreams: I want to successfully complete my career!

1692. Dozens of buildings collapse after 6.5 quake in Indonesia

1693. Rio police clashes with protesters, at a time when authorities vote on new austerity measures

1694. Molotov cocktails, firecrackers hurled at police at march over teen’s death in Athens

1695. Buying time for militants? US withdraws Aleppo proposals, says no consultations yet – Lavrov

1696. LIVE: Protesters rally in Athens to honor memory of teen killed by police

1697. Meteor explodes in Siberia over area with numerous hydropower plants

1698. Merkel calls for burka ban ‘wherever legally possible’ in Germany

1699. Night into Day: Meteor streaks across sky in Siberia

1700. Off-road monster: Russian all-terrain vehicle drives across ice and into water to save lives

1701. Russian sappers begin mine clearing ops in areas of eastern Aleppo

1702. Relaunching Europe? Italy PM Matteo Renzi to resign as Euroskeptics vie for power

1703. Debate to decide UK fate? Brexit parliamentary vote case in British Supreme Court

1704. License to kill? Berlin finally admits hosting key US drone war base

1705. ‘Cynical & indifferent’: Russian MoD slams Red Cross statement on shelling of hospital in Aleppo

1706. ‘The Coming War on China’ John Pilger on his newest film (Going Underground)

1707. Keiser Report: Restoring Faith in Capitalism (E1002)

1708. Kind of a show-off: Meet Spot Mini, the dog-like robot.

1709. French PM Manuel Valls announces resignation, will run for president

1710. ‘I rigged parliament votes for President Poroshenko’ – fugitive Ukrainian MP

1711. Merkel press statement interrupted by 360 degree camera (English subtitles)

1712. Russia, China veto UNSC resolution on Aleppo ceasefire (Streamed live)

1713. VIRAL: Spectacular video of immense waves crashing over embankment to flood Sochi district

1714. Merkel always believed her function is to recognize American hegemony – German MP Sahra Wagenknecht

1715. Militants shell Russian hospital in Aleppo, 2 paramedics killed – immediate aftermath footage

1716. Girl almost swept into sea while filming massive storm in Sochi

1717. German MPs slam Merkel’s refugee policy ahead of re-election bid

1718. 2 killed, several injured in militant attack on Russian hospital in Aleppo – Defense Ministry

1719. UK activists rally outside Parliament urging speedup of Brexit

1720. Fierce clashes in Aleppo after Syrian Army frees several districts in east of city

1721. Safe & sound: Man & his dog rescued from flood in Malaga, Spain

1722. Activists in Dakota & NY celebrate as DAPL to be diverted from Lake Oahe

1723. Chemicals & gas cylinders in schools: Following bomb disposal units in eastern Aleppo (EXCLUSIVE)

1724. 360 4K video: Unique Bolshoi Theatre VR tour

1725. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Trumpspotting

1726. ‘Good luck to us all’: Renzi set to resign as 60% vote NO in Italy Referendum

1727. Thousands of Cubans line Santiago streets to pay their respects as Castros ashes interred privately

1728. 9 children among 11 killed in horrific collision of truck & bus carrying acrobatics team in Russia

1729. Chaotic scenes in Mosul: Scuffles for food, warning shots as govt aid arrives

1730. KKK celebrate Trump’s victory with convoy through Roxboro in N. Carolina

1731. Skateboarding tractor: All-terrain skate crawler hits Tokyo streets & parks

1732. Head of ISIS ‘branch’ in Russian Caucasus eliminated in FSB special op

1733. Scores rally for tolerance in support Indonesian governor after ‘blasphemy’ protest

1734. ISIS releases video of its fighters allegedly advancing through streets of Mosul

1735. ‘Clinton’s ally of convenience’: Jill Stein gets media attention only after opting for vote recount

1736. Trump electoral college voter getting death threats & calls to change his choice

1737. Syrian Army on assault to retake opposition-held Tariq al-Bab in E Aleppo

1738. Aleppo: Russia & US get in line, de Mistura tells Nusra to leave for God’s sake, bloodshed continues

1739. John Pilger: ‘Extreme blackout on US provocation of China’

1740. RAW: Military veterans arrive to support Dakota Access Pipeline protests

1741. Keiser Report: Neoliberalism Strikes Back (E1001)

1742. Fake news created as part of Russian propaganda - media

1743. Over 1mn rally for President Parks impeachement in Seoul, South Korea

1744. RAW: Russian cadets take part in Mannequin challenge with pop singers

1745. Bad weather, damaged infrastructure hinder movement around Mosul

1746. Russian bomb disposal unit departs for Aleppo on de-mining mission

1747. Anti-Russian sanctions not useful, have to end them – Austrian pres candidate Hofer (EXCLUSIVE)

1748. RAW: Plane crash survivor in deep shock during rescue by Colombian police

1749. New 12-ton ‘Patrol’ truck devours snowy offroad during Russian military tests

1750. RAW: EU states hold joint military exercise in Belgium

1751. Aleppo combat footage: Heavy battles as SAA retakes more eastern districts

1752. ‘Mr 4%’ Hollande out of race: First leader not seeking re-election in modern French history

1753. One of Italys biggest oil refineries on fire after explosion reported

1754. We must choose between Assad and Islamists in Syria – Marion Le Pen

1755. CrossTalk: Trump’s Syria

1756. Police fire water cannons at Papuans calling for independence

1757. Contest for influence & power between France & Germany - Gilbert Doctorow to RT

1758. 360 4K: Gergiev, Matsuev perform Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 at Mariinsky Theatre (Streamed LIVE)

1759. Weve been lied to about Russia for decades - frmr London mayor Livingstone

1760. Trump to improve ties with Russia, UK to follow lead - British MP

1761. Keiser Report: The Memewar Has Started (E1000)

1762. Blair did not deceive Parliament to take Britain into Iraq war - MPs

1763. US envoy to UN: If Russia vetoes draft resolution on Syria, well apply more pressure

1764. Putin delivers annual address to Federal Assembly in Moscow (FULL VIDEO)

1765. Take a look at Trump... is he anti-establishment? - Noam Chomsky to RT

1766. Tragic development: EU may fall apart due to failed neo-liberal policies - Noam Chomsky to RT

1767. OPEC reaches deal to cut production by 1.2 million barrels

1768. Radical Islamist reportedly infiltrated German federal intel service

1769. Busted! Blogger issues joke statement after being ‘outed’ by US MSM as ‘Russian agent’

1770. Keiser1000: Plucky takes over Keiser Report!

1771. France calling for UNSC meeting on Aleppo to divert attention from Mosul - Churkin

1772. RT, Sputnik news agency appear at UK govt inquiry into relations with Russia

1773. Doggy Doubles: Cloned canines to assist Russian police in Siberia

1774. Paranoid named word of the year by Cambridge Dictionary after political shake-ups of 2016

1775. CrossTalk: Reckless Jill?

1776. Saudi rehab centre used to recruit & train jihadists - Gitmo prisoner

1777. Saudi Arabia faces resistance to oil cuts, inside and outside OPEC

1778. ‘Regrettable error’: Only call from Russia stopped strikes on Syrian troops, Pentagon says

1779. Space 360: Panoramic tour through cosmonauts favorite locations on Intl Space Station

1780. ‘Fake news comes from our own govt’ - Ron Paul fires back on propaganda charges

1781. Guilty by Association: Politicians call for Berlin to put sanctions on Russia over Aleppo

1782. Trump understands need for new vision in Syria - that includes Russia’

1783. Syrian rebels shoot at civilians as they flee to govt-held areas

1784. Nexit? Dutch far-right Party for Freedom led by eurosceptic Geert Wilders tops polls

1785. Cubans line up to mourn death of Fidel Castro in Havana (360 Video)

1786. Stockholm mosque desecrated by Nazi swastikas, anti-Muslim slogans

1787. Hour of Populists: MSM demonizes right-wing politicians, labels their success as dangerous trend

1788. Keiser Report: Attractive Debts (E999)

1789. Rescue teams search for survivors after plane crash in Colombia

1790. Plane carrying Brazilian football team Chapecoense crashes in Colombia

1791. Plane crash in Colombia: At least six rescued & sent to hospital

1792. Firefighters battle to extinguish car fires in Stockholm suburb

1793. Battle of the machines: Robots compete in football final at World Robotics Olympiad 2016

1794. #MannequinChallenge: Moscow Metro joins viral video craze

1795. Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 LIVE in 360 (Promo)

1796. Aftermath of fatal Chinese power plant accident in aerial footage

1797. Syrian govt forces liberate ten districts of east Aleppo from rebels

1798. Obama calling Russia regional power was big error – EC head Juncker

1799. Francois Fillon wins Republican partys presidential primaries in France

1800. CrossTalk Bullhorns: ‘Fake News’

1801. Duterte: US tells us what to do, threatens to cut assistance (EXCLUSIVE)

1802. Northern Italy flooded after heavy rains (aerial footage)

1803. From EU to America, activists take to the streets to denounce violence against women

1804. Brits want to make Queen pay for the Buckingham Palace repairs

1805. Luxurious hot-dog costs $246 and entitled Sh*t-head - Swiss Christmas market is a cool place

1806. Standing Rock Resistance (On Contact special episode)

1807. ‘Fake news’ & Russian ‘sophisticated propaganda machinery trend spreads, picked up by media

1808. Havana, Miami wake up to Fidel Castro death news (Streamed live)

1809. Slavoj Žižek: ‘Castro should be forgotten as soon as possible’

1810. Some 1.3mn march in Seoul to demand S. Korean President Park’s resignation

1811. Castro death controversy: Mourning in Havana, celebrations in Florida

1812. RIP Fidel: Cuba’s longtime leader dies at 90

1813. Keiser Report: Trump, Diamond & Silk (E998)

1814. ‘Castro will stay in the history of mankind’ - head of Federation Council’s Intl Affairs Committee

1815. ‘Positive or negative, Castro’s impact can’t be underestimated’ - Lionel to RT

1816. Cuban-Americans pour onto the streets of Little Havana in Florida after hearing of Castro’s death

1817. Fidel Castro dies at age 90, his brother announces on TV (ENG SUBTITLES)

1818. Quit wiggling Im landing! Extreme final competence test for Danish pilots

1819. 44 killed, 103 injured in horrifying train collision near Tehran

1820. Syria march for peace: Hundreds rally near Damascus (RAW)

1821. Sign Here: Putin presents Steven Seagal with his new Russian passport

1822. Keiser1000: Help Max Keiser make Memes great again!

1823. ‘I’m not Muslim’: Yazidi man defends self against Bulgarian ‘Refugee hunter’

1824. Erdogan threatens to ‘open border gates’ to allow migrants to flow into EU

1825. Mortal Kombat erupts during live TV show in Georgia

1826. ‘Error of judgment’: White Helmets apologize for bizarre mannequin challenge video

1827. ‘He can evaluate the complexity of the conflict’ – Syrian opposition after meeting Trump Jr.

1828. CrossTalk: Fake News

1829. Welcome to the brave new post-truth world!

1830. $23K cat: Meet one of only 30 living members of world’s most exclusive feline family

1831. Heavy floods wreak havoc in Piedmont, residents attempt to veer the water away

1832. Wildfires in Israel: Over 80,000 people evacuated, Netanyahu blames arsonist terrorism

1833. Monument to hero pilot killed in downing of Russian jet erected on one year anniversary

1834. ‘RT gives voice to western dissidents’: Jill Stein on EU’s ‘anti-propaganda’ resolution

1835. 20 years later: Footage of Chinese rocket disaster emerges online

1836. On The Street: Gauging what EU residents think of new defense force

1837. Knock-Knock! Russian Special Forces raid house, find ISIS flag, weapons and ammo

1838. Closing Doors? EU lawmakers call for stop to Turkey membership talks

1839. Up for Debate: New breed of politicians push NATO survival into brink

1840. Clean Cash? Irish court hears Khodorkovsky funds case

1841. Keiser Report: How Clinton Lost the Rustbelt (E997)

1842. Will NATO change under Trump’s presidency?

1843. No mice allowed: Cat guards Moscow region train station

1844. ‘EU gives away its own principles’: RT’s editor-in-chief slams ‘free speech doublethink’

1845. ‘Degradation of democracy’: Putin responds to EU Parliament resolution on Russian media ‘propaganda

1846. Frozen Money: Khodorkovsky named as potential suspect in money-laundering invesigation in Ireland

1847. ‘We are at war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda’

1848. Trump vs. MSM: Donald’s twitter to become No1 source for White House news?

1849. Russia-China military ties ‘at all-time high’ – MoD

1850. ‘Crazy to stand against full-suit riot police’: Dakota protester may lose her arm after clashes

1851. ‘Absurd when it is safer to be soldier than civilian’ – ICRC head on Middle East crisis

1852. CNN as State Department source? US relies on media to blame Russia over Syria

1853. CrossTalk on Russia-US relations: Russian Reset?

1854. ‘Heaviest flying bird in the world’: Great Bustard receives treatment for fractured leg

1855. White Helmets bizarre ‘mannequin challenge’ in Syrian warzone

1856. Brussels votes for ‘EU army’ to operate ‘where NATO is unwilling’

1857. Moscow ready to deliver evidence of chemical weapons use by rebel forces in Aleppo

1858. ‘Sharia patrol’ didn’t break law – German court ruling (DEBATE)

1859. ‘Any option is better than death’: Russian cryo center offers clients chance to be revived

1860. US accuses Syrian officials of attacks on civilians, threatens them with court

1861. Nuclear umbrella: Europe needs own deterrence plan - German lawmaker

1862. Brexit, Trump & now Fillon: Surprise result of French center-right primary

1863. Tsunami warnings lifted after 7.4 quake strikes Fukushima coastline

1864. Keiser Report: Trumpocalypse (E996)

1865. Madman of the Cathedral: Former monk dedicates 50yrs to build house of God (RT Documentary)

1866. Aerial Footage: 56 vehicles pile up on expressway in China, at least 17 killed

1867. Battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS stalled despite initial optimism

1868. Tidal wave rolls down Iwaki river following 7.4 quake in Japan

1869. 7.4 quake strikes Fukushima Prefecture, triggers imminent tsunami alert

1870. 7.4 quake off Fukushima triggers tsunami warning (streamed live)

1871. Witch hunt? Report urges UK to ‘map,’ ‘challenge,’ and expose public figures with Russia links

1872. LIVE: Right Sector marches in Kiev on Maidan’s 3rd anniversary

1873. Israeli activists hang LGBT flag on chief rabbis office in protest at anti-gay remarks

1874. Russian experts find evidence of chemical weapons use by terrorists in Aleppo - MoD

1875. Ukraine marks ‘Dignity & Freedom Day’ as Euromaidan dream fades

1876. Sarkozy knocked out of French presidential primary

1877. Mexican hunts for Soviet WWII awards, returns them to heroes’ descendants

1878. Cosmic panorama: RT pioneers 360 video from Intl Space station

1879. ‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (EXCLUSIVE)

1880. CrossTalk: Bullhorns on Trumps Team

1881. Drone dodges water cannon to capture DAPL protest

1882. DAPL protesters ‘trapped on bridge’ as police fire tear gas, water cannon (DRONE FOOTAGE)

1883. We are ready to freeze oil production - Putin on OPEC & oil output

1884. It was difficult to work with each other - Putin on 7 years of working together with Barack Obama

1885. 2013 gas attack in Syria a false flag?: Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor at RT10

1886. Trump confirmed his willingness to normalize Russia-US relations - Putin at APEC

1887. Obama & Putin talk Syria, Ukraine at APEC summit

1888. We’re not desperate for Russia return: WADA Director General caught on hot mic (RT EXCLUSIVE)

1889. Up to 8 children killed in militant shelling of western Aleppo civilian area

1890. ‘We can speak German’ Putin and Peru’s president decide what language to use at APEC (subtitles)

1891. Huge sinkhole opens up on Algiers road: 5 cars swallowed, at least 11 people injured

1892. Train derails in India: over 100 people dead, scores injured

1893. Space 360: First-ever panoramic view of Earth from aboard Intl Space Station

1894. Red star rising? China’s space ambitions skyrocket as the US loses ground in race

1895. Israel approves bill to hush ‘noisy’ mosques

1896. US forces in Afghanistan may have committed ‘war crimes of torture, cruel treatment, rape’ – ICC

1897. ‘Concrete’ threat: French cement maker Lafarge sued over alleged ISIS financing

1898. Discovering Russia: Polar Nights & Northern Lights (RT Documentary)

1899. Patriarch Kirill celebrates his 70th birthday (streamed live)

1900. Unwelcome again: Scuffles at anti-Obama protest as Peru hosts APEC economic summit

1901. Rebels disperse protesters with machine gun fire in Aleppo, at least 17 killed – Russian MoD

1902. RAW: Shots fired as refugees escape burning deportation center in Istanbul

1903. ‘Foam party’ at San Jose airport: Fluffy white piles flood Northern CA neighborhood

1904. Thousands take to the streets in Seoul, South Korea, to demand impeachment of President Park

1905. Keiser Report: Meme Wars (E995)

1906. Crucifix restored atop Christian church in Iraq after area retaken from ISIS

1907. Swiss fighter jets track plane taking Russian journalists to Peru

1908. Russian android robot FEDOR shows off handyman skills in new series of experiments

1909. Mesmerizing drone flyby over Europe’s largest ice rink as it opens door to visitors

1910. Building demolition op turns into cinematic action movie scene filmed by drone

1911. Putin: Russia will oppose any attempts to break global strategic balance, incl. NATO missile system

1912. Trump offers us opportunity to turn over new leaf with regard to Moscow - former UK amb to Russia

1913. Snowden: Fear of terrorism used as ‘legislative magic wand’ for surveillance (streamed live)

1914. CrossTalk: Donald and Vladimir

1915. How to become State Dept outcast: RT’s ‘tips’ on being shunned simply for asking questions

1916. Admiral Kuznetsov 360: Spectacular views aboard Russian aircraft carrier operating off Syria

1917. ‘Cosmonaut experience’: RT launches ‘Space360’ project

1918. Space 360: First-ever panoramic video shot at International Space Station

1919. Space 360: First-ever panoramic video shot at ISS (PROMO)

1920. LIVE: Expedition 50 lifts off to International Space Station

1921. Tu-95MS Russian strategic bombers target ISIS & Al-Nusra in Syria with cruise missiles

1922. Assad: US could become Syria’s ‘natural ally’ if it fights terrorism & Trump sticks to promises

1923. World’s first 3D-printed supercar: Ultra-light 700hp Divergent Blade showcased at LA Auto Show

1924. Media war in Syria, anti-Russian hysteria pervading political circles – UK MP Kawczynski

1925. Keiser Report: Making America Great Again (E994)

1926. Im sorry about that: State Department official emailed RTs reporter a detailed statement

1927. Hundreds protest against militants in E. Aleppo, rallies brutally dispersed – Russian MoD

1928. Not going to put RT on same level with rest of you’: John Kirby loses temper during briefing

1929. First-ever 360 video of MiG jet conquering stratosphere at dizzying 18,250 meters, 2,000 kmph speed

1930. US-made armored vehicles allegedly spotted at Hezbollah parade in Syria

1931. Rebels intensify fighting in Aleppo as Russia halts strikes in area for month

1932. Timelapse of Japanese incredibly swift sinkhole repair goes viral

1933. RAW: Supermoon seen over Baikonur launch complex

1934. Flagship of the Russian Navy in Syria: Onboard aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

1935. ‘Loss of confidence’: Putin dismisses Economy Minister Ulyukayev amid corruption probe

1936. Trial under way over alleged use of Syrian humanitarian convoys to smuggle cash

1937. Greeks protest Obama’s visit to Athens (Streamed Live)

1938. Sergey ‘Krusher’ Kovalev sits down with Larry King on RT (PROMO)

1939. How Trump was elected: Slavoj Žižek breaks down US elections

1940. Barbaric Festival: Protesters secretly film live bull set on fire (GRAPHIC)

1941. Giant radiation shield built to cap Chernobyls damaged nuclear reactor

1942. World of Clinton: Why establishment and media support failed to work

1943. Russian carrier and frigate take part in strikes on terrorists in Syria’s Idlib & Homs provinces

1944. German police carry out nationwide raids against Islamists

1945. Terrorist positions hit with cruise missiles from Russian frigate ‘Admiral Grigorovich’ – MoD

1946. Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov takes part in strikes on terrorists in Syria – MoD

1947. Keiser Report: Trumponomics (E993)

1948. Assange questioning: Freedom not guaranteed for WikiLeaks founder, even if rape case dropped

1949. Moooving on: Stranded cows rescued after New Zealand earthquake

1950. Russias Minister of Economic Development detained over corruption

1951. Putin, Trump hold first phone conversation since election

1952. Assange ‘finally afforded opportunity’ to give statement over rape accusation

1953. Palmyra in 360: Scars left behind by ISIS

1954. Another day, another fight: Punches fly during Lyashko speech in Ukraine parliament

1955. Helicopter Footage: New Zealand earthquake aftermath

1956. Speed & snow: Russian boarder shreds majestic Palace Square in St. Petersburg

1957. Propaganda for tots: Children’s program on German radio accuses Putin of war crimes

1958. US Asia pivot plan in shambles, ties with key partners sour

1959. CrossTalk: Bullhorns on Trumplash!

1960. ‘Highly inaccurate’: Trump picks Twitter fight with NY Times

1961. Syrian militants use chemical weapons against Assads forces – reports

1962. Assange to be questioned by prosecutors in London (streamed live)

1963. Peaceful, sincerely, with grace: Paris attacks commemorated with floating lanterns

1964. Protesters clash with police during Italian PM Matteo Renzis visit to Naples

1965. Enemies within: ISIS training fighters on how to hide among refugees – report

1966. New Zealand Earthquake: Damage in Wellington after 7.8 magnitude tremor

1967. Paris attacks a year on: France still in state of emergency after terrorists killed 130

1968. Post Trump Stress Disorder: Disaster counseling, healthy snacks & dog therapy in US after election

1969. Synchrotron Radiation Facility in 360: Accelerating electrons to nearly speed of light

1970. Paris marks anniversary of terrorist attacks (streamed live)

1971. Trump win is no catastrophe, its politics - Stephen Cohen

1972. Old and Bold: Inspiring Seniors across Russia (RT Documentary)

1973. Muslims in Rome protest mosque closures, promise to pray to Allah in Vatican

1974. Censored? Facebook apologises for deleting photo of firefighter who suffered burns

1975. US champions global democracy as riots rage in cities at home

1976. 100,000s stage largest-ever protest in Seoul to demand president resign

1977. FSB detains 10 terror suspects, Moscow & St. Pete on their target list

1978. Billionaire Soros linked to anti-Trump protests - WikiLeaks

1979. Blast rocks US Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, at least 4 killed

1980. Not My President! Tear gas, flash grenades, arrests mark anti-Trump rallies across US

1981. Anti-Trump rally in Berlin (streamed live)

1982. Keiser Report: Gaddafi-like Death to Clintons Political Career (E992)

1983. Unique unmanned Guard Robot passes military trials in Russia

1984. Rally against President Park in South Korea (streamed live)

1985. WATCH LIVE: Protesters rally in New York following Trump victory

1986. Election is coming: EU braces for political upheaval in wake of Trump, Brexit shocks

1987. Party time! Philippine leader Duterte, Malaysian PM Najib show off karaoke skills

1988. BBC interview with French far-right leader Marine Le Pen sparks Twitterstorm

1989. Killed in combat: Al-Nusra militants in chaotic urban warfare in Syria (POV cam footage)

1990. Nationalists march to mark Poland’s Independence Day (Streamed Live)

1991. Civilians fleeing Mosul assault pour into Hassan Sham camp in Iraq (Streamed Live)

1992. Trump cant fix broken US society or is he what America needs?

1993. RTs Peter Lavelle interviews Dr. Ron Paul

1994. Post Trump Stress Disorder: MSM in denial over Trumps presidency

1995. There was movement towards WWIII with Russia: World awaits Trumps future policy on Middle East

1996. Snowden Q&A on how US Election affects your privacy, his pardon (Streamed Live)

1997. Pentagon revealed only 5-10% of coalition airstrikes’ civilian casualties – Amnesty researcher

1998. RAW: Obama welcomes president-elect Trump at White House

1999. Keiser Report: Winners & Losers (US Election Day special E991)

2000. ‘American people voting establishment out of office’ - AfD MEP on Trump victory

2001. AP cameramen chat as Obama and Trump meet inside the White House

2002. Trump vs Establishment: President-elect may hit wall of resistance from govt on big policies

2003. Victory against the establishment: Nationalist surge predicted in EU following Trumps victory

2004. Max Keiser: ‘Trumps presidency will be an acid test for US constitution’

2005. Did Bernie have more chances than Hillary against Trump?

2006. Russia to help Italy recover as EU fails to provide aid for quake hit country

2007. ‘Not my president!’: Thousands rally at anti-Trump protests all over US

2008. ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’? World changes attitude to Trump after election result

2009. Can’t build a wall, hands too small! - NYC anti-Trump protest (Streamed live)

2010. Not my president - Anti-Trump protesters march through NYC (Streamed live)

2011. Massive NYC crowd marches against election of Donald Trump (Streamed live)

2012. NYC crowd marches against election of Donald Trump (Streamed live)

2013. ‘We won the popular vote’ - Clinton talks to supporters after concession speech

2014. John Pilger: ‘The truth is… there was no one to vote for’ (Going Underground US election special)

2015. Larry King: Clinton is not a criminal & Trump is really not a buffoon, I know them for years

2016. Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US

2017. Brexit deja vu?: Markets having hard time handling US election result

2018. Obama speaks on US presidential election results (Streamed live)

2019. Hillary Clinton’s Elections 2016 concession speech from New York (FULL, streamed live)

2020. Obama’s promise of change questioned as presidency closes

2021. EU leaders rollback anti-Trump righteousness

2022. From praising Trump to burning US flag: Americans rally over election (obscene language)

2023. Delight vs. despair: Trump, Clinton supporters react as US election results announced

2024. ‘Russia could get a few surprises with Trump’ – Anissa Nauai

2025. CrossTalk: Trumps Triumph!

2026. US election result ‘geopolitical 9/11, Trump threw media bomb & survived’ – Pepe Escobar

2027. Putin reacts to Trump victory as he speaks at ceremony to welcome new ambassadors (Streamed Live)

2028. I will not let you down: Trumps victory speech

2029. Voting machine failures reported in several states during historic US election day

2030. US Election Day Special Coverage

2031. Pictures of alleged Turkish snipers in Syria circulate on social media

2032. Russian naval group in the Mediterranean ready to launch strikes on militants near Aleppo - report

2033. Preacher without face caught: Germany arrests ‘key ISIS recruiter

2034. Raccoon survives 10-meter fall from tree

2035. RAW: Blast reported at power station in Murmansk, Russia

2036. ‘Failed two-party system is throwing US people under the bus’ – Jill Stein to RT

2037. ‘I’m ashamed of our govt for building it’: Anti-migrant wall in Munich sparks controversy

2038. ‘Both Clinton & Trump are surrounded by scandal’ – Oliver Stone to RT

2039. Keiser Report: Picking next tin-pot for America (E 990)

2040. Whose policy is it anyway? US voters can’t tell who said what in campaign

2041. Most Unfavorable Candidates Ever: Americans are about to choose the lesser evil

2042. Leave it to the animals: Tiger and Bear predict who will become the next US president

2043. Voting Begins! US presidential election kicks off in NYC

2044. Hellish pit: Massive sinkhole opens on busy road near subway station in Japan

2045. Feminists take to the streets of Madrid to denounce gender-based violence

2046. A dead end: Russian FM spox on US elections & anti-Moscow rhetoric

2047. Hit list: UK special forces to track & kill British citizens in Iraq

2048. Van driver hits elderly cyclist in China (GRAPHIC)

2049. March rehearsal in 360: Russia replicates historic 1941 military parade

2050. Cyber deadlock? WikiLeaks servers under targeted DoS attack since latest DNC leaks

2051. Putin on the ballot? ‘Russia factor’ takes center stage in US presidential race

2052. Mudslinging & dirty tricks: The 2016 US Presidential Election

2053. No charges after new review of Hillary Clinton emails - FBI director

2054. Military op to retake Iraq town of Bashiqa from ISIS (streamed live)

2055. Toxic legacy: Epidemic of birth defects & cancer in Fallujah after 2004 US assault

2056. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Electioneering!

2057. Moscow celebrates 75th anniversary of legendary WWII parade

2058. Songs, music and machine guns: Female Kurdish fighters battling IS on the frontlines

2059. British military intelligence hails Russia’s Armata tank as revolutionary - leaked internal paper

2060. US fighters spotted near Raqqa frontline as Syrian rebels attempt to retake it from ISIS

2061. Basketball-sized snowballs appear on Russian beach in Siberia

2062. Siberian cat drives his own tank and loves it

2063. Hong Kong protesters rally against Beijing’s initiative to amend local laws (streamed live)

2064. Trump rushed off stage by security service at Reno, NV rally

2065. Didn’t it sink?! Brexit will be a ‘Titanic success - British FM Boris Johnson

2066. Stationing American troops in Japan will lead to bloody tragedy – ex-PM of Japan

2067. Iraqi women ditch burqas as they arrive at IDP camp after fleeing Mosul

2068. Good Bombs Western media justify civilian victims from coalition attacks

2069. Google search suggestions favour Clinton - research

2070. Mysterious Sands of Russia (RT Documentary)

2071. ‘No to Renzi!’: Violent scuffles erupt between anti-govt protesters and police in Florence

2072. Fears of chaos as hundreds join Million Mask March in London

2073. Assange busts ‘Russian spy’ myth in exclusive interview about leaks

2074. Slavic Brotherhood 2016: Russia, Serbia & Belarus hold joint military drills

2075. Anonymous hold Million Mask March in London (streamed live)

2076. Italian protesters march against Renzis constitutional reform plans

2077. Rhymes with hypocrisy: US accused of systematic meddling in internal affairs of other states

2078. Mission complete? France shuts down peacekeeping op in war-torn Central African Republic

2079. ‘Hands off our diplomats!’ Activists rally in Moscow in response to mannequin protest in London

2080. Ex-EU staff still getting paid by Brussels 2 years after leaving

2081. Million Mask March 2016: Anonymous readies for global day of action

2082. Cyber sabotage? US govt hackers reportedly penetrate Russian infrastructure

2083. Keiser Report: The Politics of Rage (E989)

2084. Rally against President Park in South Korea (streamed live)

2085. Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

2086. CrossTalk on US election: Criminal in Chief?

2087. Fake limbs dumped outside Russian embassy to protest Aleppo airstrikes

2088. 1,000s of Iranians mark anniversary of US embassy siege

2089. Mounting reports of US coalition strikes on civilian areas in Mosul, Iraq

2090. No Brexit without Parliamentary approval, UK High Court rules

2091. ‘We have to keep running’: RT crew in Syria comes under fire in Aleppo

2092. Paris police evicting 3,000+ refugees from Stalingrad camp (streamed live)

2093. Trump would not be permitted to win - Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

2094. Clinton & ISIS funded by same money - Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

2095. October surprise: New hacked emails of top Clinton adviser show possible misconduct

2096. ‘Russia not behind Clinton leaks’ – Assange interview with John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

2097. Heading to Syria: Russian warship Admiral Grigorovich makes way to Mediterranean

2098. Brexit Appeal: Parliament has final say in triggering Article 50

2099. RT crew comes under fire as Aleppo militants launch massive new assault

2100. RAW: Aftermath of train accident in Pakistan

2101. ‘It is impossible to avoid civilian deaths in Mosul operation’ – Investigative journalist

2102. Keiser Report: Chattel on Corporate Balance Sheets (E988)

2103. Assange ‘sorry for Clinton as a personality’ (John Pilger exclusive, courtesy of Dartmouth films)

2104. Clintons Documents: People need transparency, not heavily redacted notes

2105. Praise Mosul, bash Aleppo: Western media guide for Iraq-Syria coverage

2106. Exchange of equipment, arms & experience: Large-scale joint NATO drills held in Romania

2107. ‘Outstanding abuser:’ Saudi Arabia appoints notorious lawyer to probe its own airstrikes in Yemen

2108. RAW: Rocket carrying Himarari-9 satellite launched from space center in Japan

2109. CrossTalk: Hillarys Reckoning?

2110. ‘No safe place in Aleppo’: Civilians forced to flee as rebel strikes intensify

2111. Sharia Councils - discrimination against women? Baroness Cox vs Mohammed Shafiq (DEBATE)

2112. ‘At work across Europe & UK’: MI5 chief says Russia is growing threat to Britain

2113. J-20 debut: China unveils highly anticipated stealth fighter in fly over at air show

2114. US State Dept claims comparing Mosul with Aleppo is insulting

2115. RT & Wikileaks collusion explained

2116. Keiser Report: North Carolina, the Battlefield State (E 987)

2117. RAW: Footage of Russian aircraft carrier battle group

2118. Meanwhile in India: Worshippers let cows walk all over them in century-old ritual

2119. RAW: Cop saves toddler cruising down rush-hour highway

2120. AERIAL FOOTAGE: Alabama gas line explosion

2121. Several injured, others missing after Alabama gas line explosion

2122. Italians first: Hundreds protest Montello barracks transformation into a refugee shelter in Italy

2123. Dog rescued by firefighters from earthquake rubble in Italy

2124. Fall of ISIS in Mosul might spark terror attacks in EU - German intel chief

2125. Amnesty International: We want armed groups to end unlawful actions

2126. Drone captures devastating aftermath of a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Italy

2127. Israel must annex West Bank settlements if UNSC adopts Palestinian resolution – education minister

2128. Iraqi forces gather east of Mosul as anti-ISIS op gets underway

2129. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Fact-checking

2130. Putin & Comey on same side? Russia accused of almost any scandal behind US elections

2131. I saw hell: 6.6 earthquake devastates historic churches & buildings in Italy (drone footage)

2132. Earthquake in Italy: Moment building collapses in Visso, Marche region

2133. Dress warm, pack condoms, hide: Lithuania writes guerilla manual for Russian invasion

2134. Syrian rebels fire poison gas at govt-held area of Aleppo – reports

2135. ‘816 Nuclear Military Plant’: China reveals top secret Cold War-era bunker

2136. My Life, My Size: Little Ladies with Large Lives (RT Documentary)

2137. Earthquake strikes central Italy, tremors felt in Rome (streamed live)

2138. German parents may face court after refusing son’s school trip to mosque

2139. Aleppo was like Paris before war - city’s only female taxi driver

2140. Coming back: Expedition 49 crew undocks from Intl Space Station

2141. Drone buzzes multiple-span cable-stayed Chishi Bridge

2142. Clinton presidency will lead to NATO expansion - ex Trump advisor (Going Underground)

2143. Carols & flute-playing: Merkel calls to tap into Xmas traditions in face of ‘Islam concerns’

2144. Iceland Election: Pirate Party prepares for major win

2145. Migrant camps emerge in Paris after Calais Jungle dismantled

2146. FBI reopens probe into Clintons use of a private email server

2147. Putin rejects Russian military request to resume airstrikes in east Aleppo

2148. Make cocktails great again! Trump-themed bar opens in Washington

2149. Keiser Report: Encountering Eric Holder (E986)

2150. FedEx cargo plane caught fire at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood Intl Airport in Florida

2151. 170 people evacuated after plane catches fire at Chicago airport

2152. Rebel Offensive: Militants launch rockets, shell civilians in western Aleppo

2153. At least 6 civilians killed, dozens wounded in new jihadist shelling of Aleppo

2154. Putin slams Western claims about Russian threat

2155. Western partners speak about fighting terrorists, in reality supply them w/ weapons - Assad adviser

2156. Western-led operation against ISIS a spectacle - Serbian President Nikolic

2157. I was doing my job US documentary filmmaker faces jail for filming pipeline protest

2158. Failed weapons systems cost Pentagon $58 billion over two decades

2159. North Dakota soldiers disperse pipeline protest, at least 117 arrested

2160. Internal Wars: US coalition forces fight each other, complicate ISIS battle

2161. Migrants flee to nearby port towns after Calais camp shuts down

2162. Putins Puppet: Western media accuse Assange of being Russian spy

2163. Blame game: Russian MoD says it didnt carry out deadly attack in Syrias Idlib

2164. DISTURBING: Aleppo school shelling, 6 children killed, over a dozen injured (RT EXCLUSIVE)

2165. Putin takes part in Valdai conference in Sochi (Q&A)

2166. Deal with Devil? Red Cross seeks talks with ISIS to help civilians in Mosul fighting

2167. Putin: America is a great nation, not some banana republic. Correct me if Im wrong

2168. UN failed to organize evacuation of civilians from rebel-held Aleppo – Russian envoy

2169. US-led coalition killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 probed strikes – Amnesty

2170. Keiser Report: Observations on US elections (E985)

2171. Refugees still at Calais camp despite ‘successful’ eviction

2172. Devastating aftermath of twin quakes in Italy (drone footage)

2173. Military op to retake Mosul from ISIS

2174. Demolition of Calais refugee camp (streamed live)

2175. Protesters shut down George Washington Bridge in NY demanding equal rights for immigrants

2176. French police warn no-go zones a reality despite PM’s denial

2177. US-led coalition preparing Raqqa assault, says Carter

2178. Fire alarm prompts evacuation of Russian PM & other participants at innovation hub forum

2179. RT reaches 4 billon views on YouTube

2180. RAW: Calais ‘Jungle’ camp on fire after 1st day of demolition

2181. Documentalist facing 45 yrs in prison for filming Dakota pipeline protest

2182. Emails say nothing, really - Eric Holder on Podesta leak (Keiser Report TEASER)

2183. Clinton e-maelstrom: State dept’s bid to help Hillary slammed, evidence redacted

2184. ‘Intl community still financing & protecting terrorists’ – Mother Agnes on Syria

2185. Huge blast turns Chinese town into ruins, at least 7 dead & 95 injured

2186. Demolition of Calais ‘Jungle’ camp kicks off (Streamed live)

2187. Inside ISIS underground tunnels and bunkers in Mosul area

2188. Explosion rocks Turkish resort city of Antalya, at least 15 injured

2189. RAW: Iraqi M1 Abrams tank hit by ISIS Kornet guided missile near Mosul

2190. Keiser Report: Clinton 2.0 (E984)

2191. Selling medicine to Aleppo cancer kids became a crime due to EU & US anti-Assad sanctions

2192. Russian Marine Special Forces practice underwater gunfire

2193. Mesmerizing alchemy: Growing silver out of production waste

2194. Calais eviction 360 view: The ‘Jungle’ camp dismantled

2195. Assault on IS the only intl action should be taken in Syria, rest to cause prolonged war – Salmond

2196. ‘Real feud’ between Obama & Netanyahu, Trump-Putin ‘bromance’ bashing – newly leaked Podesta emails

2197. Rebels shell govt-held Aleppo, at least 3 dead, 28 injured (GRAPHIC)

2198. Swedish u-turn: Once a top refugee destination country to deport 80,000 asylum seekers

2199. UK govt admits training Saudi pilots despite Yemen war crimes allegations

2200. Demolition of Calais refugee camp (Streamed live)

2201. RAW: Light plane seen burning moments after it crashed near Malta airport

2202. Where will ‘Jungle’ refugees go after Calais camp’s demolition?

2203. CrossTalk Bullhorns: On Offense

2204. ISIS burned Mosul oil and sulfur factories to create a smoke screen from air forces

2205. Thousands recreate Napoleonic battle near Moscow

2206. Unrest, fires lit in Calais Jungle camp ahead of its demolition

2207. US cop kicks suspect in head during arrest – dashcam footage

2208. Flintstones of the XXI century: Couple lives in cave for 54 years

2209. RAW: Syrian army continues offensive in Aleppo after ceasefire ends

2210. Moment gas explosion rips through block of flats in Russia

2211. Mosul op drone view: Iraqi army preparing for offensive

2212. Russia accused of committing war crimes in Syria (PROMO)

2213. Western definition of terror fight differs between Aleppo & Mosul (PROMO)

2214. Were seeing the death of journalism in America, opinionism instead - GOP strategist

2215. ‘Highway to hell’: German stand-up comic lays into NATO policy, Americans & democracy

2216. Rudolf on the run? Deer caught by cam in the streets of Shanghai

2217. Russia-US relations must be reset – Budowsky to RT

2218. Stretched to the limit: French Police protest following 11-month state of emergency

2219. French police fire teargas at Calais migrants

2220. How to design the perfect cover? Simple! Putin, RT & Soviet kitsch

2221. Civilians trapped in eastern Aleppo, humanitarian crossings under fire

2222. Breathtaking Breach: ‘2nd Snowden’ to face espionage charges over 50TB of stolen data

2223. Acceptable evil: Western definition of terror fight differs between Aleppo & Mosul

2224. At least 15 women killed, dozens wounded in air raid on shrine near Kirkuk – reports

2225. Anti-ISIS op near Mosul (streamed live)

2226. Robo-fish and artistic androids on display at World Robot Conference in China

2227. Keiser Report: Double Government (E983)

2228. Offensive against ISIS near Mosul, Iraq (streamed live)

2229. Aerial view of Aleppo under humanitarian ceasefire (streamed live)

2230. Girls are already used to it: Russian futsal team sparks furor after donning hijabs in Iran

2231. NATO, EU ships ‘mark’ Russian fleet as it passes through English Channel

2232. Italian PM Renzi blocks new Russia sanctions over Aleppo at EU summit

2233. Jihadi Rehab: Swedish town plans housing grants & debt write-off for returning fighters

2234. CrossTalk: The Great Debate

2235. Al-Nusra not priority, US State Dept says while terror group shells civilians in Syria

2236. ISIS fighters launch multiple attacks in Kirkuk, take civilians hostage

2237. Aerial view of Aleppo after humanitarian ceasefire came into force

2238. ISIS militants launch attack on Kirkuk, Iraq (streamed live)

2239. Hundreds protest British military excercises in UK-occupied Malvinas (Falklands)

2240. ‘Deep psychic need for an enemy and Putin is filling it’ – The Spectator Deputy Editor

2241. Final Trump-Clinton debate: Now America has to decide who is the least worse

2242. Philippines president Duterte announces separation from US during China visit

2243. Violence at pro-Trump rallies incited by Clintons campaign - investigation

2244. UK Navy pledges to ‘man-mark’ passing Russian fleet

2245. Keiser Report: J is for Junk Economics (E982)

2246. No sign of liberty tree growing: 5 years of Gaddafis killing, Libya is still soaked in blood

2247. Rebels dont let civilians flee Aleppo, shell humanitarian corridor with mortars

2248. Aerial view of Aleppo as temporary ceasefire gets underway (streamed live)

2249. Offensive against ISIS in Iraqi Mosul enters fourth day

2250. It’s Russia & RT! Team Clinton knows who’s to blame for Podesta leaks

2251. White Helmets black record: Real Syrian civil defence groups describe them as terrorists

2252. Stray kitten crashes live news broadcast in Turkey, finds warm laptop to sit on

2253. Homs in Ruins: 360 video of lifeless Syrian city

2254. Interpreter raped by alleged Afghan migrants near Calais ‘Jungle’ camp

2255. ExoMars Schiaparelli module to land on Mars (Streamed live)

2256. Ecuador cuts off internet for Assange over impacting US election

2257. Oliver Stone on freedom of speech, Hillary’s hacks and CIA cinema (Going Underground)

2258. US admits fighting ISIS in Mosul risks civilian lives, says humanitarian concern doesnt make sense

2259. Rebels shell civilians in Aleppo amid humanitarian pause by Russian & Syrian forces

2260. CrossTalk on U.S. election: Media Lynching?

2261. Philippines police van rams protesters during rally outside US embassy in Manila (GRAPHIC)

2262. Day 3 of anti-ISIS military op in Mosul

2263. Mosul-op: US troops seen being active at a northern Iraqi army base

2264. Western media focus on tragedies that suit their agenda – Assad’s wife Asma in rare interview

2265. Will my foot grow back?: Children caught in cross hairs of rebel shelling in Aleppo

2266. Western Aleppo strikes: Casebook for human rights organizations (GRAPHIC)

2267. Keiser Report: Mom joins in (E981)

2268. Russian paratroopers & Egyptian Army hold joint drills in Alexandria province

2269. Wheres the love? Looks like UK govt isnt a big fan of RT and were not surprised anymore

2270. Mosul-op Combat Footage: Peshmerga & militants skirmish outside Iraqi ISIS capital

2271. ‘Europe is a sitting target for jihadists feeling Middle East’ – Janice Atkinson

2272. No where to turn to: Muslim child beat up by classmates in North Carolina

2273. Putin speaks at Delovaya Rossiya business congress in Moscow

2274. Expedition 49/50 crew holds preflight press conference in Baikonur

2275. Russia, Syrian halt airstrikes in Aleppo ahead of humanitarian pause

2276. ‘We have lift off’: Antares cargo rocket heads to Intl Space Station

2277. Mosul Offensive: Day 2 of anti-ISIS military op

2278. Mosul Offensive: Peshmerga soldiers go into battle with ISIS fighters some 20km from the city

2279. ‘It’s a shame truth is being sacrificed’ – Oliver Stone on RT UK’s bank account closure

2280. Drone livestream: Anti-austerity demo in Athens

2281. Moment suicide bomber attacks Iraqi forces during Mosul offensive

2282. Cut Off: RT bank accounts in UK will be closed without explanation

2283. Mosul Offensive: Operation to seize Iraqi city underway (Streamed footage)

2284. Coalition jets hit strategic Mosul bridge, ISIS claim

2285. Massive fire engulfs German factory of world’s largest chemicals producer BASF (Aerial view)

2286. ‘Deeply Disturbed’: Kerry accuses Russia of war crimes while Syrian rebels shell civilians daily

2287. Mosul Offensive Highlights: Battle for ISIS capital in Iraq kicks off

2288. ‘Time for victory has come’: Iraqi military launches Mosul operation to retake city from ISIS

2289. Assange Offline: Wikileaks chief internet ‘shut’ down sparks conspiracy theories

2290. Iraqi govt army and Peshmerga continue Mosul operation to free city from ISIS (Streamed Live)

2291. CrossTalk Bullhorns: Into the Abyss

2292. ‘Why do they bomb us?’ Children killed in recent rebel shelling in Aleppo

2293. Syria Govt forces retake Maardis from Nusra in Hama Governorate

2294. ‘Brutal night’: Rebels shell Aleppo residential areas, up to 3 killed (Graphic)

2295. ‘No way!’ – Putin on alleviating Russia’s counter-sanctions (English subtitles)

2296. More than 10 injured, 9 arrested as clashes break out between football fans in Russia.

2297. ‘Maybe I said something wrong’: Blackout as Putin talks about NSA surveillance at BRICS presser

2298. Kalmykia: The Monk’s White Path (RT Documentary)

2299. Patriarch Kirill leads ceremony at London’s Russian Orthodox Church

2300. Hundreds of Corvettes rev their engines along Ocean City Boardwalk

2301. Potential Guinness World Record for the largest biker meet-up

2302. French police clash with migrants at Calais camp the Jungle

2303. ‘Problem with Islam’: Tell-all book reveals Hollande’s views from migrants to Sarkozy (DEBATE)

2304. Lavrov on Syria talks in Lausanne: Some interesting ideas voiced, more meetings to follow soon

2305. UK Navy to intercept & escort passing Russian warships - reports

2306. Voters feel Hillary fatigue after years of scandals – frmr Clinton Secret Service agent

2307. RT breaks Podesta email leak faster than Wikileaks, US conspiracy machine can’t handle it

2308. ‘American exceptionalism as Rorschach test: Means anything you want it to’ - Lionel to RT

2309. RAW: Putin arrives at BRICS summit in Goa, meets Indian PM Modi

2310. CIA preparing cyberattacks against Russia – US officials cited by NBC

2311. Keiser Report: ‘Stunned Commoners’ (E980)

2312. ‘They use my relatives as human shields’: Civilians trapped in rebel-held districts of Aleppo

2313. Thousands of Ukranians mark national army day in nationalistic way

2314. UNESCO fails to recognize Israel’s historic connection to Temple Mount & Western Wall

2315. Iranian warships deployed off Yemen coast after US bombs Houthi targets

2316. Five years after Gaddafi: Is Libya better off?

2317. US is exceptional, needs to continue leading the world - Hillary Clinton

2318. No UK plans for military force in Syria: PM May contradicts Johnson

2319. Rebels are not bombing anyone in Syria US viewers barely aware of violence in Aleppo

2320. Science meets religion: Android robot presented to Patriarch Kirill at Orthodox Student Forum

2321. Thailand mourns death of longest-reigning monarch

2322. CrossTalk on Russia-US Relations: Inevitable Clash?

2323. Completely new type of weapon: Russia tests ‘unrivaled’ new radio-electronic weapon

2324. US Elex Debate on RT: Katie Hopkins (for Trump) vs TJ Walker (for Clinton)

2325. RAW: USS Nitze launches Tomahawks in first direct strike on Yemeni Houthis

2326. Hitting the Beats: New UK fiver plays vinyl records

2327. ‘Demand is for more Britain, not less’ – Boris Johnson on Syrian conflict

2328. ‘String of police failures’? Migrant terror suspect commits suicide in German prison cell

2329. Clinton, Trump and Teleprompter: Wikileaks keeps promise to keep dropping weekly revelations

2330. Several children killed, injured in rebel shelling in Aleppo (GRAPHIC)

2331. Disturbing images: Inside Aleppo hospital saving children in govt-held western part ignored by MSM

2332. Keiser Report: Hillary Speeches (E979)

2333. Tomahawk retaliation: US destroy 3 ‘radar sites’ in Yemen in first direct attack on Houthis

2334. US-Russia blame game: Russian FM on clash of policies... and p*ssies

2335. Israeli govt criticised for new ad depicting Palestinians as Jewish ‘home-sweet-home’ invaders

2336. ‘So many p*ssies on both sides’: Russian FM trolls US elections

2337. Shia Muslims mark Ashura festival with prayers and self-flagellation (GRAPHIC)

2338. US ops abroad motivate home-grown terrorism - FBI study

2339. Putin: We know who hit aid convoy in Aleppo, so do the Americans

2340. Rebel snipers shoot civilians on Aleppo streets - locals (EXCLUSIVE)

2341. No-Go Zones: Lawless areas do exist and increasing in France - police

2342. Tribute to 3rd Imam: Shia Muslims celebrate Ashura in Iraq

2343. Staying in Syria: Permanent deployment of Russian jets gets green light

2344. Moment of impact: Drone captures airstrikes in N. Latakia

2345. Military parade in Madrid on National Day

2346. Hellarious Trump! Voting for lesser of 2 evils? (RT US election 2016 promo)

2347. Hellarious Clinton! Voting for lesser of 2 evils? (RT US election 2016 promo)

2348. CrossTalk on US election: Final Stretch

2349. Aleppo Debate: Boris Johnson calls for Russian Embassy protests over Syria bombing

2350. Great nation is in danger of becoming a pariah nation: Boris Johnsons speech at Syria debate

2351. Europa-Center Blaze: Fire breaks out atop iconic Berlin tower

2352. New Leak: Clinton manipulates mass media for better coverage

2353. US wants Russia prosecuted for civilian deaths, shields itself from similar action

2354. Calais Children: France and UK clash over who takes lone refugee minors

2355. Putin cancels visit to France amid Syria tensions

2356. Protest in support of Mapuche people ends in violent clashes with police in Chile

2357. Keiser Report: Business Death…Allegedly (E978 ft. Kim Dotcom)

2358. Mortar attack on govt-controlled area of Aleppo: civilians killed & injured (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

2359. Breakup Drills? Philippines, US hold joint military exercises

2360. Putin, Erdogan chat during Russian presidents first trip to Turkey since Su-24 downing

2361. Chemnitz manhunt: Bomb plot suspect captured… by Syrian refugees, not by German police

2362. 2nd US Presidential debate: Trump, Clinton & those who didnt make it

2363. Ankara police arrest 60, teargas protesters at October 10 blast commemoration rally

2364. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Bantering

2365. LIVE: Leaders speak at World Energy Congress 2016 in Istanbul

2366. What living in terror really means: RT inspects thin line between war and peace in Aleppo

2367. Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump 2nd Presidential Debate (Streamed live 10.10.2016)

2368. Thousands rally outside UN office in Yemen after deadly airstrike blamed on Saudi-led coalition

2369. Cameron responsible for rise in xenophobia & racism abuse in UK - watchdog

2370. RAW: Dozens injured after train derails in Long Island

2371. Weapons, drugs & more available on Facebook’s MarketPlace

2372. Europe lacking vision & leadership to address migration [crisis] – Frattini to RT

2373. Four men thrown off flight tell RT Thomas Cook is scapegoating bearded Asians

2374. DRONE FOOTAGE: Hurricane Mathew aftermath

2375. DISTURBING: Over 150 killed after Saudi coalition jet strikes rock funeral ceremony in Yemen

2376. Ice Queen of Kungur (RT Documentary)

2377. UNSC vetoes rival resolutions on Syria sponsored by Russia and France

2378. Close call: Skydiver’s wingsuit gets hooked on plane

2379. LIVE: UN Security Council emergency meeting on Aleppo

2380. Germany’s AfD leader compares refugees to compost heap

2381. Keiser Report: Bubble economy sins (Episode 977)

2382. We want freedom’: Kashmir could face biggest protest against Indian rule in recent years

2383. US blames Russia for election campaign hacks (but can’t provide any proof)

2384. Wikileaks releases e-mails from Clinton campaign chiefs account

2385. Urban Tank Battle: Syrian Arab Army launches offensive against opposition militants near Damascus

2386. CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?

2387. LIVE: Hurricane Matthew batters US Southeast

2388. RAW: Hurricane Matthew brings chaos to Florida

2389. ‘No wonder US blaming Russians for cyber attacks’ – security expert

2390. Eye of the storm close-up: NOAA crew flies into Hurricane Matthew’s epicenter

2391. US military in Afghanistan: 15 years of invasion

2392. Struggling for peace? ‘White Helmets’ Nobel Prize nomination sparks controversy

2393. From criticism to direct threats in just 1 month: US-Russia tension growing over Syrian crisis

2394. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos awarded 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for FARC deal

2395. ‘Be prepared. Dont panic’: State of emergency declared in Florida as Huricane Matthew approaches

2396. RAW: Aerials shows devastation in Haiti, coastal towns demolished by the hurricane Matthew

2397. Yemen conflict: Pro-Hadi forces make gains in eastern province after surprise attack

2398. LIVE: Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida

2399. Only in Russia: Nuclear submarine surfaces beside fishermen

2400. Ancient aliens built world’s 1st airport 7,000 yrs ago, Iraqi minister wants to believe

2401. A collection of shocking one-liners from everyones favorite Philippine President Duterte

2402. Kitten rescued from 12th floor ledge in head-spinning action-cam footage

2403. Russias S-300, S-400 ready to hit any unidentified object in Syria - MoD warns US-led coalition

2404. Project Milestone: Blue Origin 1st airborne test of New Shepard rocket’s emergency escape system

2405. Hurricane Matthew hits Bahamas, gains on Florida

2406. This 2 month old baby has head of hair that Trump would be jealous of

2407. Number of malnourished children skyrocketing in Yemen, UN urges end to conflict amid Saudi strikes

2408. Luxury Paris hotel to pay over $60k to cleaner sexually assaulted by Qatari guest

2409. We demand the world stop this - parents of Syrian siblings killed in rebel shelling talk to RT

2410. Pro-govt Iraq fighters ‘likely’ killed in US-led coalition airstrike near Mosul – US official

2411. ‘Donald Trump would be a disaster for US’ - Bernie Sanders (EXCLUSIVE)

2412. Italian mafia boss found hiding behind a wardrobe in his own home

2413. New laser for industrial and medical purposes unveiled in Russia

2414. Surgeons remove 18cm long tail from teenagers body in India

2415. Keiser Report: ‘Trumped: A Nation on the Brink of Ruin... And How to Bring It Back’ (E976)

2416. The decision not to talk to Russia will marginalize the US - interview with Chas Freeman

2417. Snowden 2.0: NSA contractor arrested for stealing malware

2418. Fatal error? Pro-govt Iraq fighters ‘likely’ killed in coalition airstrike – US official

2419. 3 policemen stabbed in suspected terror attack in Brussels

2420. Russian bear never dies, it just hibernates US vice presidential candidates talk Putin & Russia

2421. MSM caught misleading readers about Syrian siblings killed in Aleppo

2422. Clinton Foundation Hack: Guccifer 2.0 claims to uncover docs, pay to play folder

2423. Iraqi group demands payments for US invasion after ‘Sue the Saudis for 9/11’ bill passes Congress

2424. Obama, you can go to hell! Philippines President says hell break up with US

2425. CrossTalk on Russia-US relations: Dangerous Escalation

2426. Rebel rocket attack hits Aleppo University, civilians killed & injured

2427. US considers military strikes against Assads troops - reports

2428. UK govt to allow military to violate European human rights law to stop witch hunt

2429. Obama: US may end up with leader waging perpetual wars worldwide

2430. Moscow delivers S-300 missile system to Syria for defense of Russian naval base

2431. Russian embassy in Damascus hit by mortar from terrorist-controlled area of Syria

2432. Jail Bird: Pakistani pigeon arrested on espionage charges in India

2433. BBC presenter claims he was fired for being a white man

2434. Assange: WikiLeaks to release all US election docs by Nov. 8

2435. Pentagon paid UK PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos during Iraq war

2436. Aleppo reduced to rubble amid battle to recapture rebel-held areas

2437. Intl Space Station camera captures view of Hurricane Matthew

2438. Keiser Report: Stealing is Legal in America (E975)

2439. Homeless dog gives birth to 9 puppies in Moscow Metro carriage

2440. Assange speaks at WikiLeaks’ 10th anniversary in Berlin

2441. US suspends bilateral contact with Russia over Syria

2442. Putin visits reserve for wild horses and sets 6 of them free

2443. ‘Two-State delusion’: Israeli school ‘Good citizen’ book slammed for blatant anti-Arab tone

2444. Taliban raises its flag over Kunduz before being pushed back by Afghan forces

2445. Russias UN envoy speaks as country takes over presidency in Security Council

2446. Rock the bus: Pensioners take to the streets in Athens to protest benefits cutbacks

2447. ‘Get Out!’ Merkel booed at protest while attending German Unity Day ceremony

2448. Robot of Hope: Toyota’s Kirobo to accompany Japan’s lonely & childless (subtitles)

2449. Hapless Robber: Cashiers stern reprimand drives off would-be theif in Belarus

2450. Drills in 360: Russian National Guard hone skills in military exercises

2451. LEAK: UN blames US, EU sanctions for punishing Syrian civilians, stalling aid work

2452. Hungary Referendum: 98% of voters reject EU refugee quotas, but low turnout makes it invalid

2453. One year since US airstrike on MSF facility in Kunduz, hospitals still ‘part of battlefield’

2454. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Wage Battle

2455. Animal Triathlon: Pigs race, dive and swim for food

2456. Frustration in Moldova ahead of its first direct presidential election in 20 years

2457. There’s now a new country called Africa, thanks to Boris Johnson

2458. US Veterans: Not Forgotten (RT Documentary)

2459. FARC: Fine Art of ReConciliation (RT Documentary PROMO)

2460. RAW: Moment car crashes into marshal post at Siberia rally caught on cam

2461. Craving an adrenaline rush? Open-air glass walkway begins trial run in Shanghai

2462. Gun Control (RT Documentary)

2463. ‘They must be honest about what they’ve been through’: Rehabs for ex-jihadists launched in Russia

2464. ‘Are 70% really not fit to travel?’ German doctors accused of helping migrants avoid deporting

2465. Left without cleanup: Abandoned US military base pollutes Greenland with 10,000 barrels of fuel

2466. You vs. blaze: Get into the epicenter of heroic firefighting action (POV action cam video)

2467. Iran unveils combat UAV based on captured US spy drone design

2468. Keiser Report: Haters or Losers (E974)

2469. RAW: Temer protesters clash with police in Brazil

2470. Stunning timelapse: Colima volcano erupts in Mexico

2471. Iraq oil field set on fire by ISIS almost a month ago is still burning

2472. Kerry: ‘I argued for use of force in Syria, and I’ve lost the argument’

2473. Never giving up: Intl wheelchair racers show their skills on F1 track in Sochi

2474. Syria will never be another Libya or Iraq - envoy to UN Bashar Jaafari (EXCLUSIVE)

2475. US admits not targeting Nusra, fails to separate ‘moderates’ from terrorists

2476. ‘Bill, let’s go!’: Obama frustrated waiting for Clinton to board Air Force One

2477. ‘They kill people in their homes’: Pakistani to sue CIA for drone strike that killed relatives

2478. From rescued kids to rescued cats: Chinese firefighters save kitten that was stuck in pipe

2479. Hitler massacred 3 million Jews, I’d be happy to slaughter 3 million drug addicts - Duterte

2480. ‘We were innocent bystanders’ – protester that was hit by police in El Cajon to RT

2481. RAW: Abbas & Netanyahu shake hands at Shimon Peres funeral

2482. Russia in Syria: 1 year on

2483. CrossTalk on Russia-US relations: Increased Tensions

2484. Lack of cooperation between US and Russia - Best gift to ISIS

2485. Human Rights Council withdraws independent probe into Yemen war crimes

2486. ‘Asylum spray’ handed out in Denmark by far-right ‘to ward off migrant attacks’ (Debate)

2487. New Jersey train crash: Immediate aftermath footage (RAW)

2488. RTs Gayane Chichakyan and John Kirby spat over Syria, Saudi and Yemen (Full video)

2489. Breakthrough deal: Oil producers limit supply after years of low prices

2490. US failed to fulfill any of their promises & commitments in Syria - Assad adviser

2491. Russia, China navy drills in 360: Spectacular panorama video of massive military exercises

2492. Keiser Report: Invasion of Debt Snatchers (E973)

2493. GRAPHIC: 6-yo boy killed, father wounded by Louisiana police

2494. ‘Russia will continue to send troops home [from Syria] in body bags’ – US State Dept

2495. Kerry threatens to sever all Syria cooperation with Russia

2496. Capitol Hill overrides Obamas veto on Sue the Saudis 9/11 bill

2497. Tom Hanks photobombs wedding couple in Central Park

2498. Debunking arm chair blogger Bellingcat

2499. Russian Buk missile producer, radar producer hold presser on MH17

2500. Ex-Israeli PM and President Shimon Peres dies aged 93

2501. We’ll sell launches, not promises’: Russian firm joins space race with Sea Launch platform purchase

2502. Get big boats out of Venice!’: Angry locals block cruise ships from docking in sinking city

2503. ‘We shouldn’t feel like this’: 9yo girl makes tearful appeal to end police violence in US

2504. MH17 probe results revealed in the Netherlands

2505. Syrian rebels may get weapons capable of downing planes - reports

2506. RT takes home 7 Lovies, Europes prestigious digital media awards

2507. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk unveils plans to ‘colonize Mars’

2508. Americans know their weapons will end up in hands of terrorists - Al-Nusra commander interviewer

2509. Syrian Army seizes Aleppo’s central district from terrorists – report

2510. Stunning closing ceremony ends Circle of Light festival in Moscow

2511. US vs. Deutsche Bank: Another obstacle for Merkel in election year?

2512. Philippines President Duterte ready to open alliances with China & Russia

2513. ‘Charm offensive’: Boris Johnson praises his ‘Turkish washing machine’ on Ankara trip

2514. We don’t care if Americans approve of our close ties with Russia or not – former Turkish president

2515. ‘Motive was xenophobic’: Bomb attacks target mosque, conference hall in Dresden, Germany

2516. ‘Artistic freedom’: Fake Norway theater official causes stir with video apology for Israel ties

2517. Moon Mission: Hakuto robot rover undergoes testing in Japan ahead of lunar travel

2518. Keiser Report: Houdinis Magic Tricks in Modern Economy & Politics (E972)

2519. Al-Nusra commander says US supports jihadists indirectly, provides tanks & artillery via allies

2520. Data shows no aerial objects approached MH17 from the east - Russian MoD

2521. Third party candidate Jill Stein responds to Clinton-Trump duel in real time

2522. Whos fit to police the world? Trump and Clinton clash in first 2016 presidential debate

2523. New law to limit release of police bodycam videos in North Carolina

2524. Asylum Crisis in Sweden: Number of no-go zones rises, police lose control

2525. ‘It’s betrayal of Yemeni people’: Outcry as Britain blocks UN inquiry into Yemen war crimes

2526. Wings for Love: Mountain freestyle World Cup 2016 kicks off in China

2527. ‘We want the Jungle to disappear’: Hollande vows to completely dismantle Calais refugee camp

2528. I still have nightmares: Palestinian girl shot 5 times by Israeli soldiers at West Bank checkpoint

2529. Russia, US clash at UNSC meeting, Syria envoy blames govt & opposition for escalation

2530. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Question

2531. Meanwhile in Russia: Mansur the bear lives at an airfield

2532. West still arming Al-Nusra in Syria, peace almost impossible – Russia’s UN envoy

2533. Act of solidarity? Activists get branded with hot iron to condemn animal abuse

2534. Dazzling ‘Circle of Light’ festival kicks off in Moscow

2535. Obama saying Assad must go is one of the dumbest statements ever! - frmr congressman Allen West

2536. UN Security Council holds urgent meeting on Syria (streamed live)

2537. She is My Son: Afghanistans Bacha Posh, when Girls Become Boys (RT Documentary)

2538. Massive fire engulfs oil tanker in Gulf of Mexico

2539. #TheNewCountry: TV ad urges Swedes to integrate with migrants

2540. Gaming 4 Life: When real world is not enough (RT Documentary)

2541. Dr Strangelove or UK General? Londoners asked what they think of Russian aggression

2542. Terrified of Trump? Europeans backing Clinton surprised to learn they share Donalds ideas

2543. Charlotte police release dashboard footage of Scott shooting

2544. US admit using white phosphorus munitions in Iraq (Warning: Disturbing images)

2545. Curfew for migrants following sex attacks in Austrian town

2546. Obama’s 9/11 veto disregards thousands of victims for sake of geopolitical interests – survivor

2547. RAW: Syrian army launches offensive against militias in Latakia

2548. What the hell: Satanic Temple opens headquarters in Salem

2549. Keiser Report: Earthquakes & Economy (E971)

2550. ‘We shouldn’t be thinking of wall, we already have one in Berlin’ – German left party leader to RT

2551. Don’t mess with this lady! Woman takes on 3 armed home invaders, shoots 1 dead

2552. ‘2nd birthday’: 3yo boy found in taiga after 3 days missing

2553. Top performance: 1st-ever air show kicks off in North Korea

2554. Charlotte protesters rally for 4th night in a row (LIVE COVERAGE)

2555. RAW: Keith Lamont Scott shooting video released by family

2556. Russian FM Lavrov press conference following UNGA speech (Streamed live)

2557. Toddler trying to revive unconscious mother after drug overdose (Distressing footage)

2558. Disturbing: US cops pepper spray, detain 15yo girl for not cooperating (Bodycam footage)

2559. Crucial to avoid collapse of US-Russian agreements on Syria - Lavrov at UNGA (FULL)

2560. Man gives free hugs to riot police & protesters in Charlotte (RAW)

2561. We fly - you don’t: US wants no-fly zone over Syria, but only for Russia & the Syrians

2562. Charlotte riots: National Guard out in force as city hit by third night of protests (RAW)

2563. Drone view: Massive fire engulfs Moscow warehouse, 8 firefighters dead

2564. Crosstalk: The Medias Syria

2565. Fists fly live on Georgian TV as parliament candidates brawl

2566. Hillarys greedy, not transformational. I wouldnt vote for her - Friend Powell

2567. ‘If US can’t stop the war, they can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ - 10yo Yemeni girl

2568. Merkel will not change her crazy and dangerous migrant policy - former CDU party member

2569. 180 nuclear convoy safety incidents in UK since 2000 - report

2570. Dramatic: Apache helicopter slams nose-down into sea during exercise in Greece

2571. Keiser Report: Hippies vs Hipsters (E970)

2572. Charlotte riots: Emergency, tear gas & clashes during protests against police shooting (GRAPHIC)

2573. US attack on Syrian troops not an accident, definitely intentional – Assad to AP

2574. Caught on cam: School bus & truck collide in China

2575. Pokemon Go or Candy Crush? ‘Thrilled’ Boris Johnson on his phone while May speaks at UNGA

2576. RAW: Injured assailant moments after attempt to enter Israeli embassy

2577. Lavrov, Kerry clash on Aleppo aid convoy attack at UN Security Council meeting on Syria (FULL)

2578. Violent protests in Charlotte after disabled, unarmed black man shot dead by police

2579. CrossTalk on Syria: CEASEFIRELESS

2580. Lifejacket graveyard: Charities pay tribute to refugees in heart of London

2581. White House holds Russia responsible for air strikes on aid convoy near Aleppo

2582. ‘Free education for all!’ Clashes erupt at S. African student protest in Johannesburg

2583. Russian MoDs drone video of a truck w/ heavy mortar gun driving next to UN aid convoy in Aleppo

2584. Firearm Symphony: Russian sharpshooter performs Beethoven dual wielding Glock

2585. Spewing Ash: Turrialba Volcano eruption forces shut down of Costa Rica main airport

2586. Hitler pix, Mein Kampf, badge & coins: Nazi time capsule uncovered in Poland

2587. Treasure hunters fail to find lost Nazi gold train, decide to make their own

2588. Ground test of new high-power rocket engine in North Korea (state TV report w/subtitles)

2589. Joint Sea 2016: Russia, China drills end with amphibious & air landing ops

2590. WADA Leak: Rafael Nadal, Mo Farah among sport icons exposed in results list

2591. Major fire engulfs Lesbos refugee camp, thousands evacuated

2592. NYC and New Jersey bombings suspect captured after shootout with police

2593. US-made bombs used in Saudi strikes on MSF hospital in Yemen – Amnesty

2594. Oliver Stone on Snowden’s guts (EXCLUSIVE)

2595. Keiser Report: Privilege of Unfairness for Bankers (E969)

2596. Who is to Blame? UN-Red Crescent aid convoy attacked near Aleppo

2597. Bomb squad deployed after masked man caused evacuation in elementary school in Utah

2598. Dozens killed, police officer burned alive during violent protests in Congo

2599. Guarding peace? Kadyrov celebrates Women’s Day in suit of armor

2600. 7-day ceasefire in Syria over, unclear if it will be renewed

2601. Worlds largest ship lift opens in central China

2602. LIVE from Aleppo as Syrian military declares end to ceasefire

2603. British jets involved in airstrikes which hit Syrian govt troops – UK MoD

2604. Stuffing the box! Russian parliament election fraud caught on CCTV

2605. Ring of fire: Inferno engulfs building in East China

2606. Moment police robot accidentally detonates explosive devices at NJ train station

2607. Medieval fight club: Knights duke it out at The Call of Heroes festival in Ukraine

2608. Crimea bridge 360 update: Drone captures mega-project progress

2609. US airstrikes kill up to 8 policemen in Afghanistan – officials

2610. Russian reconnaissance drone monitoring Syrian ceasefire (Streamed live)

2611. Anti-migrant AfD makes Berlin breakthrough, as Merkel’s CDU slumps

2612. Recovery op after worst floods in decades in North Korea (state TV coverage w/English subtitles)

2613. Duma Elections 2016: Early results indicate Putins party lead

2614. Chechen leader Kadyrov dances after voting at national & regional elections

2615. CrossTalk: Bullhorns in Combat

2616. Russian reconnaissance drone over Aleppo monitors ceasefire in Syria (Streamed live)

2617. ‘Act of terror’: Manhattan explosion leaves 29 injured

2618. ‘There is no Russian nation’: Ukrainian nationalists try to derail Russian voting

2619. US should be ashamed of Deir ez-Zor strike, its really disgraceful - Assads adviser (EXCLUSIVE)

2620. ‘Unbelievable that US strike on Syrian army was mistake – fmr MI5 agent

2621. Putin casts vote in Russian State Duma election

2622. CCTV: Alleged moment of Manhattan explosion, NYC

2623. Russian cosmonaut votes from Intl Space Station (Duma elections 101)

2624. The Ugly Face of Beauty: Is Child Labour the Foundation for your Makeup? (RT Documentary)

2625. Gazans create makeshift furniture as Israel restricts entry of goods

2626. Bear-ly Alive: Arctic scientists surrounded by polar bears rescued after two-week siege

2627. Russia votes in nationwide Election Day (Duma elections 101)

2628. US-led coalition aircraft strike Syrian army positions, kill 62 soldiers – military

2629. Manhattan Explosion: Intentional blast injures at least 29 in New York

2630. LIVE: Scene of explosion in Manhattan, New York

2631. ‘Tomorrow there will be rockets: Ukrainian radicals attack Russian Embassy with fireworks

2632. Norman Finkelstein on Gaza two years on and Israeli-Palestine peace talks (Going Underground)

2633. European Disunion? Italian PM refuses to hold press conference with Germany & France

2634. Day of silence before Russians hit the polls (Duma elections 101)

2635. Putin: US fails to fulfill Syria ceasefire deal obligations, terrorists use it to regroup

2636. Huge military parade on Independence Day in Mexico

2637. Protests against TTIP agreement in Berlin

2638. Keiser Report: Ukrainian Chicken Moment (E968)

2639. Israel has 200 nuclear weapons ‘all targeted on Tehran’ - Colin Powell email leak

2640. US-backed FSA kicks out American special forces troops from Syrian border town

2641. We need your vote! RT grabs 4 nominations at prestigious digital Lovie Awards

2642. We arent your little brown brothers – Philippine FM to US

2643. UK hacker diagnosed with autism to be extradited to US, faces up to 99yrs in jail

2644. Mind blowing selfie session: Syrian rebel triggers explosion while taking group pic

2645. Syrian rebels will never be strong enough to topple Assad – Susan Rice

2646. Commies: Still kicking (Duma elections 101)

2647. Russian Trump: Liberal Democratic Party (Duma elections 101)

2648. ‘Putin root of all problems’: People’s Freedom Party (Duma elections 101)

2649. Something Green there: Russian Yabloko party (Duma elections 101)

2650. 14 parties, 450 seats at stake: Russia readies for elections to state Duma

2651. Catch em ALL: Russian films himself chasing bears in the wild

2652. Russian CCTV: Man saves kitten stranded in the middle of busy highway

2653. 2nd space lab in Earth orbit: China launches Tiangong-2

2654. CrossTalk on Syria: CEASEFIRE 2.0

2655. Wada leak 2.0: Hackers release second batch of documents, causing more doping allegations

2656. Russian Army Forum in 360: Compilation of best moments from the skies & on the ground

2657. Shocking images of starved toddler show horrors of Yemen’s civil war (Graphic)

2658. Clashes & tear gas as trade unions protest labor reforms in Paris (streamed live)

2659. Just can’t stop thinking of it: Is Russia really a key issue for US voters just like candidates say?

2660. Keiser Report: Lunatics & Economy (E967)

2661. Mr. Outgoing President...: The tale of Obamas broken promises

2662. Aleppo aerial: Russian reconnaissance drone monitoring ceasefire (Streamed live)

2663. RAW: Brawl between migrants & locals in Bautzen, Germany

2664. Elite marines from Russia & China take part in joint navy cooperation drills

2665. Pedestrians, drivers shocked at ‘furious moon’ rolling along across Chinese streets

2666. Muslims want ‘Islamic conquest of Europe’, Austrian cardinal says (Debate)

2667. Entirely new name for Monsanto: Bayer buys leading GMO maker for $66bn

2668. Rivers of blood: Streets in Bangladesh turn red after Eid sacrifices (GRAPHIC)

2669. Putin popular in US, no surprise he comes up in election - Russian UN envoy Churkin

2670. Rebel forces & Syrian Army battle in Golan Heights despite ceasefire (RAW)

2671. UK intervention in Libya ill-conceived & based on erroneous facts, Cameron responsible - inquiry

2672. Violent super-typhoon Meranti wreaks havoc in China

2673. CrossTalk on Hillary Clinton: Fit To Rule?

2674. RAW: Excavation of giant 4,000yo meteorite in Argentina

2675. ‘We need to change our energy system and not build more pipelines’ – Sanders to RT

2676. Obama slams Trumps appearance on RT, compares Putin to Saddam Hussein

2677. Leaked WADA documents: US Olympic team players were allowed to take banned substances

2678. Putin selfies with models dressed as brides on Red Square during Moscow b-day celebrations

2679. US media accused of burying concerns over Clinton health

2680. Swifts in 360: Spectacular stunts by Russian aerobatic team inside cockpit of Su fighter jet

2681. Keiser Report: US Elections Toxic Soap Opera (E966)

2682. Firefight wrecks Russian army Syria vid-link, commanders stand ground until dismissed

2683. Syrian ceasefire? Lizzie Phelan reports from Aleppo after truce began

2684. ‘Ahrar Al-sham not designated as terror group, we maintain contact with them’ – US State dept

2685. Plane slams into runway, skids for 1 kilometer during hard landing in Indonesia

2686. Syrian Army claims it shot down Israeli warplane & drone in own airspace after attack, IDF denies

2687. Italian police clash with protestors as PM Renzi arrives in Naples

2688. ‘They have to go!’: Philippine leader Duterte orders US troops out of country’s south

2689. Syria ceasefire comes into force under US-Russian peace deal

2690. RAW: Police clash with anti-Renzi protesters in Sicily

2691. Russia and China launch joint naval drill in South China Sea

2692. Peak of the Furnace: Volcano spews lava on La Reunion island

2693. Muslim worshippers stoning devil during Hajj pilgrimage

2694. ‘Fight for justice’: Mother of man killed by private DC police suspects cover-up

2695. Catalan republic built on the streets: People rally to push for break from Spain

2696. Clinton: Half of Trumps supporters belong to ‘basket of deplorables’

2697. We stay for sake of our homeland: Aleppo locals sceptical over truce but still hope for peace

2698. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Sparring

2699. North Korean state TVs coverage of devastating flood (with English subtitles)

2700. #HillarysHealth: Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia, cancels trip to California

2701. Hillary Clinton overheated, leaves 9/11 memorial event in NYC

2702. Fire & smoke: Violent clashes mark coup anniversary in Chile

2703. Who said dogs can’t ride the waves too? Worlds first International Dog Surfing Championship

2704. 9/11 anniversary: Ceremony at the Pentagon memorial

2705. 9/11: The Peace We Lost (RT Documentary)

2706. Hajj pilgrims travel to Mount Arafat near Mina

2707. Russian military units perform at Army 2016 expo

2708. Integration through racism? Danish school separates students by ethnicity

2709. Keep wheels turning! Gaza student creates solar-powered car to ‘fight’ Israel fuel blockade

2710. What is Aleppo? Some US journalists & politicians find it too difficult to answer

2711. ‘They have no sensitivity’: US police break into mentally ill man’s house after false abuse call

2712. Spectacular fireworks light up Moscow skies on City Day

2713. Mickey’s watching you: Disney World starts scanning fingers of kids ‘as young as 3’

2714. Pizza from Americans, vodka from us - Lavrov to tired journos after Syria talks

2715. ‘You have to keep all senses alert’: RT crew on frontline of fight against ISIS in Libya

2716. US-Russian Syria deal: Nationwide ceasefire to begin at sundown on Monday

2717. Keiser Report: Leprechaun Economics (E965)

2718. Kurdish Aleppo neighborhood loses its last surgeon to rebel fire

2719. Muslim worshippers on annual Hajj to Mecca

2720. Iraqi soldiers discover ISIS courtroom with human cages in Fallujah

2721. Devils advocate? Robert Tibbo on Snowdens life in Hong Kong and more

2722. Hillary Clinton - victim of double standards: Punish those who question more

2723. Braindead: Media hype around Trump interview with Larry King just another distraction?

2724. Lavrov and Kerry agree on multi-step peace plan for Syria at Geneva talks

2725. US House adopts ’Sue the Saudis’ 9/11 bill

2726. ‘You clearly corrupted our national security’ – US veteran to Hillary Clinton

2727. Iconic war photo or child pornography? Facebook under attack for banning ‘Napalm girl’ pic

2728. Now youve seen almost everything: Monkeys perform stunts, handstands & even sit-ups in China

2729. Kavkaz-2016: Russian troops conduct massive drills in Southern military district

2730. Viking ATV tears up Army-2016 expo: Nothing can stop this amphibious monster!

2731. From jihad to rehab: France to open its 1st deradicalization center for potential extremists

2732. Suffering of Syrians is horrendous: UK Baroness Cox on her trip to Aleppo, Damascus

2733. CrossTalk: The Trump Doctrine

2734. Culture of Death: Uncovering ISIS tactics in Libya (EXCLUSIVE)

2735. North Korea confirms 5th nuke test, claims nuclear missile capability

2736. Intl military expo Army 2016 outside Moscow

2737. Three villages evacuated due to wildfire in Portugal

2738. Iraq, Hillary and baseball: Donald Trump talks to Larry King (RT EXCLUSIVE)

2739. Time for some good news! Cat rescued after 15 days under earthquake rubble

2740. Belarusian Paralympic team carries Russian flag in support of banned athletes

2741. Russian jets intercept US spy planes approaching border with transponders off

2742. Keiser Report: Brexit Sea of Consequences (E964)

2743. ‘Inspired’ by chronic electricity deficit: Gaza students build solar car to beat fuel blockade

2744. Arrest warrant issued for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein

2745. Why did you shoot Jesus? Family met with silence after US cops shoot Latino teen in detention

2746. ‘Not just another perspective, but parallel universe’ – George Galloway on switching from RT to BBC

2747. ‘Ninja’ suspect breaks handcuffs, escapes police custody on hijacked truck

2748. Bombs everywhere: RT crew nearly fell for one of ISIS ‘farewell’ traps in Libya (EXCLUSIVE)

2749. ‘Evading media questions level: Expert’ - Master class from Hillary Clinton

2750. UK to build €2.3mn concrete wall around Calais camp to keep migrants out

2751. ‘Ridiculous to say there is no threat to Assange’ – adviser to WikiLeaks founder

2752. Keep calm & blame Russia: Will Clinton ever get tired of summoning Kremlin boogeyman?

2753. Mesmerizing force of nature: Chinese waterfall in spectacular rage after rainfall (Aerial footage)

2754. CrossTalk: The Hillary Doctrine

2755. RAW: Russian troops polish skills in Kavkaz-2016 strategic drills in southern region

2756. ISIS haunts Libyan battleground & execution sites won back in struggle for Sirte (EXCLUSIVE)

2757. Nothing to see here, just a lion cub walking along a Russian street

2758. Meanwhile in Yemen: All-female brigade of Houthi fighters brandishing rocket launchers during parade

2759. Inside Menwith Hill: NSA spy base in UK used for ‘kill or capture’ missions - Snowden leaks

2760. Graphic: High-speed head-on collision involving govt car caught on CCTV in Moscow

2761. One of Ukraines largest TV channels set on fire, under siege after claims of pro-Moscow bias

2762. Calais chaos: Truckers driving near ‘Jungle’ camp violently attacked by migrants

2763. Not sure if serious: US suspect Moscow of meddling in election, admit no evidence at all

2764. Aviadarts 2016 in 360: Inside cockpit of Su-30

2765. Intl military band fest 360: ‘Spasskaya Tower’ closing ceremony at Red Square

2766. Keiser Report: Will the dollar live to die another day? (E963)

2767. Dubai Domino Drop shot: Watch world record broken in UAE bar

2768. ‘I will swear at you at this forum’ – Philippines President Duerte to Barack Obama

2769. London City Airport flights disrupted by protesters blocking runway

2770. ‘They don’t know what real despair means:’ Russian paralympians buck up under ban

2771. Chaotic battle between ISIS & govt forces in Libya (EXCLUSIVE)

2772. ISIS graveyard with over 300 graves of militants discovered in Fallujah, Iraq

2773. RAW: Mudslides rush through Austrian village

2774. ‘Every day I see human drama’: Calais mayor joins protest against refugee camp, truckers block roads

2775. Aleppo tug-of-war: Rebel supply lines cut following clashes over military colleges

2776. Vladimir Putin holds press conference following G20 summit (Streamed live)

2777. RAW: Multiple blasts in govt-held Syrian city of Tartus

2778. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Revolt

2779. Great expectations: Putin & Obama to meet at #G20 summit, discuss Syrian crisis

2780. Londons Burning! Great Fire of 1666 commemorated on 350th anniversary

2781. Coupist Temer out!: Violence erupts in Sao Paulo during anti-Temer protest

2782. Spasskaya Tower Military Music Festival closes with grand ceremony at Red Square

2783. Right-wing AfD beats Merkel party in regional elections – exit polls

2784. Flying Kids: Upsala Circus transforms hooligans into entertainers (RT Documentary)

2785. Bury Bad News: FBI releases Clinton email probe just before Labor Day weekend

2786. Imperial Britain or metric EU? British shop owners want pounds and ounces

2787. ‘Art behind the wall’: 16yo Palestinian artist in trouble over Israeli barrier painting

2788. Putin warms China relations with ice cream

2789. G20 in China: Performance and fireworks on 1st day of summit

2790. Putin holds first face-to-face meeting with new UK PM May

2791. Why can a nun still be fully covered? (DEBATE on burqa & burkini ban)

2792. British artist takes AK-47s to US as part of exhibit, items barred from entry

2793. H2wOe: Indias Water Crisis - Warning to the World (RT Documentary)

2794. Canonisation of Mother Teresa in Vatican City

2795. Theres deception going on: FBI report shows Hillary couldnt answer key questions

2796. Friends in Politics: Between never cross the line and never burn the bridges

2797. ‘Path to normalization’: Putin and Erdogan talk partnership at G20 summit

2798. Seek, and ye shall find: Pokémon hunter ends up in jail after game leads him into church

2799. Meanwhile in China: Over 100 excavators dismantle overpass bridge

2800. Multibillion dollar makeover helps G20 host city sparkle for summit

2801. Obama urges Beijing to avoid flexing its muscles in South China Sea

2802. Political stunt: German far-right MP wears niqab to parliament

2803. FBI releases 58 pages of Clinton e-mail probe

2804. Uzbekistan president Karimov dies aged 78 after 27 years in power

2805. Bark for Life: Dog rescued in Italy 9 days after quake

2806. Drone buzzes over worlds tallest Confucius statue in China

2807. Keiser Report: Mega Week in News (E962 ft. Kim Dotcom)

2808. No More Tears: Japanese scientists develop onions that wont make you cry

2809. Let’s talk content, not hackers’ identity - Putin on DNC hack

2810. Putin: Russia and US close to breakthrough deal on Syria

2811. Gurka ban: Is Islamic cucumber post political correctness gone mad or racism?

2812. Goal was to prevent Russian flag flying at Rio Paralympics – sports lawyer

2813. ‘Dreams under siege’: Gaza women fight Israel ban to attend tech mentorship program in US

2814. ‘US has to belly dance between Turkey & Kurds’: American balancing act irks Ankara

2815. ‘Blockupy Berlin!’ Anti-capitalist protesters clash with police in German capital

2816. CrossTalk: Universal Bogeyman

2817. Chasing Dreams in Blue Sky China stages airshow at aviation open day

2818. Anti-capitalism movement Blockupy stages protest in Berlin

2819. Putin & Abe speak at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia

2820. Massive fireball: Moment SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket explodes

2821. Suspecting Ethiopian Israelis & Arabs of crime is ‘natural’ - Israeli police chief

2822. French Spiderman: Urban climber scales Paris skyscraper without harnesses

2823. RAW: Pro-Rousseff protests rage in Sao Paulo denouncing impeachment

2824. Hospital damaged as Saudi air strike hits nearby gas station

2825. Scene of SpaceX rocket explosion in Florida

2826. Fireballs Festival: Daredevils hurl burning rags at one another in El Salvador

2827. Plenty of Wasabi!: Robo-chef serves up some sushi in Japan

2828. Cubs of Caliphate’ vs. child soldiers: Iraqi militias recruit minors to fight ISIS – HRW

2829. Swedish Muslim school slammed for segregated gym classes

2830. Wikileaks ‘benefited Russia at expense of West’ - NYT claims

2831. Democrats urge Hillary to ‘cut off Clinton Foundation’

2832. ‘Ring of Fire’: Rare solar eclipse puts on spectacular show over Africa

2833. Intl Space Station crewmembers conduct spacewalk

2834. Solar eclipse over Reunion Island

2835. Keiser Report: Simple Sleight of Monetary Hand (E961)

2836. RAW: Elite Russian National Guard units showcase combat skills during open drills

2837. ‘No questions asked’: Frenchman returning from Syria exposes ‘porous’ border control

2838. CrossTalk: Turkeys Flip-Flop?

2839. Rousseff impeachment: Brazil senate votes to dismiss president

2840. Russian airstrike killed senior ISIS leader al-Adnani in Aleppo – Moscow

2841. Aleppo combat footage: Syrian govt troops fighting rebels south of province capital (RAW)

2842. ‘Our country is going to hell’ – Trump at Everett rally

2843. These aren’t the results you are looking for: Googling Hillary’s health problems

2844. Britain would welcome Apple after tax case issues with EU

2845. Lionrock typhoon slams into Japanese areas still recovering from 2011 tsunami – aerial footage

2846. Who needs evidence? US election system reportedly hacked, media outlets blame Russians

2847. RAW: Partial evacuation in Frankfurt airport caused by security breach

2848. ‘It was hell’: WWII veterans share their memories at 75th anniversary of first Arctic Convoy

2849. 6 days under debris: Rescue workers save kitten from quake rubble in Amatrice, Italy

2850. Water weapon in Syrian war: Terrorists cut Aleppo supply lines, residents find ways to survive

2851. ‘Dead man walking’: No TTIP deal with US this year, France & Germany say

2852. Apple wont pay the €13bn unpaid tax to Ireland - Max Keiser

2853. De-confliction, Unity’: US in balancing act as Turkish, Kurdish forces clash in Syria

2854. Keiser Report: Coddled Banking Class (E960)

2855. Explosion rocks Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan after car rams gates compound

2856. Chaos in Brazil as Rousseff’s impeachment is underway

2857. ‘Non’! Britain rejects French plan to scrap border control deals in Calais

2858. Disturbing: US cops pepper spray & wrestle 84-yo grandmother to ground - bodycam footage

2859. Iran deploys S-300 missiles at Fordow nuclear facility

2860. Hundreds of reindeer killed by lightning strike in Norway (Graphic images)

2861. ‘She misses her brother so much’: 4-yo girl seriously injured, loses sibling in rebel fire in Aleppo

2862. RAW: Starved Aleppo residents line up for badly needed food aid

2863. Nerve-shredding CCTV: US officer pulls man from rail tracks moments before train arrival

2864. TTIP talks between EU & US have de facto failed – German economy minister

2865. Yemen blast: ISIS kills up to 60 in suicide car bombing in Aden

2866. Amatrice drone footage: Aerial shots reveal dramatic devastation in quake-stricken Italian town

2867. Over the Edge: Europe’s highest swing opens up in Amsterdam

2868. Girls as young as 3 undergoing genital mutilation in remote villages in Dagestan, Russia

2869. Snooping Online: ‘Orwell’ game puts users into shoes of data collection specialist

2870. Strawberry Storm: Supermarket giant Tesco scraps Scottish flag from packaging

2871. Threat from within? US Army unit lists Clinton in same category as whistleblowers

2872. Flares and Eggs: Protesters gather outside Ukrainian embassy in Moscow

2873. Red Cross donates morgues in Yemen as death toll soars

2874. ‘We need army to ensure security’: Migrants throw branches, start fire to get onto UK-bound trucks

2875. Ever heard of Visegrad? Group of Central European states not happy with Merkels refugee policy

2876. Thin line between love & hate: What happened to Clinton-Putin relations?

2877. ‘Childhood under fire’: Kids living on the frontline in Aleppo

2878. ‘Mutual mistrust reduced’: Lavrov & Kerry agree on concrete steps to ease Syrian conflict

2879. Amnesty in Wartime: Assad pardons former Syrian militants (RT Documentary)

2880. Massive blaze rips through Moscow warehouse, at least 17 dead

2881. Pink Lagoon: Drone buzzes over Las Coloradas pools in Mexico

2882. Keiser Report: Lesser Evil Voting (E959)

2883. Future of space travel: Russia first to successfully test clean pulse-detonation rocket engine

2884. Batman in Russia? This epic Batmobile just turned up in Moscow

2885. Flash floods ravage Kansas City

2886. Israeli military clears its troops of Gaza war crime allegations

2887. France’s highest court overturns burkini ban in town near Nice

2888. SpaceX Dragon CRS-9 cargo ship heads back to Earth

2889. Texas earthquakes likely linked to fracking activity - US environmental agency

2890. Godfather of extreme nationalism Clinton blames Putin for rising popularity of right-wing leaders

2891. We need to step very carefully - Russian UN envoy on conclusions of Syria chem weapon report

2892. Car bomb explodes at police HQ in Cizre, Turkey: at least 11 killed, dozens injured

2893. Burkini Ban Backlash: Wearing full-body swimming costume is political act? (DEBATE)

2894. ‘Community is dying in silence’: Chinese migrants demand protection from Paris attackers

2895. Waterspouts touch down on Qinghai lake in China

2896. ‘Cynical, immoral, inhumane’ – Putin on Russian Paralympic ban

2897. Apache & Black Hawk copters fire with machine guns during Taiwan military drills

2898. Japan holds live-fire drills day after N. Korean missile test

2899. Walking Cranes: Rare tornado rips through Russian city

2900. Up to 50 girls report sexual harassment at Swedish music festival

2901. Worth the risk? Cost-cutting means CCTV cameras to be scrapped from London’s tourist hotspots

2902. Jarablus ‘being cleansed’ of ISIS, Turkey sends more tanks to Syria

2903. ‘I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if you paid me’: Nigel Farage at Trump rally

2904. Keiser Report: Banks in Safe Harbors (E958)

2905. Pescara del Tronto Ruins: Drone buzzes earthquake zone in Italy

2906. Italy Earthquake: Rescue op in Pescara del Tronto

2907. Tornado rips through Kokomo, Indiana

2908. 7 dead, 30 injured, as gunmen attack American University in Kabul

2909. Rocky Roads? Ha that’s nothing! Russian military tests next gen APC

2910. ‘UK arms and military support are fueling a brutal war in Yemen’ – Oxfam

2911. Another bout of hysteria: CNN blames Russian hackers for NYT breach

2912. Racial profiling? EasyJet kicks Muslims off plane after ISIS accusations

2913. ‘Check my pulse’: Hillary Clinton jokes about claims of poor health

2914. Turkey launches military op in Syria to free ISIS-held city of Jarablus

2915. Turkish tanks cross Syrian border in military op to retake city of Jarablus from ISIS

2916. Italy Earthquake: Rescue teams seek survivors after 6.2 quake strikes Amatrice

2917. Blast rocks coastal resort of Pattani, Thailand

2918. At least 14 dead in central Italy as quake devastates towns

2919. 6.2 quake shakes Rome, destroys town in central Italy

2920. Ecuadorian Embassy break-in: Police took 2hrs to reach building where Assange is holed up

2921. Thank you Celtic: Wave of support for football club waving Palestine flags

2922. Paintback: Berlin artists turn swastika into art

2923. FBI uncovers 15000 new Hillary Clintons emails

2924. Paralympic dreams dashed: Entire Russian team banned after losing appeal

2925. Penguin Promotion: Bird becomes Brigadier during special ceremony

2926. Cockpit View: MIG-29 combat drills captured on GoPro

2927. Keiser Report: Cryptocurrency Drama (E957)

2928. ‘There was nothing I could do’: New instances of rape by soldiers documented in Central Africa

2929. GTA-style action sea chase: Drug trafficker on the run

2930. ‘I dont give a sh*t about them’: Philippines president threatens to leave ‘stupid’ UN

2931. Prisons within prisons: Islamist extremists to be locked up in separate units in UK

2932. German govt warns people to stockpile food, water in case of terror attacks

2933. Photojournalist behind ‘Aleppo boy’ image posed with child executioners

2934. Panic in Prague: Islamophobic group stages fake ISIS attack

2935. Coincidence? Two Chinese boys get their heads stuck on the same day

2936. RAW: Teen allegedly wearing ‘suicide vest’ arrested in Kirkuk, Iraq

2937. Scandalympics: Rio 2016 achievements & controversies

2938. ‘Fighting for our identity’: Pisa residents protest against building mosque near iconic tower

2939. ‘We continue living’ – Aleppo residents refuse to leave city despite war

2940. Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony fireworks

2941. We cant live without sport – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2942. I believe that common sense and justice will prevail – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2943. Were ready to fight this decision – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2944. I cant imagine my life without sport – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2945. Refugees converted to Christianity face abuse, threats from fellow newcomers

2946. Somebody just decided to ban us – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2947. I defend the honor of my country and my flag – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2948. ‘I will fight till the end, and in 4 years I will show them!’ – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2949. RAW: Raging fire at Selsey Academy in south of UK

2950. ‘Disabled people are fighting to go beyond their limitations’ – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2951. ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2952. I keep on training, enduring all that pain, losing sleep – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2953. Dont crack it! Worlds longest glass bottom bridge opens in Hunan, China

2954. 50 killed, 94 injured after blast hits wedding ceremony in Gaziantep, Turkey

2955. Yemen: 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis

2956. Blast at wedding ceremony in Gaziantep, Turkey

2957. Russia’s spectacular Tank Biathlon 2016 in 360 view

2958. War-torn Childhood: Heartbreaking images of children suffering that didnt go viral

2959. Sports is my life! - Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2960. ‘Why are you depriving us of our dream?’ – Russian Paralympian to IPC chief

2961. ‘There are pieces of shrapnel in my arm’: Syrian girls wounded in shelling talk to Lizzie Phelan

2962. Keiser Report: Why politicians should follow Mozart’s lead? (E956)

2963. RAW: Refugee camp ablaze in Germany

2964. #AleppoBoy: Theres media manipulation over this image

2965. ‘Final’ pole vault: Yelena Isinbayeva records her farewell

2966. Russian Black Sea Fleet carries out missile strikes on terrorist targets in Syria - MoD

2967. Putin: Russia will not cut off relations with Urkaine after Kievs plot in Crimea

2968. Germany to ban wearing face veils in public places - Interior minister

2969. Hack the Kremlin Calls for Pentagon to dig up secret info as payback for e-mail leaks

2970. 25 years on: Failed coup that ended Soviet Union

2971. Russia supports humanitarian pauses to bring aid to Aleppo

2972. ISIS oaths, AK-47 & TNT blocks: FSB detains terror suspect in central Russia

2973. Cat adopts tiny baby squirrel monkey rejected by his mother in Russia

2974. You cant unsee this: Nude statues of Trump pop up in US cities

2975. Ankara considers military ties with Russia as NATO shies away – Turkish FM

2976. ‘Childhood trapped in war’: Ash-covered boy brings home horror to the world

2977. At least 10 killed, hundreds wounded in string of blasts in eastern Turkey

2978. Negotiate with ISIS? Labour leadership candidate suggests peace talks with jihadists

2979. #MusulmanDiscret: Tips to become a secret Muslim

2980. IDF looks into alleged stun grenade attack on unarmed Palestinians

2981. Greece demands €270bn in WW2 reparations from Germany

2982. ‘Blood for blood’: Breakaway Taliban faction names new leader, vows to fight ‘invaders’

2983. Keiser Report: To Frack or Not To Frack? (E955)

2984. Airlander 10: Worlds biggest aircraft takes maiden flight in UK

2985. Botlr Butler: Silicon Valley hotel shows off own R2D2

2986. West asks whether Russia legally uses Iranian base

2987. Chinese army conducts ground-to-air confrontation drills

2988. Algerian businessman ready to pay for all burkini fines in France

2989. No THAAD! S. Koreans shave heads in protest over US missile system placement

2990. Media fan flames of US-Russia war at Olympics - Silver medalist Efimova on hostility & media bias

2991. Republicans call for perjury charges against Clinton over emails

2992. Israeli forces throw grenade at Palestinians in unprovoked attack in Ramallah

2993. Major anti-terror op launched in St. Petersburg, suspected North Caucasus militants detained

2994. Unfortunate: US State Dept on Russian use of Iran base to fly anti-ISIS missions

2995. Russian bombers target ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor from Irans Hamadan Airbase – MoD

2996. Berlin breaks contract with refugee housing firm over ‘child-guillotine’ email jokes

2997. China ‘to provide aid, enhance military training’ in Syria – top army official

2998. RAW: Armored train drills resume in Russia for first time in 15 years

2999. Moscow and Tehran sign deal allowing Russian jets to use Hamadan airbase

3000. Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

3001. Burkini Ban: Third town in France prohibits Islamic swimsuit after beach brawl on Corsica

3002. Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods & Elitist Academia (Going Underground)

3003. Urban Wakeboarding: Months worth of rain falls in one day in Moscow

3004. Keiser Report: Schrödingers Brexit (E954)

3005. Ash and Gas: Popocatepetl volcano erupts in Mexico

3006. Russian long-range bombers target ISIS from Irans Hamadan airfield - MoD

3007. China launches worlds first quantum communications satellite

3008. Gold production in Sudan: primary resource for the recovery of countrys economy

3009. RAW: Deadly aftermath of Saudi led air strike on MSF hospital in Yemen (GRAPHIC)

3010. ‘Now it’s time for her to do what she was born to do’ – Klishina’s lawyer after athlete wins appeal

3011. ‘My son & 3 others came across a bomb while playing’ – Yemeni father tells of horrors of ongoing war

3012. Internet trolls beware! Special ‘online hate crime hub’ set up in London

3013. ‘All too common scene’: Palestinian home built by EU demolished by Israeli bulldozers

3014. Radical groups in Germany target refugee centers in search of recruits – intelligence

3015. RAW: Boko haram reportedly publishes video featuring kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls

3016. Clash of titans! Best moments of Russia’s epic Tank Biathlon 2016 final

3017. Lavrov and Steinmeier speak to press in Yekaterinburg

3018. Tripoli-backed forces continue battle for Sirte, Libya

3019. Rio fear mongering: Reality check vs media coverage

3020. News Thing: Nigel Farage’s mustache

3021. Election fraud ignored in Muslim community in UK because of political correctness - report

3022. Pray your sins away? Catholic priest who molested 20 boys told to say Hail Mary

3023. RAW: Russian long-range bombers target ISIS near Deir ez-Zor, Syria

3024. Getting into a tight place: 8yo rescued after having her head stuck in railway fence

3025. Women burn burqas, men cut beards: Manbij celebrates liberation from ISIS

3026. Swiss train attack: Knifeman attacks passengers, ignites flammable liquid, wounds 6

3027. Mounting civilian deaths by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen - UN

3028. GRAPHIC: Yemeni children wounded in alleged coalition airstrike

3029. Wonderwoman! Watch Russian lady move HELICOPTER

3030. Man hit by truck on Indian road…. And hundreds of people just keep passing by

3031. Keiser Report: ‘Crexit’ & the dark heart of Italy’s banking crisis (E953)

3032. ‘Allegiance to terrorists’: Burqinis banned from Cannes beaches

3033. Doping disguise: Kenyan coach sent home after posing as athlete for drug test

3034. #PayToPlay: Clinton faces corruption scandal after links between donors & State Dept exposed

3035. US claims no change of strategy in Syria as Turkey offers Russia to team up

3036. ‘Civil right’? Calls to legalize polygamy outrage Italian politicians

3037. I, the PM of Israel, care more about Palestinians than their own leaders do - Netanyahu

3038. Assange to be questioned by Sweden at Ecuadorian embassy in London

3039. ‘Am I not speaking English?’ Reporters grill State Dept over Clinton emails

3040. Aviadarts 2016 in 360: Inside cockpit of Russian Yak 130

3041. Gun issue, temperament: Reasons why MSM thinks Trump should go

3042. Poroshenko orders forces on border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine on highest alert

3043. Deportation, denaturalization, penalties: New security measures in wake of recent attacks in Germany

3044. Turkey offers to carry out joint operations with Russia against ISIS

3045. Donald fan climbs Trump Tower by cupping, arrested by NYPD

3046. Tank Biathlon World Championship semi-finals near Moscow

3047. Keiser Report: Phantom Pension Funding (E952)

3048. Russian bombers target ISIS chemical weapons plant near Raqqa, Syria - MoD

3049. Evacuations & flight diversions: Wildfires rage near Marseille

3050. Muslims call for polygamy to be legalized in Italy after same sex marriage gets nod (DEBATE)

3051. Army Games 2016: Aerobatics show finale at Aviadarts in Russia

3052. Iranian man arrested after threatening to blow himself up at Danish asylum center

3053. Assange hints murdered DNC staffer couldve been Wikileaks source, offers $20k reward for info

3054. Terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents averted in Crimea - Russian FSB

3055. Russians and Iranians should be killed to pay a price in Syria - ex-CIA chief backing Clinton

3056. Its a coup Brazil split in two camps over impeachment of president Rousseff

3057. Putin and May agree to personal meeting, speak of mending ties

3058. U-Turn: Possible reasons behind Turkeys rapprochement with Russia

3059. Trump: 2nd Amendment people might be able to stop Hillary Clinton

3060. Drone captures devastation of Kinsabba after Syrian govt forces liberate town

3061. Tensions grow over South China Sea, Beijing accused of more aggression

3062. Putin: All want dialogue & relations restored in interests of Turkish & Russian people

3063. Israel arrests UN employee for assisting Hamas

3064. Putin, Erdogan hold joint press conference in St. Petersburg (FULL VIDEO)

3065. Keiser Report: Collapse of Political World (E951)

3066. Stop coup in Brazil! Rio Olympics marred by political protests against interim president

3067. Putin meets Erdogan for 1st time since downing of Russian jet

3068. CCTV: Moment of deadly bomb blast in Pakistan, over 70 reported dead

3069. Beautiful Tigon is born - First lioness and tiger cub in Russia

3070. ISIS, Taliban call truce to fight US-backed forces in Afghanistan - military officials

3071. Meet Charlie: Italian coastguards rescue drowning kitten using CPR

3072. Universities for terrorists EU prisons turning into radicalization hotspots

3073. Goat & Sack of Rice: 6yo Afghan girl sold into marriage to 55yo man for some food

3074. Terror Routine: Europeans now seeing terrorism as almost daily threat to lives

3075. Before I die Train station in Paris unveils wall for passengers to share their dreams

3076. Russian bombers target ISIS positions near Palmyra

3077. Entire Russian Paralympic team banned from Rio Games

3078. Huge crowds gather for pro-Erdogan rally in Istanbul

3079. It’s huge! World’s largest vessel launches from Dutch port

3080. Syrian kids chase Pokémon in war-torn Aleppo

3081. RAW: Urban warfare in Aleppo as rebels claim siege breach, reportedly suffer heavy losses & setbacks

3082. Femen: Exposed (RT Documentary)

3083. ISIS claims responsibility for Belgium machete attack which left 2 policewomen injured

3084. Choosing Trump or Clinton like cholera or gonorrhea Assange tells Green Party convention

3085. Russias Paralympians banned from competing in Rio - Intl Paralympic Committee (FULL PRESSER)

3086. Keiser Report: Great Period of Instability (E950)

3087. We are not corrupted by the big money - Dr. Jill Stein to introduce 3rd power in US elections

3088. Amnesty in Wartime: RT first foreign crew to film amnestied militants serving in Syria (Promo)

3089. Julian Assange Special: Do Wikileaks have the email thatll put Clinton in Prison? (EP 376)

3090. Moment railing collapses at Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa concert, dozens injured

3091. Huge gas pipeline explosion sparks enormous fire in Iran

3092. ‘Treated like criminals’: Muslim American couple kicked off Delta flight

3093. Air stunts & controlled strikes wow crowds at military aircraft competition Aviadarts in Russia

3094. ‘I want border police!’ Polish border town tightens security to keep refugees away

3095. Olympics 2016 kicks off but is Rio ready? Criticism over preparations mounts

3096. RAW: Police batter anti-Olympic protesters with batons in Sao Paulo

3097. GRAPHIC: Bodycam captures police killing of unarmed teen Paul ONeal in Chicago

3098. ‘They dont want us to play on our land’: 8yo Palestinian girl bullied by IDF soldier

3099. Unique video: Super-rare ball lightning moving across Siberian field

3100. Road to Rio: Looking at possible double standards in doping cases

3101. RAW: Black Lives Matter protest blocks motorway to Heathrow Airport, UK

3102. Head-spinning 360: Awe-inspiring aerobatic stunts by world’s best female pilot

3103. Transparency? Ha! US State Dept spox bursts into laughter at press briefing

3104. UK 21-yo girl reportedly caged in S. Arabia for kissing a boy, claims beaten & locked by own father

3105. State-sponsored terror? Paris, Brussels suspects got benefits while plotting attacks - report

3106. Israeli hackers breach ISIS messenger app, reveal attack plans

3107. Battle for Aleppo: Heavy fighting as Syrian army stalls rebel counter-offensive

3108. Driver catapults man 15 ft into air, attacks again in hit and run in UK (Disturbing CCTV footage)

3109. RAW: Bear family caught chilling next to people on lake beach in California

3110. London Attack: 1 killed, 5 injured after Norwegian suspect of Somali origin goes on mass stabbing

3111. Keiser Report: Economics Farce (E949)

3112. Huge stash of US-made weapons found in terrorist-held Aleppo district

3113. Brazilian riot police tear gas, pepper spray protesters on Olympic torch route

3114. France: Priest dragged away amid clashes with police

3115. Moment child is saved from oncoming train in Russia

3116. Still Unknown: Russian Paralympic team stuck in limbo before Rio 2016

3117. Assange on latest leaks: Alleged Russian hackers not linked to Wikileaks docs (EXCLUSIVE)

3118. Pain is nothing Coconuts smashed over heads of hundreds devotees in Indian ritual

3119. Chinas futuristic bus that drives above car traffic is finally here

3120. Getting ready for Black Hat global hacker conference: leave all devices at home

3121. Paris police drag worshippers out of church due for demolition, day after slain priest’s funeral

3122. Obama: US failed to plan for peace and security in Libya after toppling of Gaddafi

3123. Two separate chemical attacks reported in northern Syria

3124. Emirates jet crash-lands in Dubai, engulfed in flames

3125. Over 100 cocaine labs destroyed in Colombia in 5 days

3126. Censorship Wins: Clinton bikini to Niqab mural to black wall

3127. New ‘Leash’ On Life: Dog gets prosthetic legs after horrific sword attack

3128. RAW: Moment five-story building collapses in Nairobi, Kenya

3129. Russian paralympic team probed over 35 unnamed positive samples

3130. Cubs of Caliphate: Europol warns that ISIS-trained children pose REAL threat to EU

3131. Siberian anthrax outbreak: 12yo boy killed, dozens in hospital

3132. Inground Pool! Sinkhole with swirling water appears in backyard of house in Australia

3133. Intervention 2.0? US launches air strikes on ISIS targets in Libya

3134. Journalism? Really? MSM lecture RT about principles of impartiality usisng decade-old cliches

3135. Love is in the air: Couple gets married 90m above ground in India

3136. Keiser Report: Myth of Millennial Entrepreneur (E948) (ft.Gerald Celente)

3137. Chinese fleets conduct real combat drill on East China Sea

3138. Human chain saves woman from floods in Maryland

3139. ‘When not if’: Terror attack ‘highly likely’ in UK – Head of London police

3140. Rio 2016: Olympic chief slams WADA for delays in investigation of Russian doping

3141. RAW: Wreckage of Russian helicopter downed in Syria after delivering aid to Aleppo

3142. Ban on Erdogan: Germany refuses to show Turkish presidents address to supporters in Cologne

3143. Russian helicopter on Aleppo aid mission shot down, all 5 aboard dead

3144. CrossTalk on Vacation: What topics will be in focus next season? (promo)

3145. CrossTalk: Bullhorns in Overdrive

3146. Robot Shuttle: Japans first driverless bus to begin service in Chiba

3147. Truck bomb hits Northgate hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan

3148. Palmerston vs Larry: Cats fur flying in Downing Street in yet another political power struggle

3149. Warships, submarines & vessels: Navy Day Parade in Sevastopol, Russia

3150. Fashion behind the Iron Curtain (RT Documentary)

3151. Heaven Sent: Skydiver Luke Aikins jumps 25000 feet without parachute

3152. Kidney Valley: Nepalese villagers preyed upon by a thriving organ black market (RT Documentary)

3153. Road that leads to hell Italy launches project showing horrors migrants face on way to EU

3154. Whole world of new possibilities Scottish fishermen support Brexit, warn govt against rejoining EU

3155. Race, aim, fire! Tank skills on show at World Championship Tank Biathlon

3156. ‘Merkel must go’: Protesters demand German chancellor to go amid migration & security concerns

3157. Keiser Report: Taxation and Comedy (Summer Solutions series E947)

3158. On Contact: Into the Political Wilderness with Jill Stein

3159. Vanished guns: Firearms stolen from elite US Army base in Germany

3160. RAW: At least 60 injured as protesters clash with police in Armenian capital

3161. ‘Know your place!’: Erdogan on US official’s reaction to failed coup aftermath

3162. Latest US-led coalition strikes killed 45 civilians near Manbij – Syrian Foreign Ministry

3163. California dreaming: Wild bear chills in swimming pool to find relief from heat

3164. Aleppo residents escape besieged areas via safe passage, Russia distrubtes aid packages

3165. ‘America is great because America is good’: Deep thoughts of Hillary Clinton

3166. Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces uproar

3167. Bodycam: US cops rescue criminal from burning car

3168. Wingsuit flight 360: Feel the skydive thrill with Russian birdmen setting national record

3169. Lopsided democratic convention coverage sparks public outrage

3170. RAW: Pope Francis visits Auschwitz, meets survivors

3171. CrossTalk: Wave of Terror

3172. War on terror: Security agencies from all over the world mount efforts to prevent new attacks

3173. RAW: Olympic champion Isinbayeva barely holds it together at Putin joint-presser

3174. Keiser Report: Global Energy Crisis (Summer Solutions series E946)

3175. Russia & Syria launch large-scale humanitarian operation for Aleppo residents

3176. Silk Way Rally 360: Panoramic helicopter & cabin view, time-lapse from off-road race

3177. Syria: Govt forces advance on Aleppo day before humanitarian corridors opening expected

3178. Clinton slams Trump for praising dictators, despite having own ties

3179. Protesters clash with police outside DNC as Obama praises Clinton as ‘most qualified’ candidate

3180. Destination Rio: Russian team head for Olympics 2016 but many clean athletes stay home

3181. RAW: Pope Francis falls during Mass in Poland

3182. Media crackdown in Turkey: The only solution to go out of this crisis is a peace policy

3183. GRAPHIC: Man sets ward on fire in horrific attack, 3 dead

3184. ‘They have a history of corruption’: Clinton Cash documentary author Peter Schweizer

3185. DNC 360: Moment Bernie Sanders nominates Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention

3186. Game of Drones: New type of war crime thats going unpunished (RT Documentary)

3187. Underwater abyss: Planets deepest blue hole found in South China Sea

3188. RAW: Devastating floods hit Tibet, highway road washed away

3189. France’s new reality: Hollande claims country at war with ISIS, predicts long battle

3190. Syria blast: Dozens killed, nearly 200 wounded in truck bomb attack, ISIS claims responsibility

3191. CrossTalk on Trump: Siberian Candidate?

3192. ‘On the way to Armageddon’: ISIS attacks aim to bring religious war to Middle East

3193. Solution to latest wave of attacks in Europe? (DEBATE)

3194. Welcome to Russia: Chinese warplanes arrive for Aerial Darts 2016

3195. Spain Forest Fire: Blaze sparked after uncontrolled burning at farm

3196. Keiser Report: Reality of Uncertainty (E945)

3197. Keep losing sensitive information? Probably Russian hackers

3198. ‘Merkel Must Go!’: Slogan gains ground after wave of attacks in Germany

3199. ISIS claims responsibility for French church attack

3200. ‘Under the carpet’: US coalition slammed for civilian deaths in Syrian airstrikes

3201. Dangerous Path: Religious minorities under threat after failed Turkey coup

3202. ... A four-letter word: Russian FM Lavrov on DNC hack claims

3203. Australia’s shame: ‘Torture’ of kids at juvenile detention center

3204. Solar Impulse 2 makes final landing in Abu Dhabi

3205. Bernie Booed: Sanders supporters yell as he urges they vote for Clinton

3206. Email Dump: Hillary Clinton aide jumps on blame Russian bandwagon

3207. Our teachers turn out to be the cheaters

3208. Club Shooting: 2 killed, 16 injured in ‘Teen night’ party at Fort Myers, Florida

3209. ‘IOC didn’t back down, they have taken balanced decision’ - Russian Olympic Committee President

3210. Sour Relations: Tensions between Turkey, US escalating after failed coup attempt

3211. ‘Targeted surveillance might be way forward instead of tsunami style we have now’

3212. Torch festival kicks off in southwest China

3213. Wave of Horror: 4 attacks hit Germany in one week

3214. DNC Leaks: Anti-Sanders bias, pro-Clinton collusion revealed in WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 emails

3215. CrossTalk: Bullhorns get sporty

3216. Decade of Carnage in Iraq: See how MSM changed their tune since 2003

3217. 15 Years Of Terror: Timeline map of terrorist attacks since 2001

3218. Huge fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkey

3219. Ansbach attack: Explosion struck bar in the German city of Ansbach, Bavaria

3220. RT LIVE COVERAGE: Bavaria bomb blast

3221. Germany: One killed and at least 12 injured in Ansbach bar bomb

3222. Moment German police arrest machete wielding Syrian refugee in Reutlingen

3223. Syrian refugee wielding machete kills 1, injures 2 in Reutlingen, Germany

3224. IOC Lifeline: Russia avoids Rio 2016 ban

3225. 1 dead, 1 injured as tigers maul 2 women at Chinese Wildlife Park

3226. Silk Way Rally 2016: Drivers finish last stage of race

3227. Decision day: Countdown to IOC decision on Russia team’s fate for Rio 2016

3228. ‘Open the border!’ Pro-refugee group tries to breach Greek-Turkish border cordon

3229. Munich shooting memorial 360: People laying flowers to honor the memory of victims

3230. ‘Impure to Islam’: Leaflets handed to Manchester residents call for dog ban

3231. Poland recognizes WWII mass killings by Ukrainian nationalists as genocide

3232. ISIS Beach? Sand supplied from Lafarge under fire for alleged terror connection

3233. Coup Crackdown: Turkey shuts down 1,000+ private schools

3234. Keiser Report: Escaping America (E944)

3235. Around the globe in 11 days: 64yo Russian adventurer breaks world record

3236. Heighted Security: Border checks cause traffic jam for cars, trucks at English Channel

3237. ‘Firepower-2016’: Chinese military launches anti-air drills

3238. Syrian military release video of heavy fighting with Al-Nusra front near Damascus

3239. Munich attack not connected to refugees or ISIS, was inspired by Breivik - German police

3240. Buildings and cars set ablaze in Paris suburb following police custody death

3241. Munich shooter: Nationalist or terrorist?

3242. Obama makes joke after commenting on Munich attack

3243. GRAPHIC: Moment Munich shooter goes on rampage

3244. Munich shooting: Evacuation, dead bodies, heavy police presence (Raw footage)

3245. LIVE COVERAGE: Shooting rampage in Munich, multiple deaths reported, gunmen at large

3246. BREAKING VIDEO: Police respond to shooting spree in Munich shopping mall

3247. FIRST VIDEO: Shooting in Munich shopping mall, people run to seek shelter

3248. Would ‪‎Trump‬ honor ‪‎NATO‬ solidarity principle if elected? There are doubts

3249. State Dept grilled over dozens of civilian deaths in Syria airstrikes

3250. Unemployment in French Muslim communities driving youth to radicalism - ex-intelligence chief

3251. RAW: Pokemon hunting journo busted & trolled at State Department briefing

3252. Russian Foreign Ministry - behind the lace curtains with Lavrovs leading lady

3253. Bosporus Bridge horror: Deadly clashes in failed Turkey coup attempt captured on CCTV

3254. CrossTalk: Erdogans Turkey

3255. Syrian opposition asks US-led coalition to halt strikes after mass civilian casualties reports

3256. Trump’s Wall of Fame: The Donald’s Hollywood star fenced in

3257. Game of Drones: CIA license to kill? (RT Documentary Promo)

3258. Mind your step! Ground literally ripples & wobbles due to methane leak in tundra

3259. RT Propaganda Watch: You can blame without watching… or you can watch without blaming

3260. Russian athletes to remain banned from Rio - Court of Arbitration for Sport

3261. Combat cam: Russian Tu-22m3 strategic bombers target ISIS in Syria

3262. Palestine: Hamas military tunnel open to public for first time

3263. Which lives matter: Carl Dix debates Katie Hopkins

3264. 285-meter Sulafa Tower on fire in Dubai

3265. RAW: Laura Ingraham gives alleged ‘Nazi salute’ at RNC speech

3266. Crowd boos Ted Cruz off the stage as Donald Trump crashes his speech at RNC

3267. Armenia: Scores injured in clashes over hostage situation in Yerevan

3268. ‘Clear attack on academic freedom’: Prof behind ‘Defend Academic Freedom in Turkey’ petition

3269. ‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French & US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians’

3270. Tear gas, clashes outside police HQ in Armenian capital as hostage crisis continues (streamed live)

3271. RAW: Expedition delves into the heart of Russias deepest Palaeozoic cave discovering new specimens

3272. CrossTalk: China vs lawfare

3273. Nice 360: Flowers & candles at improvised memorial to mourn truck rampage victims day after attack

3274. Flying chair: This ultra-light gyrocopter set to revolutionize air travel

3275. RAW: Three stabbed after water fight in Londons Hyde Park turns violent

3276. Helicopter sports 360 POV: Chopper aces show off skills at Russian championship

3277. Airstrikes, tanks roving streets: Dramatic moments of Turkey coup attempt (CCTV footage compilation)

3278. ‘This is what I get for playing this stupid game: Pokemon-chasing driver rams police car in USA

3279. US may ‘take a pause’ in aiding Syrian rebels after beheading of Palestinian boy

3280. ‘Lock her Up’: Chris Christie asks the crowd at RNCinCLE if Hillary Clinton is guilty or not guilty

3281. Infowars frontman Alex Jones faces & fights anti-Trump protesters

3282. Johnson & Kerry react to question about BoJo’s ‘history of exaggerations and outright lies’

3283. Strolling with assault rifle: Suspected gunman in Kazakhstan police killing caught on camera

3284. Keiser Report: Crisis of Capitalism (Summer solutions series E942)

3285. Pokemon Go vs Pegida: Dozens arrested as game fans & Antifa protest far-right rally in Germany

3286. Syria airstrikes: Coalition aircraft targets ISIS in simultaneous hits

3287. RAW: Kerry collides with Downing Street door

3288. Word for word: ‪‎Melania Trump‬ plagiarizes part of ‪Michelle Obama‬’s 2008 DNC speech

3289. Chaos in Cleveland: ‘What doesn’t destroy Trump makes him stronger’

3290. ‘In hot water’: Beijing holds military drills in disputed South China Sea

3291. Gulen effigy hanged, Turkish flags & fire at Taksim square as Erdogan supporters hail coup failure

3292. Axe rampage: 17-yo Afghan refugee shot dead after injuring nearly 15 on Bavarian train

3293. Locals in France express their disgust where Nice attacker was killed

3294. Heavy Fighting: Syrian forces retake Kinsibba in Northern Lattakia

3295. Yes - UK PM when asked if she is prepared to use nukes if necessary

3296. Street Clashes: Turkish police fire tear gas at anti-government protesters

3297. CrossTalk on Turkey: Bullhorns on the coup

3298. Baton Rouge police shooter identified as frmr marine Gavin Long

3299. We have lift off: Space X launches Dragon cargo ship to Intl Space Station

3300. French PM Manuel Live with terrorism’ Valls booed at Nice attack memorial

3301. Religious radicals attack police station in Almaty, Kazakhstan, kill at least 4

3302. Republican ticket goes to Trump? ‘People feel he’s giving voice to those unheard’

3303. To renew or not renew? UK parliament to vote on Trident nuclear system

3304. KaZantip on fire: Massive blaze engulfs building of famous music festival in Crimea

3305. Caught in tear gas: Turkish police crackdown on Istanbul rally

3306. Baton Rouge Shooting: 3 police officers killed, 1 suspect killed

3307. Keiser Report: Preventing Debt Parasites (E941)

3308. Live with terrorism: Anger mounts over officials take on Nice attack

3309. Terrible scenes as mountain torrents crash down houses in China

3310. Huge new delivery of oil equipment sails right by the Kremlin in Moscow

3311. Erdogan main beneficiary of coup: Now crushing opposition, firing judges and officers - German MP

3312. Ex Chinese soldier reveals his self driving Japanese World War II Rickshaw

3313. FindFace: Russian face recognition app beats Google at identifying people in photos

3314. ‘The Infiltrator’: Frmr US federal agent on his life undercover

3315. #JeSuisEpuise: People voice anger over frequency of mass killings

3316. Diplomatic rift: Erdogan urges US to extradite Muslim cleric Gulen blamed for coup attempt

3317. Turkish police officer saves coup tank solider from angry crowd

3318. Strategic Takeover: Syrian Arab Army recaptures Kinsabba in Latakia

3319. Turkey coup attempt aftermath: Over 2,800 arrested, at least 265 killed, 1,440 injured

3320. ISIS claims credit for Nice attack, cops let truck through ‘after he said he was carrying ice cream’

3321. George Galloway on Nice attack: Catalogue of security and political failures

3322. RAW: Pro-Erdogan crowds celebrate on tanks after Turkey coup fails

3323. Turkey coup attempt: Ankaras presidential palace, parliament building bombed

3324. Turkey coup: Turkish citizens deal with tanks during coup

3325. Turkey coup: Istanbul citizens blockade armored vehicles as military opens fire

3326. Turkey coup: Footage from inside Turkish parliament when bomb goes off

3327. Turkey coup: Tanks on streets of Istanbul

3328. Military shut down Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul as coup unfolds in Turkey

3329. Turkey coup: Helicopters buzz Ankara as military attempts to take over govt

3330. Turkish military declares takeover of country (Special coverage)

3331. Turkey Coup: Shots fired, people out on streets fleeing

3332. Free Fall: Parachutists set 3 records over Kolomna, Russia (360 Video)

3333. Nice Attack: Motorcyclist loses life in attempt to stop truck

3334. Don River Find: WW2-era T-34 recovered in Russia

3335. ‘Only joint efforts can defeat terrorism’ – Putin on Nice attack

3336. 15th City In: Solar Impulse 2 lands in Egypt

3337. Video of truck moments before Nice attack rampage

3338. Nice Attack: Moment police stormed and killed truck driver

3339. Nice truck rampage on Bastille Day caught on camera (video analysis)

3340. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Nice attack aftermath caught on cam (BLURRED)

3341. Nice attack witness: We are furious at lack of security, it is non-existent here

3342. Brazil Air Force to control Rio Olympics skies

3343. Nice attack eyewitness: Everybody ran for shelter

3344. RAW: People run in panic after truck rams into crowd in Nice

3345. LIVE COVERAGE: 84 killed, over 100 injured after Nice’s Bastille Day attack (streamed live)

3346. BREAKING: Truck rams into crowd in Nice, dozens dead, reports of gunfire

3347. ‘It’s time to move on’? Claims Clinton lied under oath, calls for new investigation

3348. Chilcot report didn’t address key issue why did UK & US really go to war – activist Bianca Jagger

3349. Boris Johnson surprise: UK baffled by choice of new foreign secretary

3350. Bastille Day celebrations: Festive Paris parade in 360

3351. Chinese police blow up 3.7km dyke in spectacular explosion

3352. Keiser Report: Gold & World’s Debt Problems (Summer Solutions series E940)

3353. GRAPHIC: Cops fatally shoot unarmed teen Dylan Noble (Bodycam footage)

3354. RAW: Bear mysteriously trapped in car rescued by Colorado deputies

3355. Massive fire & ‘explosions’ in Brussels as eight vehicles set ablaze

3356. 360 video: Pro-migrant rally against institutional racism held in Paris

3357. South China Sea dispute intensifies: Philippines wins Hague ruling, China slams decision

3358. Handling refugee influx? Erdogan promises citizenship for Syrian refugees

3359. Cameron resigns as Prime Minister, Theresa May steps in (incl Mays full speech) - streamed live

3360. ‘I hid nine fake bombs in two days’: Reporter exposes Israel’s Ben Gurion airport security

3361. RAW: Rare summer hailstorm batters Berlin

3362. First Russian 3D metal printer uses hardcore Titanium, Tungsten & Vanadium to create parts

3363. Over here, Theresa: UKs new PM gets muddled up leaving Downing St

3364. Deadly train crash in Italy - drone footage

3365. David Cameron attends last PMQs

3366. CrossTalk: Trump Cratering?

3367. RAW: George Bush dancing during Dallas memorial service

3368. ‘Revolution stuffed back into counter-revolutionary party’: Jill Stein on Sanders endorsing Clinton

3369. EU launches sanctions procedures against Spain & Portugal

3370. Round-the-world: Russian traveler to set off on solo record-breaking balloon flight

3371. Keiser Report: US, Mexico & walls (E939)

3372. Terrorists smuggled into Europe amid refugee flow – Merkel

3373. You can get 10yrs in Bahraini prison for saying ‘we want peace’ – son of trialed activist Rajab

3374. RAW: Russia’s first 3D-printed surveillance drone on display

3375. Clinton has to go further left, or shes not going to make it to White House - Ed Schultz

3376. German troops should leave Turkey base after officials snubbed, MPs urge

3377. World’s youngest nation S. Sudan on verge of slipping into civil conflict as almost 300 killed

3378. Team Portugal back home after winning Euro 2016 (streamed live)

3379. Arrests as Black Lives Matter picket Baton Rouge police HQ for three nights running

3380. Jail Break: Inmates save correctional officer’s life

3381. Black Lives Matter activists hold solidarity rally in London

3382. Friendly Competition: Open Water 2016, a Russian military contest

3383. Compilation of most spectacular 360 #DigitalVDay videos

3384. RAW: Devastating typhoon Nepartak wreaks havoc in Eastern China

3385. Meanwhile In Russia: Cow dung throwing festival in the Urals

3386. RAW: Rifle-wielding Baton Rouge police shutdown anti-brutality demo

3387. ISIS releases alleged video of helicopter downed in Syria

3388. Fierce clashes with police over eviction of legendary left-wing squat in Germany

3389. Keiser Report: Summer Solutions (E938)

3390. ISIS shoots down chopper near Palmyra, 2 Russian military instructors killed

3391. Chilcot Special: Looking beneath the whitewash of the Iraq inquiry (Going Underground)

3392. ‪I am not afraid to say: Russian and Ukrainian women speak out against sexual abuse

3393. First Fines: Burqa ban comes into force in Switzerland

3394. NATO meets in Poland to show firm stance against resurgent Russia, but something doesnt add up

3395. Wanted to kill white people: Dallas suspect identified as US army veteran

3396. Udo Ulfkotte on his ban from Facebook: Politically incorrect messages are silenced

3397. RAW: Chinese navy holds massive combat drills in disputed South China Sea

3398. ‘Against violence’: Dallas sniper attacked Black Lives Matter movement & police

3399. Burqa Ban: Law comes into force in Switzerland (DEBATE)

3400. Dallas Shootout: Gunman shooting down police officer caught on camera (GRAPHIC FULL VIDEO)

3401. Protesters burn US, NATO flags during rally in Greece

3402. Destruction & Devastation: Typhoon Nepartak slams into Taiwan

3403. Aftermath Footage: ISIS suicide attack on Shia shrine kills 35 in Iraq

3404. ‘There is no possible justification for these attacks’ – Obama on Dallas shooting

3405. ISIS defeats US backed Syrian rebels after air support disappears over horizon

3406. Security Split: On surface NATO working well together

3407. Snipers kill 5 police officers at Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas

3408. Restarting Investigation: State Department reopens Hillary Clinton email scandal

3409. Police and Black Lives Matter activists run for cover amidst sniper fire in Dallas

3410. Dallas suspect caught on camera while engaging in firefight with police

3411. CrossTalk: Aggressive NATO

3412. 2 snipers shoot 11 officers, killing 4, during demonstrations in Dallas

3413. Police arrest man as they look for suspects in Dallas shootings

3414. Two gas cylinders exploded causing Annonay hospital blaze

3415. Nothing in his body language said kill me I want to be dead

3416. Blast Off: 360 view of upgraded Soyuz rocket brining new crew to Intl Space Station

3417. Bull-Run: 4 injured during San Fermin festival in Spain

3418. US Shootings: 2 black men killed by police spark outrage

3419. Keiser Report: Jumping Brexit Ship (E937)

3420. Shrug Off And Move On? Iraq War report ‘inconvenienced’ Tony Blair

3421. Russian Aggression? NATO doesn’t need warmongering to bring security to eastern border – German FM

3422. Black Lives Matter protesters demand justice for Philando Castile

3423. Gulf of Fracking: 76bn gallons of toxic waste water reportedly dumped into Ocean

3424. I will be with you, whatever: Londoners react to Blairs letters to Bush on Iraq war

3425. Destination Syria: RT traces the trail of 2 Russian sisters believed to have fled to ISIS

3426. Hillary off the hook?’ No charges against Clinton over email use

3427. New Space Station crew blasts off in upgraded Soyuz spacecraft

3428. Chilcot wrap-up: Revelations, fallout & reactions as long-awaited report on Iraq war released

3429. GRAPHIC: Shocking video of police killing Alton Sterling sparks protests, outrage

3430. Italy’s richest region appeals for EU to lift anti-Russian sanctions

3431. Going Underground: Chilcot Report Special

3432. Cameron attends PMQs after Chilcot’s Iraq War inquiry publication (recorded live)

3433. ‘Military action was not a last resort’: Chilcot finally releases Iraq War report (FULL SPEECH)

3434. Paris protests 360: Inside French rally against labor reforms (Panoramic video)

3435. Fleeing Islamic State: Ex-bodyguard of ISIS Minister of War talks to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

3436. Harsh crackdown: Chile police suppress student rally against education reform

3437. ‘Desperate revenge’: Drone captures aftermath of deadly Baghdad bombing

3438. Clinton hid 1000s of emails, put classified data on her server... but shouldnt be charged - FBI

3439. CrossTalk: Turkeys Reset

3440. Meanwhile in China: Farmer goes for a spin on a home-made gyrocopter he was building for 7 yrs

3441. Berlin allotment group refuses to give gardens to non-Germans, sparking discrimination debate

3442. Outrage as ICC claims Blair wont go on trial for war crimes

3443. ‘The Clintons believe they are above the law’: Hillary in hot water over email scandal

3444. Fallujah a harrowing ghost town after ISIS evicted in devastating battle for Iraqi city

3445. Police & protesters flood Paris streets as trade unions protest labor reforms (streamed live)

3446. Keiser Report: Oh my God, Brexit (E936)

3447. Festival of Breaking Fast: Moscow Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr

3448. Independence Day concert and July 4th fireworks

3449. Post Juno Orbital Insertion NASA Science Briefing

3450. Juno Orbital Insertion at Jupiter: Recorded live coverage

3451. Independence day: Fourth of July parade in Washington, D.C.

3452. Iceland performs ultimate Viking war chant, throws epic homecoming party for Euro 2016 team

3453. Hero welcome for the Iceland team returning home after Euro-2016 (recorded live)

3454. Epic Viking war chant: 10,000 fans pay tribute to Iceland team leaving Euro 2016

3455. RAW: Smoke rising after suicide bombing near Prophet’s Mosque in holy Saudi city of Medina

3456. ‘Waterloo’ battle: Paris lures bankers, fights for London’s finance crown after ‪‎Brexit‬

3457. Diamond-encrusted horse head full of cocaine worth $10 million busted in New Zealand

3458. Giant elevated superbus is here! World’s first Transit Explore Bus model unveiled in China

3459. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Reality Check

3460. RAW: Diplomats evacuated after suicide attack near US Embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

3461. Opioid horror: Heroin abuse spikes in US as alternative to prescription drugs

3462. Counter-terror drill POV 360: Exclusive video shows elite Russian police unit in full swing

3463. I said I wanted my country back, now I want my life back’: Anti-EU UKIP leader Farage resigns

3464. Amazing gigantic aurora lights up Jupiter’s North Pole

3465. Libya combat action footage: Fighting ISIS in Sirte

3466. Hyperloop in Moscow: City plans to launch super-speed 1,200 kmph tube project by end of 2016

3467. Aerial footage: Russian IL-76 plane crash site in Siberia

3468. Discovering Russia: Adygea (RT Documentary)

3469. Stampede, panic in Paris fanzone after firecracker let off

3470. At least 23 killed and 61 injured after double bomb blast in Baghdad

3471. Two blasts ripped through Iraqi capital, Baghdad: Over 20 killed, scores injured

3472. Human Upgrade? US approves gene mod for cancer cure

3473. Aerial Shots: Anti-Brexit protesters gather in London

3474. Bangladesh Dhaka cafe hostage siege: 20 civilians killed, 13 freed, ISIS claims responsibility

3475. Keiser Report: Debt Balance Sheet (E935)

3476. Breedlove’s war: Hacked emails reveal ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia

3477. Obama admin: Up to 116 civilians accidentally killed in US drone strikes

3478. Liar, liar pantsuit on fire!: Confrontation during Donald Trump Denver speech

3479. Hostage situation unfolding in Dhaka Banghladesh

3480. Fake suicide bomber almost lynched outside Turkish mosque

3481. Fail Compilation: Awkward politician greetings

3482. Devil at Home? ‘Project Fear’ pins UK troubles on Brexit

3483. Re-run: Austria court annuls presidential election results

3484. Syria Strategy: US seeks new partnership with Russia on fighting terrorists

3485. Boosting Euroskeptics: Calls to leave EU grow louder after Brexit results

3486. Wanted in Russia: EU court blocked suspected Istanbul attack mastermind from extradition in 2010

3487. CrossTalk: Russia’s Brexit

3488. Keiser Report: Market Freak Show (E934)

3489. Turkey in Mourning: Relatives of Istanbul airport attack victims remember loved ones

3490. Scrapping NATO? EU looks to create own military to face off against external threats

3491. CCTV Footage: Istanbul airport attacker frantically looks for victims

3492. Erdogan cannot afford luxury of not having relationship with Russia or Israel

3493. Move on: Hillary Clinton fires back at Benghazi report

3494. Dangerous Proximity: Russian frigate ‘shadows’ US guided-missile destroyer

3495. Terror Combat Drills: Russian Special Forces show off skills

3496. ‘Happy & Trippy’: Russian animation house celebrates 80yrs of making entertainment

3497. Combat cam: Iraqi aviation annihilates ISIS convoy of 700 vehicles fleeing Fallujah

3498. ‘Political firestorm’: Knesset brawl erupts after Arab deputy calls IDF soldiers murderers

3499. ‘Fighting for factory’: Bolivian workers clash with police over job cuts

3500. We hope sanctions against Russia will be lifted soon - French FM

3501. Hitting Hurdles: Scottish leader meets with EU heads

3502. Steps Forward: Putin, Erodgan hold first phone conversation since Turkey downed Russian jet

3503. Walking it back? There are ways UK can reverse Brexit results – Kerry

3504. ‘Battle of Wine’: Festival takes over Spanish town

3505. Wild Chase: Police helicopter pilot tackles suspect in Houston

3506. CrossTalk on Brexit: EU implosion?

3507. Flood Waters Rise: Torrential rain batters southwest China

3508. Benghazi Report: Congress committee slams Obama, Clinton for lack of action

3509. ‘You cannot negotiate with a mad dog – and that is what ISIS is’

3510. ‘Airport attack planned long before Turkey restored relations with Israel, Russia’

3511. ‘Turkey to hit back hard; ISIS should have thought twice before attacking Ataturk airport

3512. ‘I saw a terrorist shooting people’: Ataturk airport witnesses share harrowing details with RT

3513. GRAPHIC: Police shoot Istanbul Ataturk airport attacker before he detonates himself (CCTV)

3514. Istanbul airport attack: RT’s live coverage

3515. GRAPHIC: Moment blast goes off at Ataturk airport in Istanbul (CCTV footage)

3516. BREAKING: 2 blasts rock Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, at least 10 dead, around 60 injured

3517. Ataturk blasts: Scared passengers hide in Istanbul airport shop

3518. Anti-‪‎Brexit‬ protest hits London (Streamed live 28.06.2016)

3519. Tear gas, multiple arrests at anti-labor reform rally in Paris

3520. ‘No deal better than rotten deal we’ve got now & seriously bad for them’ - Nigel Farage (EXCLUSIVE)

3521. Keiser Report: Governments hate Keynesianism (E933)

3522. RAW: Wreckage ablaze as two trains collide head-on in Texas

3523. Drone buzzes giant 50km Hong Kong-Macao bridge stabilised for typhoons

3524. ‘Why are you here?’ Juncker attacks Brexit MEPs during European Parliament session

3525. ‘You are not laughing now, are you?’ Nigel Farage at European Parliament (FULL SPEECH)

3526. EU army plans: Union pushes for new security strategy, European army as option

3527. NASA tests new rocket booster for extended space missions

3528. LIVE: Trade unions protest labor reforms in Paris

3529. World’s youngest reporter? 10-yo Palestinian girl storms internet covering anti-Israel protests

3530. Syria combat footage: Heavy fighting in Northern Aleppo

3531. Funding projects beneficial for humans less important to govts than AI arms race – Hawking to RT

3532. PM Davutoglu’s resignation gave Ankara ‘golden opportunity’ to mend ties with Moscow – ex-Turkish FM

3533. Loose cannons: CIA arms destined for Syrian moderates get stolen, emerge on black market

3534. Israeli forces raid Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque for second day: 7 injured, 4 detained

3535. Petition for second EU referendum under scrutiny over fake signatures

3536. Leaked document: Germany and France to replace Brussels in charge of EU?

3537. First UK Parliament debate after Brexit referendum (recorded live transmission)

3538. Erdogan apologizes over death of Russian pilot, calls Russia ‘friend & strategic partner’

3539. North Korea drill under personal guidance of nations leader Kim Jong Un

3540. Syria: Assad visits frontline troops near Damascus in rare appearance

3541. Scotland already preparing for new independence vote - Alex Salmond (RT EXCLUSIVE)

3542. ‘Near death experience’: Singapore Airlines jet bursts into flames on emergency landing

3543. At least 10 stabbed at Sacramento far-right rally & counter-protest

3544. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Brexit

3545. Multiple stabbings & clashes at Sacramento Capitol: Immediate aftermath footage

3546. Beauties Save the World (Documentary Promo)

3547. Inside the Occupied Territories with Amira Hass (On Contact with Chris Hedges)

3548. Children of the Front (RT Documentary)

3549. Dramatic footage: Paris police arrest suspect at gunpoint (RAW)

3550. Ring the alarm: ‘Nimb’ high-tech jewelry with panic button raises $50k within hours via crowdfunding

3551. ‘Battle finally over’: Iraqi city of Fallujah liberated from ISIS – senior commander

3552. dating site founder accused of promoting bigamy in UK

3553. White House displeased with Brexit but Obama says UK-US ties endure

3554. Brexit Special: Are we living in a Disunited Kingdom? (Going Underground)

3555. Post-Brexit UK: Country facing consequences of historic vote to leave EU

3556. Jump, duckling, jump! Passersby help duck family trapped on roof

3557. Keiser Report: Your Special Brexit Coctail (E932)

3558. CrossTalk BREXIT: GOAL! (Recorded 24 June)

3559. SpotMini: The robot that can do the dish but not fetch drinks

3560. Brexit fallout may tear both UK and EU apart - Ken Livingstone

3561. Financial Outlook: Market, currency questions rise after Brexit

3562. Heres the twist - Patrick Young shares optimism about UK economy

3563. No one wants to support weak economies - Putin on Brexit

3564. The Schulz Brexit breakdown - Defeat for Obama, opportunity for Trump

3565. Everybody should be concern - Jim Rogers talks to RT about Brexit

3566. Brexit does not make UK less European - Boris Johnson

3567. RAW: Violent storm, tornado wrecks Eastern China, deadly aftermath video

3568. Boris Johnson booed by crowd as he leaves home after Brexit triumph

3569. David Cameron resigns as British PM in wake of Brexit vote (FULL SPEECH)

3570. EU is failing, EU is dying: Nigel Farage speech following Brexit vote

3571. On the Rocks: David and Boris ‘bromance’ split over Brexit

3572. Push Back: Iraqi forces continue to fight remaining ISIS in Fallujah

3573. ‘Power Stance’: Where did conservative party in Britain get it?

3574. Shaking Hands: David Cameron’s ‘special EU membership deal’ for UK

3575. Ahead of Brexit: How ‘remain’ camp did everything they could to win over voters

3576. Viernheim shooting: Man attacks Kinopolis cinema in Germany, takes hostages, perpetrator killed

3577. Tiger Sun: Canadian model becomes anti-ISIS fighter

3578. Diplomatic slap Ankara bans German MPs from visiting own troops on Turkey airbase

3579. Israeli forces ‘mistakenly’ kill 15yo bystander in stone-throwing incident

3580. Britain making historic decision in Brexit referendum - RTs Special Coverage (PROMO)

3581. Keiser Report: All Sorts of Charts (E931)

3582. Auxit, Frexit, Nexit... Could Brexit trigger domino effect in Europe & fuel more referendums?

3583. RAW: Brexit referendum underway in UK

3584. Brexit 2016: Key issues that brought UK and EU to doors of divorce courts

3585. German MP spends 72 seconds addressing every possible gender while opposing diversity bill

3586. Vault Guidance? US may resurrect Cold War era department to combat Russian ‘spies’

3587. Indian rocket delivers record 20-satellite payload into orbit

3588. ‘Freudian slip’ US VP Biden calls Syrian president Saddam talking about Assad

3589. 1418 candles lit: Russia commemorates 75th anniversary of Nazi invasion of Soviet Union

3590. Putin: Russia will respond to aggressive NATO rhetoric

3591. Cristiano Ronaldo throws reporters microphone into lake

3592. CrossTalk on Syria: Dissent Memo

3593. Rockets fly as Syrian army continues Raqqa assault

3594. Euro 2016: Tear gas, water cannon & scuffles ahead of Poland-Ukraine match in Marseille

3595. Russian athletes must be individually evaluated for Rio Olympics - IOC

3596. Russia successfully test-fires short-range anti-ballistic missile - MoD

3597. Amphibious Abilities: Military vehicles perform various water maneuvers during drills in Russia

3598. Keiser Report: Economic Anxiety in Divided America (E930)

3599. Two Iraqis sue British troops over detention during Iraq war

3600. US Senate rejects gun control background checks in wake of Orlando massacre

3601. Turkey fails to meet all EU conditions for visa-free travel

3602. High Performance: Yoga fans practice on 400 meters glass platform in China (drone footage)

3603. Why am I to blame? Clean Russian athletes may be banned from 1st Olympics due to doping scandal

3604. Expecting migrants to enrich German economy is fairytale - right-wing AfD party leader

3605. If something has been hacked, it was surely Russia – ask anyone!

3606. German FM criticized back home for calling NATO actions ‘warmongering’

3607. Migrants flood French coastal towns after Calais crackdown

3608. Eurosceptic & first female mayor: Virginia Raggi beats ruling party in Rome vote

3609. Battle for crude: Syrian forces recapture Thawra oil field in push towards Raqqa (RAW footage)

3610. ISIS cornered? Islamic State under pressure as forces backed by US & Russia advance separately

3611. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Uncensored

3612. ‘In name of education?’: At least 6 killed in violent clashes between teachers & police in Mexico

3613. At least 13 children dead, 1 missing, 12 hospitalized after 3 boats caught in storm in NW Russia

3614. US police officer stamps on head of restrained suspect on camera (Warning: Disturbing video)

3615. ‘Sanctions forced on us by US’: German company hopes to avoid restrictions by opening Russia factory

3616. Death Control (RT Documentary)

3617. Finding freedom amid ruins: The free-runners of Gaza (RT Documentary)

3618. Free Assange: Global event calls for WikiLeaks founder freedom after 4 years of isolation

3619. 47 children, 4 adults caught in storm in Russia, at least 11 dead

3620. ‘US system has no credibility’: Washington sends mixed messages over fate of Assad

3621. Putin at SPIEF: ‘Why should EU tolerate what’s dictated by US?

3622. ‘Dove’ Obama beats ‘hawk’ Bush in number of bombed states

3623. RAW: Russian defense minister meets Assad, inspects Khmeimim airbase in Syria

3624. Keiser Report: Reagan’s warning (E929)

3625. Armenian Genocide Special: Mass Murder or Civil War? (Going Underground)

3626. Moment angry mob attacks Radiohead album release party in Turkey

3627. ISS mission completed! Tim Kopra, Yuri Malenchenko, Tim Peake return to Earth

3628. Building the Crimean Bridge: Epic 360-degree birds eye view (4K)

3629. ‘What am I doing here?’: This dog apparently hit by existential crisis, goes viral

3630. Putin talks to world news agencies at St. Petersburg Economic Forum

3631. Migrants try to cash French boat owners to get to UK

3632. Israel cuts water supplies to West Bank, Palestine authorities claim

3633. Russian athletes to miss Rio Olympics as IAAF upholds ban (Recorded live)

3634. Rock star Meat Loaf collapses during Canada concert

3635. Putin, Nazarbayev, Renzi at #SPIEF2016: Capitalizing on the New Global Economic Reality

3636. ‘Western politicians lost reality about Russia’ - Foreign Ministry spox

3637. SPIEF Race 2016: Forum participants & journalists take part in St Petersburg fun run

3638. China sees heaviest rain in 43 years: at least 14 dead,13 missing, 65,600 evacuated

3639. British MP Jo Cox dies after brutal stabbing & shooting attack

3640. Its not that sexy, but... EUs Juncker visits Russia, but not everyones happy about it

3641. US economy is like Botox, looks fine only on the outside - world-famous investor Marc Faber

3642. English fans throw small coins at kids, laugh & watch them fighting to collect money

3643. Turkish doctors confirm treating wounded ISIS fighters, removing suicide vests & grenades

3644. World’s most powerful nuclear icebreaker Arktika launched in Russia

3645. Keiser Report: America at War with Itself (E928)

3646. Economic impact of migrant crises (Panel discussion at St Pete Intl Forum)

3647. St Petersburg Economic Forum: Opening Ceremony

3648. Brexit vs. Bremain battle of the Thames: M. Shafiq vs. R. Wellings

3649. Euro 2016 violence: Lille hit by new wave of brutality

3650. RAW: Police use tear gas, batons to disperse England fans in Lille

3651. ‪#‎Euro2016‬: English fans interrupt Harry Fear live TV broadcast

3652. 2yo boy snatched by gator at Disney resort in US, search continues

3653. Wannabe James Bond deploys smokescreen & spikes in police chase in Lithuania

3654. The Terminators back? Meet Schwarzenegger-lookalike pumping iron in Moscow

3655. Long-lost treasure Amber Room may be hidden in Nazi bunker in Poland – search begins

3656. Malabar 2016: Japan, US & India hold joint naval drills

3657. Turkish Connections: RT’s special reports from the border with Syria (PROMO)

3658. Far-right movement files lawsuit vs Austrian TV show calling them neo-Nazis

3659. Refugees in their own country: Turkey fails to protect civilians from ISIS, supports Syrian rebels

3660. Labor reform strikes, terrorism, Euro 2016 violence: France in spotlight for all the wrong reasons

3661. CrossTalk: Orlando Massacre

3662. RAW: Violent clashes, tear gas at Paris anti-labor reform protest June 14

3663. Putin pardons two Ukrainians held on terror & espionage charges

3664. RAW: Militias capture ISIS ammo storage facility during offensive in Sirte, Libya

3665. End of Era: Epic implosion of legendary Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

3666. Tear gas, clashes & arrests in Paris amidst anti-labor reform protest

3667. Gay tendencies Orlando shooter visited LGBT club & used special dating apps - reports

3668. Turkish Connections: ISIS seen & heard from Karkamis, border with Syria insecure (EXCLUSIVE)

3669. Iran to file lawsuit in Hague to reclaim assets frozen in US

3670. Keiser Report: New Intl Gold Order (E927)

3671. Magnanville attack: ISIS claims link to Paris suburb stabber who killed police officer & his wife

3672. Car bomb attack in Tunceli province, Turkey caught on camera

3673. Fan reveals Euro 2016 MAIN problem (besides alcohol ban)

3674. Orlando shooters father: Punishment for gays is up to God alone

3675. Bahrain re-arrests top human rights activist Nabeel Rajab

3676. God knows what! Euro 2016 security slammed after mass brawls between football thugs

3677. Im gonna die: Mother shares tragic messages from son killed in Orlando shooting

3678. Total War: Medieval reenactors take down drones with spears in Russia

3679. CrossTalk: Bullhorns In The House

3680. ISIS-inspired citizen?: Facts behind deadliest US mass shooting in Orlando

3681. Orlando nightclub massacre: NYC mourns victims

3682. Tariq Ali: Global revolt against corporate capitalism & inequality - On Contact with Chris Hedges

3683. RAW: Russian fans storm English sector at Marseille stadium after Euro 2016 draw match

3684. Orlando gay nightclub shooting – RTs special coverage (LIVE)

3685. Mass shooting at Orlando gay nightclub: Wounded evacuated from deadly attack scene

3686. Children Of The Schism (RT Documentary)

3687. ‘Mass casualty situation’: scene of shooting in Orlando night club

3688. Euro 2016 clashes: More than 35 injured following post-match violence in Marseille

3689. Undress to impress: London’s naked restaurant offers ‘ultimate freedom’ for diners

3690. All you need is bear: 300kg pet who found human family in Russia

3691. Syrian refugee children aged 7-14 work for Turkish factories – 12hrs a day, $35 per week

3692. Migrants try to reach UK in boats, fear of Mediterranean deaths repeat

3693. Reporter sneaks into ‘sterile’ zone of Marseilles stadium ahead of Euro 2016 match

3694. Football fans clash in Marseilles ahead of England-Russia game - recorded live

3695. Keiser Report: Gold Price Manipulation (E926)

3696. True Euro-2016 experts: Lemurs predict outcome of Germany & Ukraine match

3697. Shooting at Dallas Love Field airport caught on harrowing video

3698. Weed-growing nuns smoke & sell marijuana to ‘heal the world’

3699. Money can buy you star players, but won’t win you titles – Barcelona FC star Carles Puyol

3700. RAW: China massive artillery live-fire drill

3701. Worldnews hardcore: News about worldnews from Viper now on RT worldnews (EXPLICIT NEWS PROMO)

3702. Obama approves US troops’ broader role in Afghanistan, breaks promises

3703. Huge blaze as truck carrying 800 gas cylinders explodes in Romania

3704. Swedish TV cancels film on jihad & anti-Semitism over Muslim backlash fears

3705. France steps up security amid terror fears during Euro 2016

3706. RAW: Georgian deputies brawl on live TV

3707. Fists of Rage: French police teargas England fans clashing with locals ahead of Euro 2016

3708. ‘Venezuela on edge’: Opposition supporters clash with police

3709. Saudi Arabia ‘pressured’ UN chief for blacklisting Yemen coalition

3710. Obama endorses Clinton, hails her ‘judgement’ despite Benghazi investigation

3711. CrossTalk: Superdelegate Tyranny?

3712. Revolving door: Google & EU govts cross-hiring revealed in new report

3713. Just another day in Siberia: Bear cubs taken on casual walk through city

3714. Tattooed 2,500-yo mummy princess on show to public for first time

3715. French special forces on ground in Syria – Defense Ministry official

3716. Keiser Report: Show & Tell (E925)

3717. FIRST VIDEO: Su-27 fighter jet crash site outside Moscow

3718. ‘Tide turning’: French Senate supports resolution to lift sanctions on Russia

3719. ‘Racial superiority?’ Poll shows 64% of Dutch support ethnic profiling to combat crime

3720. ‘UN-balanced report’: United Nations ignores Russia’s anti-ISIS efforts in Syria – Churkin

3721. Courageous mother saves daughter from shocking kidnap attempt in grocery store

3722. Anaconda drills: NATO troops build temporary bridge over Polands Vistula River

3723. Its not a joke: Thousands of Indians force-fed LIVE FISH to cure asthma

3724. Netanyahu climbs Magach tank after Russia returns it to Israel

3725. UK media hail Navys intercept of Russian sub… which was not hiding

3726. What to do with Russia? US Senate tries to issue ‘prescription’

3727. Al-Nusra & Ahrar al-Sham terrorists shell Aleppo’s residential areas, dozens killed – MoD

3728. CrossTalk: Exceptionalism’s Wars

3729. MC-21: New Russian high-tech plane rolled out for presentation

3730. Clinton ‘wins Democratic nomination’... not yet!

3731. ‘Sheep run’: Hundreds of sheep flee farmer, invade local city in Spain

3732. Fuel up budget? Clash in US Senate as Pentagon defends use of Russian-made rocket engines

3733. Bremain or Brexit: Campaign for positive future vs. campaign of fear

3734. Keiser Report: Modern Serfdom (E924)

3735. Security Slip: 17 passengers get on board without checks in Paris airport

3736. Huge fire rips through refugee camp in Germany, over 70 firefighters on scene

3737. Mass Baptisms: More Muslim refugees coming to EU convert to Christianity

3738. Blast targets police vehicle in Istanbul, at least 11 killed, dozens injured

3739. ISIS cashflow: Old taxes increased, new fines introduced

3740. ‘Colors of revolution: Protesters fire paint-bombs at government building in Macedonia

3741. ‘Stop the boats’: Austrian FM suggests EU should employ Australian refugee policy

3742. I will never be silent: Tearful protest against gang rape of 16yo girl in Brazil

3743. Group of vigilantes beat mentally ill asylum seeker in Germany

3744. Riots, strikes, floods, terror threat: Four days to go before Euro 2016 in France

3745. US failed to part rebels from Al-Nusra, asks not to bomb them - Lavrov

3746. NSFW: Over 6,000 pose naked for group photo in Colombia

3747. Refugee buy-out: Swiss village votes to pay fine to keep refugees out

3748. RAW: Thousands of refugees evacuated from Paris camp

3749. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Blasting

3750. Turkey sinks old Airbus jet to create artificial reef to keep diving tourism afloat

3751. Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (RT Documentary)

3752. Over 20 religious radicals suspected in attacks on military HQ & gun shops in Aktobe, Kazakhstan

3753. Hitler’s sketches, poison container & SS cap: Nazi memorabilia to be sold at German auction

3754. French govt reveals plan to teach Arabic in primary schools

3755. Worlds oldest gymnast from Germany parachute jumps at 90

3756. Fairytale War? China to unveil its own Disneyland

3757. Be loud & unpredictable Trumps political image inspires politicians across the world

3758. Where will Obama go after leaving White House?

3759. Dozens of dead tiger cubs found at Buddhist temple in Thailand

3760. Russian military jets & helicopters test flying prowess at Aviadarts competition in Crimea

3761. RAW: Monkey robs jewelry shop in India

3762. My Crazy Russian Vlog: Weird & Wonderful Siberian Pastimes (RT Documentary)

3763. John Pilger on the Threat of World War Three (Going Underground)

3764. Livingstone vs Prescott: Political titans face off on RT

3765. Greenwald: Brazil’s media ‘incited protests,’ favored Rousseff’s impeachment from start

3766. Lavrov: West asking Moscow not to bomb positions of al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda branch in Syria

3767. Exclusive: ‘6-month siege, nothing to eat’ - Civilians flee ISIS-controlled areas in Raqqa province

3768. Onslaught on ISIS: Kurdish-led forces target ISIS supply route in Manbij

3769. Keiser Report: Mojo (E923)

3770. Toxic cover-up: US govt officials cheating on water-safety inspections

3771. 15yo teenager held without charge in Saudi prison for 2 years, may be executed

3772. Okey doke: Obama struggles with his words when tackling Donald Trump in a speech

3773. RAW: Intense shelling as several Aleppo neighborhoods attacked by al-Nusra

3774. France hit by worst floods in years, thousands flee homes after record rainfalls

3775. Keeping Afghanistan at war real interest US has in region - Pakistani intel ex-chief

3776. Alleged militant supply column coming from Turkey to Syria spotted by Russian drone

3777. UN blacklists Saudi-led coalition for killing & maiming children in Yemen

3778. Europe goes Arabic: Media, classes & apps for refugees across EU

3779. RAW: Best gravedigger competition hits Hungarian town

3780. I was offered millions to leave Syrian govt – Assad adviser Shaaban

3781. Forget Panama – it’s easier to hide money in Delaware in the US

3782. Soldiers who killed pregnant Afghan women followed rules of engagement – Pentagon

3783. Full strike: French unions step up protests against labor reforms

3784. Clinton bashes dangerous Trump, forgets to campaign for herself

3785. Trump supporters and protesters clash as San Jose rally turns violent

3786. Meanwhile in Russia: T-80 tank overturned in road mishap

3787. Prison in the very heart of London turned into terror factory – ex-inmate to RT

3788. CrossTalk: South China Sea

3789. Fear of Rocking the Boat: Why BBC refused to speak on Rotherhams child sex abuse scandal

3790. RAW: Russian Su-34 airstrikes obliterate ISIS oil facilities

3791. Germany acknowledges Armenian killing as genocide, Turkey recalls ambassador

3792. Engineering challenge: Hoist operation of worlds longest cross-sea bridge.

3793. Arizona meteor: First video of intense flash over US night skies

3794. China aviation drill challenges military pilots in heavy tasks

3795. Keiser Report: Robots on the rise (E922)

3796. Armenians rejoice after German Bundestag genocide resolution

3797. São Paulo uprising: Brazilians voice rejection of impeachment process

3798. 3D printed UAV: Brand new super-cheap Airbus drone unveiled in Berlin

3799. UCLA campus on lockdown after shooting (Aerial footage)

3800. Cologne 2.0? 26 women complain sexual assault at German music festival

3801. Kung Fu Granny: This 93-yo Chinese master can rough you up - and finish with wisdom

3802. Amazing drone flyby: Mount Athos, the ‘Holy Mountain’ of Orthodox Christianity

3803. Hybrid Warfare: Putins Path to World Domination

3804. CrossTalk on American Foreign Policy: Dumbed Down

3805. Iraqi forces continue targeting ISIS in Fallujah as thousands feared being trapped in the city

3806. RAW: Anti-Erdogan protest in Istanbul turns ugly

3807. Keep out: State Dept urges Americans not to visit Europe citing terror threat

3808. Public service: Snowdens leaks praised by former US Attorney General

3809. Turkey blames Russia for airstrikes in Syrian province of Idlib, MoD denies allegations

3810. Apartment block collapses in Siberia, at least 1 dead, several injured

3811. Massive fire at China chemical plant: Insanely huge cloud of smoke covers Hubei province

3812. From ISIS supporter to proud Muslim Cameron changes tune on new London mayor ahead of EU vote

3813. French govt ‘tries to push hard into divide between trade unions’ as labor clash grows

3814. Going Underground: UKs Foreign Affairs Committee Chair warns of nuclear war with Russia

3815. Dont try DIY repairs: Chinese man trapped in washing machine

3816. Keiser Report: US Ominous New Trends (E921)

3817. Meanwhile in China: Wild elephants leave forest & stroll through village

3818. Guerrilla-type action France faces major tourism hit in wake of labor reform protests

3819. Purely political? Bahrain court doubles jail term for Shia opposition leader

3820. No regrets? Chilcot report to shed light on UK involvement in Iraq War

3821. ‘Dumbo rescue’: Baby elephant freed from Sri Lanka drain

3822. Quickest way 62yo lost Spanish tourist triggers security red alert at Cologne Airport

3823. Montana Parmigiano? Europeans afraid TTIP deal to leave them w/o traditional cherished delicacies

3824. Fight for Fallujah: Iraqi forces enter major ISIS stronghold

3825. Not fit for animals Greece moves refugees to warehouses with extremely poor living conditions

3826. Flooding chaos causes death & destruction in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

3827. ‘Suicide bombs & chem weapons drones’ Euro 2016 could be key target for ISIS attacks - report

3828. Junker to be first top EU official to visit Russia since breakdown in relations in 2014

3829. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Untamed

3830. Repairman trapped by escalator in China, suffers multiple injures

3831. #Icantbreathe Chinese style? Drunk driver tries (fails) to fool police

3832. Half-Life 2 Combine drone becomes reality in Russia

3833. Over 700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks this week - UN

3834. Terrifying landslide moment recorded by mobile in China

3835. Worlds first underwater musical band performs in Netherlands

3836. Joke Journalism: Guardian admits its reporter fabricated stories

3837. Nazi or Not? Fascist labels stick to people with far-right views in EU

3838. Racist in Neighborhood German dentist threatened for backing AfD anti-migrant party

3839. Votin & Voteout: Pro-EU campaign for young Brits mocked online, called parody by Brexit team

3840. Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippines fatherless kids (RT Documentary)

3841. 2017: War With Russia Ex-NATO chiefs fictional story of nuclear war becomes bestseller

3842. ‘Water beast’: Chinese giant dragon boat to set new Guinness World Record

3843. RAW: Violent clashes between anti-racism & anti-Islam protesters in Melbourne, Australia

3844. Onboard camera: SpaceX lands Falcon 9 rocket at sea

3845. Sharia law in UK: Family counseling or women abuse?

3846. Keiser Report: Right Price for Surrender (E920)

3847. Nuclear America: Several US facilities have safety problems & leaks

3848. Terror group insignia: US troops wearing Kurd badges infuriate Turkey

3849. Putin: US anti-missile defence puts Europe in the crosshairs

3850. Iraqi forces slice through ISIS fortifications on all fronts around Fallujah

3851. US fighters caught on cam on ISIS frontline in Syria

3852. ‘Flow of trucks carrying weapons and ammunition from Turkey continues’ – Russian military

3853. 600 meters high, over 1km long: French daredevils set record for longest-ever slackline walk

3854. Not so bright: NASA captures huge dark void in sun’s atmosphere

3855. Obama first ever sitting US president to visit Hiroshima

3856. RAW: Plane caught on fire just before takeoff

3857. Mass student protest in Chile escalates into clashes with riot police

3858. Drone captures anti-terror drills in Armenia

3859. CrossTalk: Who Is Aggressive?

3860. Disturbing: Python attacks man’s penis in terrifying Thai toilet ordeal

3861. Paris in tear gas & smoke clouds as violent clashes erupt during labor reform protest

3862. RT crew harassed by pro-Ukrainian activists while covering Paris protests

3863. ‘Massacre and Genocide’: Son of Israeli general seeking peace in Palestine

3864. Utter devastation: Drone buzzes over ruined Donetsk airport

3865. Huge blast at chemical plant in India leaves several killed, dozens injured

3866. Spring in full swing! Watch world leaders plant Japanese cedar trees at G7 summit

3867. Keiser Report: Pensions Going Bankrupt (E919)

3868. On the rampage: 3 injured as bull escapes at Spanish festival

3869. No military solution in E. Ukraine conflict - Russian MP on Poroshenko return Crimea speech

3870. EU should start business & cooperation with Russia rather than follow US – ex-Sarkozy adviser

3871. GoPro: Migrant boat capsizes in Med, 500 Libyans fight for lives amid Italian navy rescue op

3872. Youngest waterskier ever! Baby girl takes to water to break a decade-old record

3873. Festive Fire: Israeli Jews mark the start of Lag BOmer celebrations

3874. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts sending lava flows from one of its cones

3875. Villain or hero? The many faces of Nadezhda Savchenko

3876. Swarm of 100,000 bats invades Australian town

3877. Finally home: Russians swapped for Savchenko meet wives at Moscow airport

3878. ‘People try to leave, but ISIS won’t let them’: Civilians attempt to flee occupied Raqqa

3879. Im ready to lay my life on the battlefield again: Savchenko speaks out at Kiev airport

3880. Dozens of cars collapse into 200-meter-long sinkhole in Florence, Italy

3881. RAW: Protesters go wild at Anti-Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico

3882. Putin meets widow and sister of two Russian journalists killed by Savchenko intel

3883. Violent protests outside Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque

3884. ‘A lot of surprises’: New secret Snowden files leak coming – activist Miranda

3885. CrossTalk: Bernies Quest

3886. Push for Raqqa: Offensive to liberate ISIS stronghold kicks off (Exclusive frontline footage)

3887. No more traffic jams? Giant elevated superbus concept is coming

3888. DRONE FOOTAGE: Hundreds of refugees leave Idomeni camp

3889. Off-duty Israeli policemen accused of beating Arab teen, say ‘incident could’ve been avoided’

3890. Nothing impossible for 12yo acrobat prodigy from Gaza City

3891. Rebel chief linked to Al-Qaeda & ISIS freely visits US, State Dept says it ‘didn’t know’

3892. ‎EgyptAir‬ crash: Experts point to possible explosion, forensic chief denies claim

3893. Austria’s far right narrowly beaten in race for presidency

3894. RAW: Protesters, police clash at anti-labor reform rally in Brussels

3895. Hundreds take to the streets at anti-labor reform rally in Brussels (recorded live feed)

3896. Keiser Report: Bill Clintons Economic Miracle (E918)

3897. Double launch! Soyuz rocket carrying 2 Galileo satellites lifts off

3898. Dashcam: Milwaukee woman backs car into police officers, speeds off

3899. Europe is victim of blackmail, Ankaras hostage German MP Sevim Dagdelen

3900. Far-right Hofer loses Austria presidential elex despite initial success

3901. Pope Francis welcomes Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, one of Sunni top clerics

3902. Urban warfare: China city combat drills in full swing

3903. Giant sinkhole swallows four cars in China

3904. Not remotely on the cards Cameron rules out Turkey joining EU anytime soon

3905. Saudi-led coalition drops banned UK-made cluster bombs on Yemen - Amnesty Intl

3906. India successfully launches reusable space shuttle prototype

3907. RAW: Blast rocks Jableh near Russian military base in Latakia, Syria

3908. Blasts target several locations in Syrian towns of Jableh & Tartus in Latakia, over 100 killed

3909. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Unstoppable

3910. World Hockey Championship: Putin makes surprise appearance to congratulate Canada

3911. Hypnotic animation: 200 years of US immigration in 1 minute

3912. Friendship Park: Bernie Sanders tours meeting place for families separated by US, Mexico border

3913. Intl sabotage Sweden investigates TV mast destruction, everything points to Russia... as always

3914. Chinas Digital Detox: A Life Reboot for Internet Gaming Addicts (RT Documentary)

3915. DISTURBING: Body of Taliban chief Mansour reportedly killed in US drone strike

3916. The Groups of Death Report links online communities to 130 teen suicides in Russia

3917. World Sports Police? US Justice dept launches own investigation into Russian doping scandal

3918. This is so wrong on so many levels NYC reacts to interfaith Muslim-Jewish couples

3919. Free Abu Sakha! Israel jails w/o trial Palestinian clown who worked with disabled kids

3920. What’s the point? US drone strike kills Afghan Taliban chief, to help peace efforts

3921. Russian aerobatic teams perform spectacular stunts

3922. Smoke detected on EgyptAir plane shortly before crash - reports

3923. RAW: Spectacular Mount Etna volcano eruption in Sicily

3924. Keiser Report: The Return of Bubba (E917)

3925. Siberian Rapunzel: Russian student shows off her incredible, almost whole body-length hair

3926. First images of EgyptAir plane wreckage released by Egyptian army

3927. Japanese rapes by US military just keep happening - abuse survivor & womens rights activist

3928. EU migrant deal at risk? Greek judges rule Turkey unsafe for refugees

3929. To infinity and beyond! Stuntman nails roundabout launch in Romania

3930. Baghdads diplomatic Green Zone stormed for the 2nd time

3931. Anti-govt protesters clash with Iraqi forces in Baghdad

3932. Russia proposes US to cooperate in fighting terrorists in Syria

3933. Turkish parliament approves bill lifting immunity from members

3934. EgyptAir flight MS804: Debris, personal belongings of passengers found - military

3935. Smoke bombs & Firecrackers: Ukrainian nationalists protest Donbass elections

3936. CrossTalk: Universal Justice?

3937. No mosques in Germany! Mass rally against Muslim houses of worship in Thuringia

3938. ‘EU is in process of collapsing on itself’ – Marine Le Pen to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

3939. Activists wash Peruvian flags in ‘democracy’ bucket to protest Fujimoris presidential campaign

3940. Tear gas in Paris as hundreds protest labor reforms

3941. Going stealth: Anti-surveillance coat & bag to get rid of hackers & spies

3942. Americans must know ‘shocking’ details of 9/11 report classified pages – congressmen

3943. ‘Coup by those who lost elections’: First Rousseff interview since impeachment (RT EXCLUSIVE)

3944. Kalinka groove! Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in fiery Russian folk dance

3945. EgyptAir crash: Debris spotted, terror attack more likely than technical issue

3946. Keiser Report: Hegemony, control and Russian bonds (E916)

3947. US ‘track record’ in Brazil comes to fore as Temer’s ally visits Washington

3948. US B52 crashes at Guam airbase shortly after takeoff

3949. EgyptAir flight 804 disappears en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 on board

3950. Queen’s Speech: New extremism bill criticized for ‘Islamophobic approach’

3951. RAW: Protester attacks RT reporter during Paris demo against labor reforms

3952. Gunman takes 6 hostage in Moscow bank, shot dead by police (recorded live)

3953. ‘Tinderbox situation’: UK MP Kawczynski on Russia-NATO relations

3954. Why so serious: German court bans most of Erdogan-mocking poem

3955. Police car smashed & set on fire during Paris protest

3956. RAW: Huge fire disrupts metro service in New York

3957. Spectacular giant fireball flaring over US caught on dashcams & CCTV

3958. COMBAT CAM: Iraqi forces target ISIS petrol sites

3959. ‘Coup took place in Brazil’: Film crew stages red carpet pro-Rousseff protest in Cannes

3960. Legal blamegame: Bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia passes the Senate

3961. Crosstalk: Syria Lessons

3962. Russian opposition figure Navalny hit, fellow activist injured in mass brawl with Cossacks

3963. Brexit debate: ‘UK is world’s financial epicenter’ vs. ‘UK will fail if it leaves EU’

3964. French cities hit by fresh violent protests against labor reform, tear gas used

3965. Trump would be a disaster for US – Sanders to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

3966. NSA involved in Gitmo interrogations – new Snowden leak

3967. Keiser Report: Revolutions (E915)

3968. Eyewitness evidence: Brutal killings & kidnappings by militant group spared from UN terror blacklist

3969. Libya combat footage: Bomb-dropping & on-ground fighting in battle against ISIS near Misrata

3970. Unsafe haven: Child sexual abuse scandal hits Turkish refugee camp praised by Merkel

3971. Fast & green: First-ever 100% electric Ferrari put to test

3972. World powers up for arming Libyan government to counter ISIS

3973. RAW: Moment parliament member falls into open sewage channel in India after structure collapse

3974. Onboard camera view: 1st ever rocket launch from Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia

3975. Libyan central bank struggles to open Gaddafi golden coins vault, hires safecrackers

3976. Moment weather reporter made to cover her dress with cardigan live on air

3977. Facing emergency in 360: Russian rescuers polish skills in drill action

3978. Saudi embassy branded ‘Daesh bank’ in Berlin projection stunt

3979. Johnson-Cameron ‘bromance’ hits Brexit rocks

3980. ‘Thousands of bodies in ravine’: ISIS mass execution site reportedly discovered in Syria

3981. Counter-purrveillance: Assange reveals tiny kitten companion in embassy

3982. ISIS covers fighters’ hefty bills in Turkish hospitals - leaked phone taps

3983. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Raging

3984. Only 3 of 27 pilot whales saved after being stranded on Mexican beach

3985. Largest bust in decade: Colombia seizes 8 tons of cocaine worth $240 million

3986. Biplane crashes performing stunt at US airshow, pilot killed

3987. Ukraine nationalists attack WW2 veteran during V-Day parade

3988. ISIS targets new police recruits at Yemeni security compound, at least 25 killed

3989. ISIS suicide bombers attack Iraqi gas plant near Baghdad

3990. RAW: Moment wall collapses at construction site in India, several killed

3991. Bad Losers burn: Turkish football fans set fire to home stadium, at least 3 injured

3992. Robot Revolution: China plans to replace workers with AI

3993. Operation Sophia: EU naval mission to stop people smugglers failing

3994. Policing the Police: US citizens film cops to hold them accountable for misconduct

3995. In the Name of the Profit: Liberated Syrian Town Reveals ISIS Oil Trade Secrets (RT Documentary)

3996. Emergency Preparedness: EMERCOM holds drills for various disasters

3997. Vandalism, burning cars & tear gas: Violent anti-labor reform protests hit France

3998. Hundreds of migrants in mass brawl at Moscow cemetery, at least 3 killed, many injured

3999. Saudi officials supported 9/11 hijackers - commission member

4000. Brazils new interim president Temer was US intel informant - WikiLeaks

4001. Islamists storm village in Syria, 19 reported killed, dozens missing

4002. Keiser Report: World Economy Manias (E914)

4003. UAV Frigate: Scale model of new multipurpose drone undergoes trials in Moscow

4004. Tire inferno: 9,000 residents evacuated in Spanish town of Sesena

4005. Born in the 1800s: One of world’s oldest persons dies at age 116

4006. Ex-head of ant-doping lab claims Sochi medalists used banned drugs

4007. Libertarian Presidential Debates: RT provides platform for US alternative candidates

4008. Turkish MP accuses govt of ignoring ISIS locations, police data on bombings

4009. Russia on menu? Obama gathers Nordic leaders for summit in Washington

4010. CCTV: Polish train driver rockets through cars to warn passengers of inevitable crash

4011. RAW: Toxic smoke fills sky, tire dump burns in Spain

4012. ‘Coup & farce’ Brazil’s Rousseff promises to fight impeachment with all legal means

4013. War waged against Pope Francis in the heart of Vatican - whistleblower

4014. CrossTalk: Hillarys Negatives

4015. US activates missile defense site in Romania

4016. ‘Cuba already knows who its real friends are’ – Cuban Five (EXCLUSIVE)

4017. US launches new ground-based missile defense shield in Romania

4018. Placing journalists on wanted list completely wrong, against standards AIB Chief on Ukraine leak

4019. They slept underground’: Covert ISIS fortifications discovered in liberated Syrian town (EXCLUSIVE)

4020. End Tax Havens! London protesters stage rally against offshores

4021. Hyperloop One successfully tests high-speed transport propulsion system in US

4022. Ukraine site leaks personal info of 4K intl journos accused of ‘collaborating with terrorists’

4023. Keiser Report: The End Game (E913)

4024. 72yo Indian woman gives birth to healthy baby boy, 20 yrs after menopause

4025. ‘Security Bogeyman’: Putin’s face used in campaign against new UK surveillance law

4026. Better than Hillary? Trump GOP enemies change their tunes

4027. Bad taste? German eatery forced to close over Erdogan burgers

4028. ‘We wouldn’t have got it without Russia’ – Kerry on Syria ceasefire

4029. CrossTalk: Social Justice?

4030. Clash of epochs: Drone speared at history festival in central Russia

4031. Outrage over UK charity’s offer of media internship to non-whites only

4032. Stop shooting! Turkish border guards continue to shoot, beat and kill Syrian refugees – HRW

4033. Money matters: Clinton Wall Street candidate based on donation figures – report

4034. Not an action film! Anti-terror drill featuring fake suicide attack in Manchester mall, UK

4035. US election not all about Trump & Hillary: RT America gives platform to Green Party candidates

4036. Speedy kitty: Vets make bionic Lego wheelchair for paralyzed cat

4037. Keiser Report: Bitcoin Core versus Bitcoin Classic (E912)

4038. ‘Beginning of new era’? Austrian Chancellor resigns amid party split

4039. Spacelapse of rare Mercury transit captured by NASA telescope

4040. ‘Ready to make N Korea more prosperous’: Massive parade in Pyongyang

4041. CrossTalk: Bullhorns Remembering

4042. RAW: Aftermath of deadly attack at Grafin train station in Bavaria, Germany

4043. Firsthand V Day experience in 360 4K: Walk the streets of Moscow with Immortal Regiment

4044. Birds-eye view: Moscow V Day firework display shot from drone

4045. Kids mourn death of European humanity at Idomeni protest

4046. Victory Day: Immortal regiment march in heart of Moscow (DRONE FOOTAGE)

4047. DigitalVDay: Moscow Immortal Regiment march pays tribute to WW2 heroes & victims

4048. Panama Papers: Tax Haven or Hell?

4049. New generation: Kids in Crimea float paper boats at Immortal Regiment parade

4050. ‘Always in the firing line’: Veteran Russian pilots look at planes they flew 60 years ago

4051. Aeroparade: Military planes flying over Moscow rooftops on Victory Day

4052. Massive Immortal regiment march in Moscow at Victory Day

4053. Which countries played the greatest role in defeating nazis during WW2?

4054. World War 2 in Numbers: Price for the Peace

4055. Tested in battle: Russian planes that targeted ISIS in Syria take part in V-Day parade

4056. 360 V-Day Ride: Moscow streets as seen from Msta-S self-propelled howitzer

4057. 360 helicopter panorama: Bird’s-eye view of Moscow’s Red Square

4058. VDay in 360 : 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun drive through Red Square

4059. Victory Day Parade on Red Square 2016 (Full Video)

4060. ‘Evil meat industry’: Activists offer themselves as ‘human meat’ at veggie protest

4061. #DropOutHillary: Twitter blows up with anti-Clinton tirade

4062. Merkel warns EU could ‘fall back into nationalism’ unless it protects its borders

4063. ‘Never was a story of more woe’: WWII veteran speaks about her one & only love

4064. Dying to Dive (RT Documentary)

4065. Meanwhile in Russia…. Students throw TV sets & fridges out of windows to break Guinness world record

4066. ‪#‎DigitalVDay‬: Russia prepares for the largest military parade for ‪Victory Day‬

4067. Final Tribute: French couple arrives in Moscow to give war medals to Russian Rambos family

4068. Going Underground: UK elections & anti-imperialism (E338)

4069. ISIS advances in Libya, seizes villages & crucial crossroads along Mediterranean coast

4070. Turkish court sentences two journalists to over 5yrs for revealing state secrets

4071. DigitalVDay: Victory Day as youve never seen before (PROMO)

4072. Then he put a gun to my head Children diaries from WW2 released

4073. Keiser Report: Destructive Force in US Elections (E911)

4074. Russian jets rehearse Red Square V-Day aerial display

4075. 360: Moscow V-Day Parade final rehearsal panorama video (Streamed LIVE 07.05.2016)

4076. V-Day parade dress rehearsal in Moscow

4077. ‘Blended Families’ vs ‘Muslim Mayor is Dangerous’ (DEBATE)

4078. First Stage: 360 video of Russian Drift Series in Moscow region

4079. Last Tribute: Funeral held for hero Russian soldier killed during Palmyra liberation

4080. Shooter fires at Cumhuriyet’s editor-in-chief outside Istanbul court

4081. Tasteless attempt to distract attention West reacts on Russian concert in Palmyra

4082. RAW: Moment of reported ISIS suicide blast in Libya

4083. Attack on refugee camp near Aleppo, at least 30 killed, dozens injured (GRAPHIC)

4084. Chinese farmer designs an