Dynamic Album - What does it feel like to be loved by 2.5 million people? Ask YouTuber Alex Goot! Dynamic album app for him includes: 10 albums/ 117 songs…more
Bible verses visualization by topic. Praise pray trial and suffering. Swipe in any direction to get the word of God right away that will help you...more
Interactive video map for TED. SwiTED presents TED talks in a map by topic and date. Move your finger to explore the world of bold and new ideas!
All the best music box songs in one app. Visualized music map. Make a personalized soothing playlist in a swipe. Soundtracks classical music...more
Love songs you cannot miss! Wild or intimate the best SoundCloud love song cover collection. From left to right music ranges from soft to rock ballands...more
Country Music
We bring you the best country music pick from SoundCloud. From upbeat sad to old west style lets swipe to explore tempo and the vibes.
Top singer from season 3 The Voice of China! The ultimate Zhou Shen music on YouTube. Swipe-friendly music navigation. Create your playlist in one swipe...more
Dynamic Album - Golden voice at a golden age. 15-year-old YouTuber with 6.6 million subscribers! Dynamic album app for Jannine Weigel includes: 6 albums/ 78 songs…more
Present Master Sheng Yen aphorisms by topic. Wisdom inspiration peace and life. Move you finger and get inspired immediately...more
Dancing violinist! Dynamic album for classically trained and rock at heart Lindsey Stirling includes: 5 albums/ 58 songs...more
Love songs folk to traditional Chinese music. YY artist Wener sings it all! Dynamic album app includes all of Wener best live music videos...more
Dance to the wildest SoundCloud Dancehall music! Swipe left or right to choose your tempo. Get a playlist in 3 seconds. Lets have fun!
Looking for pulse-pounding music? SwiWorkout App lets you swipe to choose workout playlist that matches your tempo!
Dynamic Album - Retro jazz style. 15 million MV video views. Dynamic album app for Postmodern Jukebox includes: 13 albums/ 151 songs…more
Master of adaption! Dynamic album for cover singer JonD includes: 8 albums/ 82 songs...more
Present Pokémon music in skim-friendly music map! Slow fast previous later season. Create a playlist by simply moving you finger...more
Now heres a girl who can sing! Music app for ShuTian fans. Menu-free interface. Swipe on the screen to create your ShuTian playlist easily.
Watch a single guitar played simultaneously by all 5 members! Dynamic album for Canadian cover band Walk off the Earth includes: 3 albums/ 36 songs...more
Alternative Rock
Ultimate SoundCloud alternative music collection! Let your finger access and switch between punk wave rooted music!
Skim-friendly English kids music interface. Swipe left for slow music right for fast up for trending and down for classic one. Enjoy music with each swipe!
Weekly fun science video for kids! SciShowKids app presents science video in an interactive map by topic and date. Swipe to get a playlist and stay curious!
Present Hatsune Miku YouTube music videos by genre solo group performance standard and special custom! Swipe to watch a wide variety of music video...more
TXG Food
Baby crying all the night? You need Baby Sleep Music app! Foolproof music map. Give the screen a swipe to generate auto-playlist to sooth baby to sleep.
Dynamic Album - She sings covers and 2.6 million people love it! Dynamic album app for Madilyn Bailey includes: 9 albums/ 99 songs…more
Hundreds of built-in SoundCloud tracks! Automatic music classification map now steer in the world of music with your fingertip!
The rising star from YouTube. Over 9 years Alyssa Bernal has sung hundreds of songs on YouTube. Choose your music by date and tempo...more
Think faster better and creatively. How to come up with brilliant idea? Brainstorm offers you interactive must-know innovative thinking methods. 1-second personal checklist...more
Listen to old jazz soul with music navigator! Dynamic album for Sara Niemietz includes: 7 albums/ 77 songs...more
Ultimate latte art tutorial videos collection by styles and difficulty level. Swipe in any direction to choose your latte video...more
Dynamic album app for Portuguese folk singer/songwriter Ana Free. SwiSwipe interface is perfect for one-handed operation tailor your playlist with tempo and release date by swiping...more
Dynamic album app for Multi-instrumentalist Alex G. Swipe left for downtempo tunes and explore upbeat music on the right. Create and stream playlist...more
Buddhist Music
Ultimate Buddhist music collection from top YouTube channels Buddhist Music lets you stream and explore music on interactive Buddhist music map!
Dynamic Album - Acoustic guitar + pure female vocals. A veteran YouTube cover artist. Dynamic album app for Kina Grannis includes: 8 albums/ 96 songs…more
Ambient Music
Looking for great atmospheric music? Ambient Music app presents easy-to-use interface. Swipe and let the right music flow!
Bright and bold. Thats who she is! Music app for YY artist XiaoYuXian fans. Tap or swipe on patent interface. Indulge yourself with 30-to-90 minute live music videos!
Love YY artist Dianers sweet voice? Now music map sorts video in tempo and date automatically for you. Choose and stream music more easily!
This is an app dedicated to people around the globe who fight cancer. Let piano music sooths your soul. Skim-friendly interface swipe to choose music...more
Still squinting your eyes at those playlists? SwiDJ presents you music map of YY Artist NaBaoer! Music is sorted by tempo and release date. Swipe to tailor your playlist...more
Enjoy KamenRider series OP ED and all classic soundtracks! Each swipe brings you a unique playlist!
Christian Songs
Looking for great Christian music? We turn all the best Christian music from YouTube into a musical map now swipe to stream your mix!
Six sisters with voices from above. Dynamic album app for Cimorelli. Swipe left-right to decide to hear downtempo or uptempo songs. Stream instant playlist...more
Dynamic Album - The queen of YouTube cover artist with 2.75 million Facebook fans. Dynamic album app for Megan Nicole includes: 9 albums/ 103 songs…more
TXG Firefight
LEMMiNO introduces you a wide range of topics including movie game science history and so on. Choose your topic on swipe-friendly video map...more
American talented singer Savannah Outen dynamic album app includes: 8 albums/ 95 songs...more
One-stop video channel for UEFA lovers. SwiSport includes all the best UEFA videos from hot YouTube channels. Browse highlight and full match on video map...more
Dynamic Album - A Canadian country singer who never fails to tug at peoples heart strings. Dynamic album app for Jess Moskaluke includes: 5 albums/ 51 songs…more
Dont know what to eat tonight? SwiYummy App brings you interactive menu. Asian cuisine on the right Western dishes on the left. Swipe up and down to eat light or heavy…more
Party time! Wild or intimate trending or old school weve covered it all! Get tonights party mix done in one swipe!
Buddhist Chant
Balance meditation and stress relief. Interactive Japanese Buddhist music map lets you swipe to stream relaxing playlist!
App for live music video of YY Artist NuoShi! Skim-friendly music map. Swipe to enjoy a 30-to-90 minute video playlist right away!...more
She won the hearts of 2.4 million audience with a guitar and unique voice. Dynamic album app for Daniela Andrade! Swipe on the interface to create playlist in a second...more
Interactive kids music map! Swipe to switch between soothing sound cheerful music nursery rhymes classical…your best baby soothing app!
Smile like an angle! Ultimate live music videos for YY artist WeiXiao. Visualized WeiXiao music map. Choose and watch her videos on the go!
Domo Hair
Sweet and Talented Singer. Listen to YY artist Xuan Shang live music videos. Left right up and down. Swipe in any direction to choose Xuan Shang music genres!
Love songs you cannot miss! Wild or intimate the best SoundCloud love song cover collection. From left to right music ranges from soft to rock ballads...more
Baroque Classical to Contemporary era. SwiClassical presents you the best YouTube classical map by tempo and timeline. Swipe to stream your mix!
Sooth your heart. All the best Nataly Dawn songs in one app! Discover upbeat music on the right; find soothing one on the left. Swipe downward for...more
All-round natural disaster video app. Swipe left-right to choose disaster type up-down for video shot in varying distance. Move your finger to create...more
DIY science experiment video. Swipe left-right to explore topics from lifehack to craziest experiments. CrazyRussianHacker app lets you swipe to explore videos!
She sings and sings for you! Music app for Feier fans. When time and tempo come into one map you choose music at a glance and create your playlist in one swipe!
The voice behind the Chinese soundtracks of The Legend of Zhen Huan and Frozen! YaoBeiNa a rising star on The Voice of China released music on YouTube...more
Here is the best SoundCloud disco music! Swipe left for slow tempo right for fast beats. Choose a playlist and groove in no time!
Dynamic Album - Well-loved beatboxer that draw 1.7 million peoples attention. Dynamic album app for Mike Tompkins includes: 6 albums/ 73 songs…more
The best cover singer of Guangdong songs! Ultimate live music videos app for YY Artist MianHuaTu. Explore slow jam on the left. Hear upbeat songs on...more
TrainDog zh
Christian Music
Looking for great Chinese Christian music? We turn all the best Chinese Christian music from YouTube into a musical map now swipe to stream your mix!
Love and romance. His reinvented cover always tugs at your heartstring! Hear the latest releases on...more
Present Master Cheng Yen aphorisms in one skim-friendly interface includes inspiration wisdom kindness and reflection. Swipe to...more
Dynamic Album - High-energy pop foursome with beautiful vocals. Dynamic album app for Anthem Lights includes: 9 albums/ 93 songs…more
Car crash video channel app. Search videos by level of injury and cause of accidents. Truck car vs car pedestrian close call...tailor your car crash playlist in a second by swiping on the video map...more
Cardcaptor Sakura OP ED and original soundtracks all included. Music sorted by tempo and release date on a skim-friendly interface. Create your anime mix easily!
Charm you with his rhythms! Dynamic album for Brilliant singer/ guitarist Luke Conard includes: 7 albums/ 81 songs...more
Story of Stuff
Save the Earth! Chinese news video app for Story-of-stuff related environmental issues. Skim-friendly video map. Get involved on the go!
Popular science video map for YouTube channel SciShow. Search videos by topics and date. Create a personalized video playlist by swiping on the map switch genre...more
Singing talk show and dancing performance from YY artist Mantou! Automatic video classification brings you one-swiping video streaming experience!
Pregnancy music navigator for YouTube. Clutter-free interface. Create any prenatal music you need with a single swipe. Let Mozart effect do the work!
Ultimate piano cover collection for Chinese pop music. Skim-friendly music map. Move your finger on the map to switch between popular soundtracks original music...more
CH Music
Reimagine pop music with Chinese zither lute erhu and more. Explore Chinese music with fresh eyes on a visualized music map! Swipe to...more
Dynamic Album - African music crossover rocks! Dynamic album app for Alex Boye includes: 4 albums/ 49 songs…more
Dynamic Album - A perfect mashup of cello and piano. Dynamic album app for American classical crossover stars The Piano Guys includes: 3 albums/ 30 songs...more
Jazz & Blues
Blues jazz and funky soul. Move your finger. A personalized playlist is only a swipe away.
SwiMusic includes music released on YouTube by famous Dutch violinist and composer Andre Rieu. Now enjoy romantic tracks on the go...more
Dynamic Album - Millions of fans on YouTube melt at his deep voice. Dynamic album app for Chester See includes: 10 albums/ 101 songs…more
Enjoy Gundam series OP ED and all classic soundtracks! Each swipe brings you a unique playlist!
Deep House
Get ready for the hottest SoundCloud Deep house music? Cover remix and new releases swipe to switch between soulful tempos!
Blessed are you if you love Japanese childrens music! Swipe to generate playlists of popular YouTube Japanese childrens music. Listen to music on the go!
Dynamic Album - Love to hear Disney princess sing? Well you can on YouTube! Dynamic album app for Georgia Merry includes: 4 albums/ 46 songs…more
Dynamic Album - Over 4 million video views YouTube artist! Dynamic album app for Tiffany Alvord includes: 16 albums/ 182 songs…more
Dynamic Album - One of the best cappella cover artists who attracted over 1.3 million+ subscribers. Dynamic album app for Peter Hollens includes: 11 albums/ 117 songs…more
Dynamic Album - She captured 2.1 million peoples heart at age 16. Dynamic album app for Jasmine Thompson includes: 5 albums/ 63 songs…more
Instant playlist generator. Skim-friendly music map. SwiDJ is the most intuitive app for you to listen to YY Artist QinMuXi live music videos. Swipe right for uptempo; swipe right…more
Live Music video app for NuoShi one of the most popular YY Artist in China! Unique music map powered by smart algorithm. Create a 30-minute playlist in a swipe!
Dynamic Album - Acoustic guitar boy singing love songs. Dynamic album app for Corey Gray includes: 8 albums/ 95 songs…more
Tons of awesome course from American YouTube channel CrashCourse! Videos presented in a skim-friendly map. Swipe to create a personalized video playlist!
Fan of YY artist Jiaoer? Download this app now! Let music navigator visualize Jiaoer live music videos for you. Rock ballad old and new releases. Swipe to get personalized Jiaoer playlist!
Cover everything with piano and guitar! Dynamic album for cover singer Tyler Ward includes: 19 albums/ 226 songs...more
Baby Céline Dion on The Voice. All of the best Christina Grimmie songs on YouTube. Swipe right for uptempo music; swipe left...more
Dynamic Album - Indie YouTube artist with over 6 million subscribers. Dynamic album app for Kurt Hugo Schneider includes: 19 albums/ 229 songs…more
From Fishing Song to Yo-Kai exercise swipe up for ancient nursery rhythms and down for trending music. Enjoy music time with your kids!
Dynamic Album - Everybody loves his YouTube cover! Dynamic album app for Sam Tsui is now out! Includes: 10 albums/ 115 songs…more
TXG Traffic
The Queen of Sichuan! Download the app to stay up-to-date with YY Artist Duyao latest live music videos...more
Save your time. No more searching! Here is the ultimate app for YYShenMan live music videos. Swipe to enjoy a 30-to-90 minute video playlist right away!...more
App includes Sailor Moon OP ED and all classic music collection from TV series. Swipe on the music map in any direction to choose...more
Remember Somewhere Over The Rainbow? The singing sensation on Britains Got Talent Connie Talbot has released her music on YouTube. A swipe-based music map...more
Jazz Music
Containing the finest jazz music ever released! Unique swipe-friendly interface. Swipe up – down to choose instrumental or vocal jazz from mellow to upbeat...more
A must-have music app for MenMen fans! Visualized MenMen live music videos in one interface get prepared for 60-to-90 minute video playlist in each swipe!
TrainDog en
CH Recipe
YouTube cooking tutorial video collection by genre. Swipe left-right to choose from vegetable main course and meat. For snack and cuisine swipe vertically. Personalize...more
Enjoy SwiConan series OP ED and all classic soundtracks! Each swipe brings you a unique playlist!
Nightclubs raves and festivals! Swipe to access SoundCloud EDM selection techno house trance trap…youre the DJ tonight!
JP Taiko
App for YouTube Japanese Taiko Drums videos! Move your finger in any direction to combine a unique playlist. Each swipe is an adventure to the beauty of Taiko...more